Breaking Down the Mythology of the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky: Nut

In every religion, ancient or current, there are explanations for why things exist and how they came to be. Egyptian mythology is no exception. Westerners are most familiar with Greek mythology.  Most of us learning Greek mythology in history class or when we read the Odyssey and/or Iliad for English class. Yet Egyptian mythology is… [Read More]

Introduction To Chakras

Hidden within the body there is believed to exist a complex energy system made up of seven separate energy centers. These are known in Buddhist and Hindu religions as ‘chakras’. These chakras correspond to different physiological, psychological, and spiritual characteristics of the mind and body. The chakra system, meaning "wheel" or "disk" in Sanskrit, is… [Read More]

Yoga Weight Loss Asanas

You might be thinking just how all of the chanting that stretches and relaxation -inhalation has relations with yoga weight loss. Yes yoga can be useful for you to drop fat. There are a number of specifics to observe regarding yoga weight loss poses; though, not all yoga postures can offer adequate cardiovascular exercise for… [Read More]

Origin Of Modern Yoga

Have you ever wondered where Yoga came from? Does your mind immediately think of Indian culture, and the Hindu traditions that have been passed down orally over generations and generations? The answers might intrigue you, as they are not as cut and dry as reason would suggest. This article will delve further into the fascinating… [Read More]