What Are Psychics? A Guide Into the World of Predictions

what are psychics

Psychics and psychic activity get a bad wrap in popular culture and media. Stereotypes about how psychics operate and what they claim to do can get in the way of a person trusting a psychic service or seeking one out in the first place.

Not to mention, there are a lot of individuals who claim to be something that they aren’t and give psychics an even more suspicious name. The reality of psychics is much more down to earth and palatable than you might think.

So, what are psychics? We’re going to explore this idea in some detail below, giving you an idea of who these people are and what they can do.

A Brief Guide: What are Psychics?

If possible, try to shake all of the notions you have about psychics for a moment. The played out image of a person sitting in a dim room and rattling off prophecies or specific predictions isn’t what we’re going to get after in this article.

Instead, let’s start by thinking of someone you know that has the ability to see situations in a different light than you do. For a lot of us, it could be one of our parents or a mentor.

You have a difficult experience, you describe it to them, and they give you a little insight into the silver lining and the fact that life will go on. In a sense, this is the job of a psychic.

Psychics take non-material information, interpret it, and give you a different look at a situation or idea than you would be able to. It’s just the same when a parent takes your words, interprets them, and feeds them back to you in a constructive way.

With that concept in mind, let’s look at some of the concepts that tend to trip people up about psychics.


Someone who sells you on the idea that they can predict the future is probably not being totally truthful. Plain and simple.

Firm, definitive claims about psychic abilities that identify specific things to come or methods for success are almost always overstatement. Most good psychics take on a looser approach that is more valuable and realistic.

The gift of a psychic is that they tend to be better in touch with the mental and non-physical phenomena that exist in the world. Emotions, thoughts, dreams, and even spirits in some instances.

Beyond that, they’re also good at interpreting that information to give it some meaning. The thing about non-material information is that it’s extremely abstract and emotion-driven.

Think of the times when you’ve tried to interpret your own dreams, for example. You think you have a general idea of what was going on, but it’d be almost impossible to narrow down a specific meaning. In a lot of cases, there might not be a specific meaning, but it was meaningful in its own way.

Similarly, psychics can grasp that non-material information that doesn’t have definitive meaning and give you a clearer idea of what the network of meaning is getting at. That information doesn’t come packed with specific facts about events to come, though.

Inherent Gifts

It’s true that some people are born with more powerful gifts than others. Some people are incredible at the piano when they’re 4 years old, and others have a strong empathetic ability that weaves into the spiritual.

The part about psychics that tends to get left out, though, is that there’s a great deal of practice and study that goes into the process. In order to effectively help people, you have to use a number of tools.

Depending on your discipline, you might use tarot cards, astrology, stones, or different predictive patterns to aid your sessions. Understanding those practices is an extremely difficult thing to do.

People dedicate thousands of hours to study and understanding, in many cases, before they even claim to be able to help people.

Clairvoyance and Mind-Reading

A clairvoyant is someone who can pick information about a person, thing, or event without being in the proximity of that information. Many people consider these types of people to have visions or second sight.

Clairvoyants are real people, but those individuals seldom experience definitive visions that depict very specific things. Again, the relationship to non-physical information is an interpretive one because the material that psychics deal with isn’t a part of the physical realm.

The jury is still out on how spiritual information operates in relation to the physical world, but we can be sure that it doesn’t shine through in any particular language or with exact relationships to times and places. Instead, visions might tell a tale of things to come, but the tales are more like riddles made of feelings and images.

The same is true of individuals who claim to read minds. Mind-reading, in reality, is akin to extreme empathy and the sense of emotional and mental processes in another person.

It isn’t as if you could visit a psychic, notice a hair on their nose, and have them know that you’re looking at it. You wouldn’t think a sentence and have the psychic read it back to you.

That said, many people have intense, religious experiences when they visit a psychic who hits the spot. People are often given very specific advice when the psychic previously knew nothing about them or their history.

For example, a person could lose a child, walk unexpectedly into a psychic’s office ten years later, and receive unimaginably precise information about their lost child’s life. Additionally, the psychic might also have some information about how that person has dealt with the afterlife in numerous ways.

So, the important to remember about psychics that you can’t expect to get answers that are too specific. You can, however, anticipate an experience that might give you a better understanding of your life.

Interested in Finding Out More?

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