Tips for Coping with Your Paranormal Experience

paranormal experience

Have you recently had a paranormal experience? You’re probably filled with questions. Before we get into the explanations, know that this is more common than you think.

For example, one survey found that 60% of Americans believe they have seen a ghost at least once in their lifetime. That’s not to mention the countless others who have kept their experiences a secret, or perhaps denied them altogether.

No matter where you’re at in your belief system, having a brush with the paranormal can be truly jarring. You may be questioning your sanity, trying to rationalize things, or simply trying to cope with what you’ve seen.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. There are ways to make sense of your experience and even grow from it. Keep reading to learn our top tips for dealing with your recent paranormal experience.

What is a Paranormal Experience?

The term “paranormal experience” refers to a variety of phenomena having to do with spirits, apparitions, psychic visions, and anything else that is not immediately explainable by science. People have described these experiences as having seen or heard ghosts, having vivid dreams or visions, or having out-of-body experiences.

Whatever the case, having a paranormal experience can leave you questioning everything you know. You can write it off as an error of perception, meaning your mind was just playing tricks on you. While this can possibly be true, it still raises a lot of questions.

For example, how can we explain the number of people who say they’ve witnessed spirits and the paranormal? There are so many accounts coming from ordinary people of sound mental health, so how do you know for sure? The simple answer is this: you can’t.

Trusting Your Gut

You’ve probably been told to “go with your gut” over and over in your life. Well, that’s because it’s great advice.

Our “gut” instinct comes from years of evolution and rarely lies to us. There are some that ignore it and some that heed its guidance. Either way, you still end up living just fine, but you may be ignoring something important.

The head and the gut are constantly at war with one another. Your instincts tell you one thing, while your brain tries to rationalize it based on what you already know. More often than not, taking the route of supposed “rationality” leads to a cycle of denial.

While you’re not harming yourself by denying you’ve had a paranormal experience, you’re missing out on an opportunity. Having a real paranormal experience can alter your reality as you know it, leading to heightened awareness and a greater worldly understanding.

Surrounding Yourself With (Selective) Support

Just like with any traumatic experience, having a paranormal experience is something you should talk about with the people in your life.

Remember to be careful, though. There are certain people who will try to sway you or discredit your story. They might even try to ridicule you or question your sanity.

If this is the case, avoid those people. Those whom you can trust and rely on will not make fun of you or make you feel crazy. While they may or may not be able to relate, they will still help you approach the situation with an open mind.

Keeping Your Mind Open

Speaking of approaching situations with an open mind, this is worth mentioning as a standalone point. We know that mankind has made huge strides over the years, but some things cannot be explained with science. We don’t know all there is to know; in fact, we’re pretty far from it.

Let’s take the ocean, for example, or even outer space. There is so much that is yet to be explored, so how can we say we know everything?

The same goes for your paranormal experience. There is no “proof” that ghosts do not exist. In fact, the number of people who say they’ve witnessed paranormal activity would suggest otherwise.

Knowing You’re Not the Only One

Unfortunately, talk of spirits and the paranormal is still pretty taboo in most social circles. Because of psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, many people associate “hearing voices” and seeing things that aren’t technically “there” with having a mental illness.

The truth is, many of the people who say they’ve had a paranormal experience are perfectly normal and healthy.

If you believe you’ve witnessed or experienced something paranormal, this doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, you’d probably be surprised to learn how many ordinary people in your social circle have had a similar encounter. Keep this in mind and don’t burden yourself with doubt.

Realizing the Benefits of Your Paranormal Experience

Even if your paranormal experience shook you up a bit, you should see it as a turning point. Perhaps it is a catalyst for some sort of life lesson, or even a deeper realization of reality.

Remember this: everything really does happen for a reason. If you had a paranormal experience, then this means that you were ready for it. By exploring it further, you might discover higher truths that you’ve never known before.

Seeking Psychic Guidance

The notion of higher truths and deeper understandings might sound intimidating at first. Luckily, you’re not stuck trying to figure it out on your own.

To help you make sense of your paranormal experience, try speaking with a professional phone psychic or getting a tarot reading. Our psychic professionals can help you tap into the spiritual realm to get the answers you’re looking for.

Find Answers Today

So, you’ve had a paranormal experience and you’re not sure what to make of it. This is totally normal, and plenty of people just like you have had similar experiences.

Don’t let your head get the best of the situation. In these cases, it’s best to listen to your instincts and look for the secret meaning behind what you’ve seen. Even if you can’t make sense of it yourself, there are plenty of professionals out there who are ready to help.

To get your questions answered, contact our psychics today for a 24/7 online or phone consultation.

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