Love Psychic: Finding Lasting Love

Psychic love readings have become very popular on the Internet. If you have been thinking of getting a personal love reading, there are some things you may want to think about before the reading. For instance, are you clear about what you want from a love psychic? Is it quick answers or guidance? Something else… [Read More]

Psychics And The Sixth Sense

What is ‘the sixth sense’? Besides making a wonderful movie title, there really is no agreement on what ‘the sixth sense’ is or could be. One could say the term ‘sixth sense’ is summed up by the word ‘psychic’. Understanding what that means is a difficult, if not impossible, task … unless you have experienced… [Read More]

Psychics And Crystal Balls

I have always wonder how the association between psychics and crystal balls came about. I have discovered that many of today’s psychics actually dislike how crystal balls are so often used as a symbol to represent psychics. But when the question comes up as to why crystal balls came to represent psychics, few seem to… [Read More]

Fairies, Spirits And Mythology

Throughout history and covering most continents there have been stories of fairies, spirits and mythological beings. They seem to inhabit mystical realm in all parts of the worlds. This beings seem to share some important characteristics: They are shy do not like to be seen by humans; they live secretive and mysterious lives between the… [Read More]

True Ghost Stories From Psychic Mediums

Ghosts are one of those topics that never cease to fascinate most people. When October rolls around and Halloween nears, the subject of ghosts, poltergists, hauntings and apparitions seems to intensify. Fifty years ago, no one would have imagined that we would see TV shows dedicated to ‘real’ ghost hunting and that educational channels would… [Read More]

The Sensitive Topic Of Using Psychics

For most people, finding psychics for a reading is a sensitive topic. Almost everyone has had the experience of meeting someone who claims to be psychic. Here is what is interesting: People all over the world, in nearly every country, meet someone, at some time, who claims the an ability to see spirits, know about… [Read More]

Free Help Picking A Psychic

Have you ever wanted to contact a psychic? Perhaps you are just curious? Or, maybe you have a serious question you wanted to ask a psychic. For some, there is no mystery in the world and all is explained by science. However, for most of us, there is a spiritual or mystical aspect to the… [Read More]

Tarot: A Tool For Personal Development And Insight

Tarot cards have been used in the practice of divination for centuries. Most tarot historians feel the original tarot deck was fairly close the standard playing cards we use today for standard card games. Even today, there are playing card decks adapted for tarot readings, the most famous being the Lenormand Deck. Using playing cards… [Read More]