What Does the Empress Tarot Card Mean?: A Complete Guide

empress tarot card

Picture this: you’ve connected with your ideal tarot card practitioner and are getting your very first reading. They tell you to set an intention and to focus on what you think your future holds. As you center yourself and let your mind chase the possibilities, your practitioner pulls the Empress tarot card.

They tell you this is an excellent card to have pulled and that you stand to benefit greatly from its appearance in your reading. As you gaze at the beautiful, fecund woman on the face of the card you believe it.

After experiencing such a profound connection with the Empress card, you want to know everything that she stands for. What does she mean for your future love life, career, and health? And what does she mean when she shows up in the reversed position during a reading?

If these questions resonate with you then read on to learn all about the meaning behind the Empress tarot card.

Empress Tarot Card Symbolism

All tarot cards are laden with symbolism and the Empress tarot card is no exception. She is usually pictured as a beautiful, full-figured woman seated upon a plush throne. A crown of stars sits upon her golden hair.

She wears a robe decorated with pomegranates, a classic symbol of fertility. Surrounding her are red velvet pillows. One pillow is embroidered with the symbol of Venus, the planet of love and fertility.

It should be clear by now that the Empress tarot card depicts and celebrates the divine feminine. She is closely associated with the Mother Earth archetype and nature itself. Because of this association, she is also strongly tied to fertility and nurturing.

The Empress card also symbolizes sensuality, romantic love, creativity, beauty, and abundance. Depending on how this card came up during your reading that symbolism can be pointing to different potential outcomes.

Let’s explore these possibilities now.

Empress Card Upright

The upright position of any card is considered to be the “positive” expression of that card’s energy. However, it is better to think of each position as two sides of the same story.

With the Empress tarot card, her upright readings focus on how you might use external energy to guide your life.

Love Upright

Pulling The Empress in a love reading is very lucky. If you’re single, you can take this as a sign that a passionate, committed and loving relationship is on your horizon. If you’re not looking for love per se, you can look forward to playful sex and lots of it.

If you’re already in a committed relationship you can look forward to that commitment deepening and becoming more stable.

Because this card is so closely associated with motherhood and fertility, it can also point towards pregnancy or adoption. If traditional motherhood is off the table for you the Empress card can also indicate a personal creative endeavor coming to fruition.

Career Upright

In keeping with the theme of abundance, your career will be entering a period of great success. Whether this means starting on a new career path, getting a promotion or raise or simply starting on a personal project, it’s all great news with the Empress card on your side.

You could also be entering a period where you begin nurturing other people that you work with. Mentorships might be something you should consider at this juncture.

Health Upright

If you’re ready to start a family, now is the time to do it. The Empress card can strongly indicate that pregnancy and motherhood are just around the bend for you. You’ll experience high levels of fertility and you will seek out opportunities to nest and build a loving home.

Since your fertility will likely be off the charts, make sure to take proper precautions if you’re not ready to become pregnant.

Empress Card Reversed

If the Empress card upright focused on external energies shaping your world, then the reverse position focuses on turning your energy inward. It’s time to look at how you can channel that energy into personal growth and development.

When the Empress shows up in a reversed position it can mean that you’ve been turning your back on your feminine energy and neglecting your emotions. She’s trying to tell you that you need to embrace your intuitive, spiritual side to bring yourself into balance.

Love Reversed

If you’re single, then the reversed position of this card is telling you that you’ve been chasing the wrong people and hiding your true nature to avoid rejection. You may also be feeling insecure and unattractive and that is causing you to give up your power to potential mates that don’t deserve you.

If you’re in a relationship, then it might mean that your insecurities have led to you being controlling and overbearing. The Empress is telling you to take a step back and nurture yourself first so you can be a better partner.

Career Reversed

You’re likely experiencing a downturn professionally. Maybe you’re no longer satisfied with your career or you feel as though you’ve learned all you can in your current role. It’s time to dig inward and ask yourself where you’d like to be and how you think you should get there.

Once you sit with that you’ll be better equipped to make a positive change.

Health Reversed

This reading points to two things: negative emotions and fertility issues. You may be at a low point and feeling depressed or anxious. Seeking out therapy, exercise, a new spiritual practice or a combination of all three will help you immensely.

If this reading is related to fertility, then you could be experiencing difficulties getting pregnant, or you may have a difficult pregnancy. You will get through it, but it will require you to take your time and be gentle with yourself.

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