Signs of Psychic Abilities: Am I a Psychic?

signs of psychic abilities

Do you often seem to experience deja vu? Do you seem to sense things or know things about people, situations, or places that you couldn’t possibly know? Are you the wise sage of your group?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, perhaps you have experienced signs of psychic abilities.

Many people who have psychic abilities aren’t even aware that they have them. If you have ever wondered if you had such abilities, read below for seven common qualities that many psychics possess and could be signs of psychic abilities.

1. Flashes of Insight

Do you commonly receive flashes of insight? For instance, do you regularly solve difficult problems you’re having at work or other obstacles in your life while relaxing in the shower? Have you ever experienced flashes of insight about a person that you barely know?

Laura Lynne Jackson, the author of The Light Between Us and a self-described psychic medium, states that she would often get insights about people she barely knew whenever she had a couple of glasses of wine within a 90-minute period.

Now, if you’re not a drinker, don’t fret. You don’t have to start drinking to discover signs of psychic abilities. You may recognize it in other ways, like solving problems in your sleep and waking up with the answer. Perhaps flashes of insight come to you when you’re meditating or doing yoga.

If you receive flashes of insight while your mind is relaxed, it could be signs of psychic abilities.

2. You Experience Synesthesia

Have you ever met someone new and seen them in colors, like red or blue? Maybe you’ve heard music notes when you met someone, or they reminded you of a landscape or flower. This way of perceiving people is known as synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a term for when multiple senses are experienced together and bleed into one another. If you have had similar experiences where you perceive colors as numbers, see people in colors, or other instances when senses bleed together, this may be signs of psychic ability.

3. You Listen to Your Gut

Have you ever experienced a feeling in your gut? That overwhelming feeling that something good or bad is about to happen, and you just know it in your gut. It’s a strange feeling to know something in your gut, but many people experience it.

For instance, have you ever had the strong feeling that you should reach out to someone, only to find out they had just been thinking about you? Maybe you’ve had a strong feeling to steer clear of a certain person or event only to find out later that it was for the best?

Psychics pay attention to these guttural premonitions to guide them from harm or towards good experiences. If your hunches are often correct, and you follow them as a guiding force in your life due to their accuracy, you may have psychic abilities.

4. You Receive Information in Your Dreams

Have you ever had a dream where you spoke to a deceased loved one? Did they tell you information that they deemed important, but made no sense to you at the time, then days, months, or even years later, your waking life revealed the answer to you? This is a common occurrence for many psychics.

Do you ever get flashes of warning before something happens? If you experience hints or glimpses of the future moments before it happens, this could be proof that you have special abilities for premonition.

If you have flashes or daydreams about something occurring moments before it actually happens or often experience deja vu about dreams you’ve had in the past, this may be a clear sign that you have psychic abilities.

5. You Are Very Empathic

Many people have great empathy for their friends and family; however, psychics are very empathic, even with strangers. They can pick up on their moods without a word uttered and can seem to understand someone’s energy even from across the room.

This sensitivity to other’s energies, emotions, and feelings are part of what aligns them with the non-physical world. Many psychics have to limit their exposure to negative energy not to become overwhelmed due to their empathic hold on the world around them.

If you’re very empathic to the point of taking on other people’s pain, emotional or physical, these may be signs of psychic abilities.

6. You Experience Deja Vu Often

Do you often get a sudden feeling that you’ve experienced an event before? Have you ever visited a new destination and feel like you already know the lay of the land. Have you met someone new and felt like you’ve met them before?

These are all examples of deja vu. If you often experience moments in your life when you can swear that it has happened before, you may have psychic abilities.

This can happen in many different ways. Psychics experience deja vu with people, places, events, possessions, or even ideas. If you’re a person who regularly experiences deja vu, this could be a sign that you have the gift of clairvoyance.

7. You Have Clairsentience

Do you ever just get a feeling about a place? Have you ever entered a building where most people see as commonplace, and you feel like the place is unpleasant?

On the opposite spectrum, have you ever gone to a new place and felt calm and serene inside? If you have experiences like this often, you may be tapping into a psychic ability.

Psychics have an uncanny sense of picking up the vibrations or energies of a particular place. They can tell when a place’s energy is off-putting, vibrant, or neutral.

If you regularly feel the energy of places and spaces, this may be a sign that you have intuitive psychic abilities.

Do You Have Any of These Signs of Psychic Ability?

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