Tarot: A Tool For Personal Development And Insight

Tarot cards have been used in the practice of divination for centuries. Most tarot historians feel the original tarot deck was fairly close the standard playing cards we use today for standard card games. Even today, there are playing card decks adapted for tarot readings, the most famous being the Lenormand Deck. Using playing cards for divination is called cartomancy and pre-dates modern Tarot.

Live Tarot Chatline It was the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck which really transformed cartomancy into Tarot as we know it today. Tarot is about more than just divination, the foretelling of the future or revealing answers to what is hidden. Tarot is also about personal exploration, personal growth, spiritual development and guiding one’s life towards what is good. It is also considered by many psychics to be a quality tool for revealing, focusing and directing psychic abilities.

Generally, one starts off focusing on a question. Tarot will then work it’s magic revealing the answer. It is exploration beyond the rational into the mystic. When reading a traditional Tarot deck, such as the Rider-Waite deck, each card serves as comment and provides a direction. Each card has a particular meaning, yet this meaning can gain depth and direction as one both studies the images displayed on the tarot card AND, if more than one Tarot card is involved, how one tarot card ‘interacts’ with the other. To get a feeling for the meaning and depth that tarot cards can possess, let’s take a look at some traditional tarot cards.

The card of The World represents the end of a major cycle in the life of the questioner. This could be the completion of a task, or the final outcome of a chain of events. This card can signify fulfillment in the world. It is the pause before the commencement of a new cycle, when the questioner can enjoy the fruits of his or her labor.

The card of Judgment is a time of rebirth, renewal, and release. Secrets buried for many years come to light. People once thought lost forever reappear. It is concerned with the questioner’s actions in the past, but it is also is the possibility of release from the past.

The pale light of the Moon and the shadows it casts across even familiar ground can trigger illusions. The card of The Moon excites the imagination of the questioner more than it illuminates his or her surroundings. The Moon represents confusion and partial understanding. According to the card, this is not a good time to make decisions.

The card of The Tower is considered to be an ominous card whenever it appears in a reading. The destruction of the Tower is a sudden catastrophe. This can be a humiliating defeat or a beneficial clearing away of the old to make room for something better. Either way, the Tower represents hard times.

The symbol of The Devil is a reminder to look inside. The source of problems and their solutions can be found within the questioner. The Devil represents unhealthy attachments and conditions of bondage that must be overcome if the questioner seeks to be free.

The card of The Hanged Man symbolizes an acceptance of whatever fate or destiny has been dealt out to the questioner, who must now practice patience. This card can be seen as the wisdom of knowing when to throw in the towel. It is also knowing the time to sacrifice for something better.

The card of The Hierophant is the embodiment of the status quo. He is representative of conservative forces. Most particularly, the Hierophant is a symbol of spiritual authority. He can be a bridge between the earthly and the divine. He might also represent a state of corruption.

The card of The Empress is responsible for acts of creation. She represents especially fertility in family life, but also fertility of the spirit. According to the presence of card of the Empress, depending upon where she is positioned in a reading, business ventures and endeavors in the arts are excellent undertakings and should go well.

The card of The Magician is first of the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. He symbolizes superior talent and skill. This card indicates that transformation is possible. Answers will come to the questioner through intuition.

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