Medium Vs Psychic: What Do They Do, and How Are They Different?

medium vs psychic

As we move towards what many believe is the Aquarian Age, there has been an uptick in interest in all things psychic. One in three Americans has experienced what they describe as ‘a psychic moment.’

Yet you may not feel you can rely on your own psychic abilities to answer certain questions. You may prefer to hand things over to an experienced professional if you want to contact angels or spirit guides.

If you do, you may find yourself wondering who to hire. Do you need a psychic or a medium? What do they do, and what’s the difference between them?

If you’re stuck on the medium vs psychic question, don’t worry. Read on to learn about the differences between the two and which one you should hire.

What Do Psychics Do?

A psychic has a highly-developed intuition and the ability to sense energy. They can do this in different ways.

You’ve probably heard of clairvoyance. This is the practice of ‘seeing’ visions. A psychic clairvoyant might be able to ‘see’ previous owners of objects by holding them.

There are other clairs too. Clairaudience refers to the ability to ‘hear’ information. Or claircognizance is that nagging ‘knowing’ when you’ve got no reason to know the information. Clairsentience refers to ‘feeling’ things you couldn’t otherwise know.

Psychics use their abilities to ‘read’ their client’s energy in the way a tarot reader might read cards. Then the psychic can provide a reading.

They come up with their answers to your questions based on what they see in your energy. This could involve reading your aura.

Example questions for a psychic might be around your love life, work you might do, or even where you should live. The psychic will pick up the answers already present in your energy and feed the information back to you.

Consider asking things like:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What career should I choose?
  • I’ve applied for so many jobs. Will I get the one I want?
  • Am I going in the right direction to find love?
  • Is this the right partner for me or should I keep looking?

A psychic reading is one of the few types of divination where you can ask yes/no questions.

What Do Mediums Do?

Mediums are often more associated with seances and contacting the dead. Hollywood hasn’t done them many favors in this regard.

Think of Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost for a good example.

Yet mediums are capable of so much more. They can do everything a psychic can, yet they also have additional gifts. They can reach your guides and any loved ones who have passed.

They can channel those messages back to you to provide the answers or comfort that you need.

A medium might tell you who is present, who has stepped forward, and other details. This lets you know which loved one they are talking to. They can also tell you about the angels or spirit guides that you have working on your behalf.

Knowing this information helps you to trust the reading as you know they’ve contacted someone related to you.

You might ask them:

  • Are my loved ones with me? Do they give me a sign when they’re nearby?
  • I never got to say goodbye to my loved one. Can I do that now?
  • Have I had a past life and if so, what was it like?
  • I asked my mother a question after she passed on. Has she got an answer for me?
  • What does this dream mean?
  • Do I have spirit guides and are they with me now?
  • Is there any guidance from my angels or loved ones that I need to hear?

These questions are broader in scope than you might ask a psychic.

How Are They Similar?

Both psychics and mediums work with energy fields. They ‘plug in’ to your energy, even at a distance. Both of them can advise you on the right crystals for you.

Then they answer your questions using what they find in your energy. Both psychics and mediums can explore your past and present.

These professionals have developed their abilities in order to make sense of the information they receive. They’re also very popular. four in 10 Americans believe in psychic abilities.

What Are the Differences?

A psychic reads your energy and draws information from that. Mediums do this and also tune into the spirit world for extra information.

The ability to draw answers from spirit energy is what sets mediums and psychics apart. Psychics are like interpreters, translating the messages in your energy.

Mediums are like bridges, connecting this world and the next. Sometimes they’re called channels as messages pass through them.

Should You Hire a Psychic or a Medium?

What you need to remember is all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

One is not better than the other. They simply offer different gifts. So you should hire the advisor based upon what you need help with.

Psychics can provide insight and guidance based on the issues in your current life. They can help you to make sense of your past, present, or future.

If you have specific loved ones you wish to contact, hire a medium. You can also find out about past lives when you work with a medium.

The most important thing is that you hire a professional aligned with your spiritual beliefs and that you trust. Psychics and mediums specialize in a range of divinatory tools and religious backgrounds.

Make sure you read our guide to grounding before a psychic reading for the best results.

Medium vs Psychic: The Results

Now you know the answer to the medium vs psychic question. Both types of sensory individuals are excellent at what they do.

Which one to hire depends on what you need to ask and where the information needs to come from. Decide what it is you want to ask first and this makes your choice of professional much easier.

You need to hire a psychic you can trust. We have already vetted the psychics in our directory so you can safely choose among them. Click here to contact a psychic and get the answers you need.

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