Four Indicators of a Past Life

Reincarnation has been a central theme in religion and spirituality for as long as such belief systems have existed. Everyone from the ancient Greeks to the tribes of West Africa to the aborigines of Australia have embraced the concept. Meanwhile, mystics, hypnotists, and even scientific researchers have gone as far as to make entire careers in search of keys to the mysterious details of the phenomenon.

Specialists in reincarnation have developed various techniques in past life regression to open doors to peoples’ past lives. These methods typically involve some form of deep relaxation and trance induction. Some hypnotists practice past life regression hypnotherapy, but the same desired state of deep relaxation can also be achieved individually. For those who have not mastered the art of meditation, trance inducing videos or audio files are available. Once the desired trance is achieved, the subject can be guided by an assistant, an automated voice on an audio file, or by the subject’s own imagination.

Past life regression therapy has helped many patients understand the anomalies in their own lives. Subsequently, practitioners have noticed a plethora of connecting factors between past lives as revealed through regression therapy and unusual patterns or behaviors in peoples’ current lives. What are these indicators and what might they reveal about your former self?

1. Déjà Vu

Many people have experienced a déjà vu feeling at least once in their lives. Deja vu can be as simple as an eerie feeling of having done something before in exactly the same way or in exactly the same place, or something as intense as a panic attack when finding yourself in a given location.

In one particular example, past life regression therapist Brian Weiss, MD, spoke of a patient who was honeymooning in Europe. When she and her husband went to Greece, she suffered immensely from anxiety attacks that went away as soon as the couple left the country. When she later saw Dr. Weiss for past life regression therapy, they found that she had been killed in ancient Greece in a past life.

General George Patton was known to have what can only be called strong deja vu experiences when traveling whereby he knew where ancient battles had been fought and seemed to be able to describe the battle. Patton himself was very open about his personal belief in reincarnation.

2. Fears and Phobias

Many people have fears and phobias that they cannot possibly explain by any of their own personal experiences. However, research in past life regression has indicated that many of these fears can be attributed to traumatic events suffered in a past life.

Swedish author Barbro Karlen, for instance, always had an inexplicable fear of men in police uniforms when she was young. Some time later, The Diary of Anne Frank became available to a Swedish audience, revealing many similarities to Karlen’s memories and visions that she believed were part of a past life. Later into her adulthood, Karlen, and many who have studied her case, became convinced that she was in fact Anne Frank in a previous life. Her fear of police likely corresponds to Anne Frank’s natural fear of Nazi authorities.

3. Mysterious Pains

If you have phantom pains in particular parts of your body that cannot be explained by doctors or medical examinations, you may be labeled a hypochondriac or the physician may dismiss it as a stress-related symptom. However, past life investigators offer another possibility as to the cause.

For example, one individual had persistent pain in one of his knees with no physical indicators suggesting any kind of tangible cause to the problem. There was no swelling or damage to any part of the knee, and he had never suffered an injury in this particular area. Through past life regression therapy, he found that he had been a knight in medieval Germany who had suffered multiple stab wounds in that same knee. Upon making the discovery, the knee pain went away and he never suffered it again.

4. Birthmarks

In his famous empirical studies on children claiming to remember past lives, Dr. Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia found a relationship between certain kinds of birthmarks and fatal injuries suffered in a previous life. In cases where the children’s memories were vivid enough to identify the name of the person they remember previously being, Dr. Stevenson was able to actually locate the deceased individual and often even a death certificate determining the cause and circumstances of death. He found that when the deceased individual was killed by some form of traumatic injury, the child claiming to remember being the deceased individual often had a birthmark in the same part of the body corresponding to the injury. In some cases, the child would have two or more birthmarks corresponding to two or more fatal injuries on the deceased person.

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These findings were the results of over 40 years of research on the part of Dr. Stevenson which has been published in scientific journals and replicated by other investigators in his field.


Thus many of the enigmatic aspects of life that we have yet to explain may have an answer after all. The answer, however, is not always right in front of us, but is sometimes buried so far into the past that the only way to find it is by searching through a previous life. As methods in past life regression develop and become more practicable, what once seemed a complete mystery might become easily accessible knowledge to the common person.

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