True Ghost Stories From Psychic Mediums

Ghosts are one of those topics that never cease to fascinate most people. When October rolls around and Halloween nears, the subject of ghosts, poltergists, hauntings and apparitions seems to intensify. Fifty years ago, no one would have imagined that we would see TV shows dedicated to ‘real’ ghost hunting and that educational channels would research hauntings. In fact, in a CBS news poll in 2009 found the majority of Americans believe in ghosts.
Ghost Help And Ghost Stories
One group that has never doubted the existance of ghosts, poltergists, spirits, hauntings and other such paranormal events are psychic mediums. Psychics mediums, also known as spirit mediums, clairvoyants and channelers, say they KNOW that ghosts and hauntings are a very real paranormal event. And, those who have had a ghostly encounter or experienced a haunting, will also atest to the reality of these paranormal events.

One unique website you can visit where psychic mediums tell their personal stories about dealing with ghosts is Ghost Help. The site itself offers professional advice and counseling for those who are dealing with hauntings or want professional insights and help with spirits, ghosts and related paranormal activity. The psychics offer a wide range of stories from inspiring to truly frightening.

One of my favorite ghost stories is from Psychic Coffee, a spirit medium and psychic with decades of experience working with spirits (and who even seeks out haunted places to live). Her ghost story from the American Southwest is a real wild ride.

Two of my other favorites were Tarot Reader and Psychic Stella with her Texas Ghost Story and Psychic Aian Jean with the Smoking Ghost.

After you have had a chance to read a few of these true ghost stories by psychic mediums, I think you will agree that spirit mediums do have a unique perspective on ghosts, hauntings and spirits. It also opens up a whole new world of possibilities regarding spirit guides and after death contact. By the way, that same CBS news poll mentioned above also found the vast majority of Americans believe in an afterlife.

Hope you enjoyed this article on ghost stories and the places you can find help with ghosts. The next time you have a paranormal encounter with a spirit, you will know who to talk to about it.

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