Have I Been Here Before? Deja Vu in the Psychic World Explained

deja vu

Have I been here before? Hasn’t that already happened? Do I know you from somewhere? Experiencing familiar sensations like these when we encounter new places, events, or people can feel disconcerting. But around 60 percent of people experience this sensation – known as deja vu – at some point in their lives. 

Deja vu, which means ‘already seen’ in French refers to the fleeting yet powerful sensation of having already done something, even though you know you haven’t. All at once, deja vu feels like a vivid memory and an experience that can’t have happened before. 

Or can it? Is deja vu a glitch in your memory recall, or is there a deeper, more spiritual meaning to this psychic phenomenon? Keep reading to unlock the secrets of deja vu. 

More Than a Memory Recall Glitch

Scientific research has attempted to explain the familiar sensations of deja vu as glitches in the way we process memories. But research into deja vu has also shown that its frequency decreases with age. Since we gather more memories the longer we’ve been alive, and indeed, our memory recall becomes less efficient, shouldn’t we then experience more of these ‘memory glitches’ as we age?  

With science unable to provide any definitive answers to these kinds of questions, many people believe deja vu to be a psychic phenomenon. This also explains why young adults are more likely to experience deja vu, just as children and teenagers often show more signs of psychic abilities. That is, being open and receptive to deja vu might make all the difference to your experiences of it.

But if there’s more to deja vu than a memory recall glitch, how exactly does the psychic world explain it? 

Markers From Dreams

Some people believe that moments of deja vu are markers from dreams. When these subconscious dream memories reach our conscious mind, their familiarity offers a fleeting yet powerful reminder of something we saw in a dreaming state. 

But information from our dreams is far from meaningless. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his assassination before it happened and Napoleon had a precognitive dream of his defeat. Research even shows that 8.8 percent of people have precognitive dreams. 

If a dream was important enough to trigger a deja vu experience, you should pay attention to the message. This is where seeking help and guidance from the psychic world can help, especially if you’re having trouble unlocking the meaning. 

Memories From a Past Life

Another explanation is that deja vu is a memory from a past life. This can explain why moments of deja vu feel so much more vivid and emotive than you’d expect from remembering a dream. 

Some of the most fascinating past life insights come from thinkers like Dr. Brian Weiss, a skilled hypnotherapist who developed past life regression theory. Our soul, which continues from one life and one body to the next, does its best to separate memories between lives. But when a meaningful event occurs in the present, it can trigger sudden and unexplainable familiar sensations.  

Dr. Michael Newton offers a slightly different theory as to how deja vu offers a link to our past lives. He claims that moments of deja vu are an example of the “breadcrumbs” our past lives leave for us as guidance us in this life. 

Insight From the Spirit World

Another explanation is that moments of deja vu are insights from the spirit world rather than memories from your own past lives. Time is more flexible on the other side, with the past, present, and future coexisting as one. This makes the vivid and familiar sensations of deja vu feel like memories, even though they could be glimpses into your present or future.  

The purpose of these reassurances is often to show that you’re on the right track for the life you planned. It can feel disconcerting and unnerving to sense familiarity in a new situation. But what if deja vu is the spirit world telling you that it feels so familiar because it’s right for you? That soon, this new situation will become an important part of your life or the catalyst for a positive change?  

If we consider moments of deja vu to be a spiritual gift from an astral body or guardian angel, it makes it easier to revel in these vivid and all-encompassing familiar sensations. Instead of dismissing deja vu, seek out spiritual insight to understand the message. Does this man feel so familiar because he’s your future husband? Does this new city feel like you’ve been here before because it’s the setting for an important life change? When deja vu strikes, go with it and see where it takes you. 

Possible Psychic Abilities

Those of you who go on to continue experiencing regular flashes of deja vu even as you get older might possess the spiritual gift of psychic abilities yourself. Especially if deja vu isn’t the only psychic phenomenon that you experience. 

In fact, what you consider to be a moment of deja vu might be a sensation known as clairsentience, where you pick up on the energy of places and people around you. If you’re very empathetic you may even be able to pick up on sensations of deja vu from others. Or, the familiar sensations you feel might be flashes of insight or information that first came to you in a psychic dream. 

If you do have psychic abilities, you’ll need specialist spiritual guidance to understand the messages you receive. This way, you can be sure you’re following the information that was meant for you rather than someone else. 

Explaining the Psychic Phenomenon of Deja Vu

Whatever you believe about deja vu, there’s no denying that it’s a powerful sensation that can leave you breathless and searching for answers. 

That said, if you don’t experience deja vu, it doesn’t mean that the spirit world doesn’t have a message for you, or that your past lives can’t inform your present. Instead, you just might need some help connecting to the other side. 

Whether you’re looking to delve deeper into your own experiences of deja vu or you want to reach out to the spirit world for a sign, call one of these psychics available right now to learn more. 

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