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Tarot Readings Online - Live, Phone, Email - Free Readings Available

Phone Tarot Readings Psychic Source Live Tarot Readings

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A live representative will assist you in selecting a professional Tarot reader who is suitable to the type of reading you want.

Call Toll Free:
(All Calls From US and Canada Accepted)

Excellent service and support. To learn more, or review telephone tarot card readers, visit Live Tarot Readings page.

Get a Free Online Reading

Psychic Tarot Chatline Psychics Chatline - Tarot Readers

For affordable tarot readings from experienced psychic tarot readers it is difficult to beat Psychics Chatline Tarot Readers. They also offer some great, free information on getting a tarot reading. Check it out.

Free Reading Tarot Love Readings

Visit Me For A Personal Love Reading Providing quality tarot love readings for clients and caller from all over the US and Canada. Whatever your love or relationship questions, these readers will answer. Go visit:

If you would like, call now and arrange an appointment for a tarot love reading:
(Toll Free Canada & USA)

Phone Readings Phone Tarot Tarot by Stella

Combining her gift of natural clairvoyance with Tarot, Stella can help you better understand your life and guide you to a more positive, fulfilling path. She is also very good at helping you understand your dreams.

Call Toll Free:
Ext. 7343
(USA And Canada)
Learn More About Stella

tarot readings Tarot With Psychic Moon

Tarot With Psychic Moon A natural born tarot reader and clairvoyant, Moon was spiritually guided towards sharing her exceptional gifts with others. Does your lover seem to be pulling away? Not sure you are in the right relationship? Tarot answers all questions. This adept clairvoyant and reader (including Rune Stones) wants to help. Call today.

Call Toll Free:
 Ext. 12004
(USA And Canada)
Learn More About Moon

Tarot Readings Tarot Reading With Love Psychic Delphi

Chat With Psychic Love Delphi Now The Psychic Love Delphi is ready to chat live with you about your love questions and problems. This very popular tarot reader provides online tarot love readings and crystal readings. Love questions? Go ask the Love Delphi, live.

Tarot Cards Buy Tarot Cards

Ready to start learning about tarot cards ... maybe even start doing your own tarot card readings? Go visit House Of Tarot where you can buy beginners tarot card kits, unusual Tarot decks and more. One of the best sites to explore Tarot. Also, check out our But Tarot Decks page.

Tarot Psychic Kya Tarot Psychic Kya

For tarot readings with depth and accuracy, it is difficult to find a tarot reader better than Kya. She is unique as a Tarot reader both in the depth experience and her use of multiple types of tarot decks and cards. Kya is currently accepting new clients and calls from those in need of serious answers.

Tarot Card Reading Tarot Readings From Lotus Tarot

Featuring Alison Day, this site offers free tarot readings and is a community of folks using tarot to make sense of life... not to mention Alison seems to offer psychic-like tarot readings you'll truly appreciate.

Personal Tarot Readings Melody's Personal Tarot Readings

Accurate Tarot Readings By Melody Very talented tarot reader and clairvoyant Melody has 23 years of experience as a professional reader, answering questions on love, money, family and more. If you have a specific question you need answered, contact Melody. You will be glad you did.

 Ext. 7909
(USA And Canada)
Tarot Reader Psychic Melody

Psychic Lynn Professional Tarot Reader Roxy

Skill Psychic and Tarot reader Roxy When it is time to contact a professional tarot reader and psychic who can provide details, answers and insights that make a difference, then go check out psychic Roxy. Sensitive, friendly, full of positive energy, she is a Tarot pro you will find a joy to work with.

tarot readings Tarot Clairvoyant Starella

Tarot With Starella Maybe you caught her on TV. Or, perhaps you heard Starella on the radio. Now, it's your opportunity to get a tarot reading with this exceptional clairvoyant and tarot reader. Psychic Starella has decades of reading experience and a world wide cliental. From sticky love and relationship troubles, to the best timing for a financial deal, to finding the perfect career path, Starella can provide insights into any situation.

Call Toll Free:
 Ext. 16999
(USA And Canada)
About Psychic Starella

Tarot Readings Free Tarot Readings Online

Members get free daily tarot readings online. It is quick, easy and simple. If you want a quick, free online reading, try it out.

Runestone Readings Rune Stones & Tarot By Betty

The reading of Rune Stones is older (and some say more accurate) Professional Rune Stone Readings than the reading of Tarot. Betty is a skilled runestone reader AND a potent spirit medium. Her clients find her readings impressive ... maybe you should discover this ancient from of divination (and combine it with a spirit medium reading)

Call Toll Free:
Betty's Ext. 7514
(USA And Canada)
Learn More About Betty

Live Psychic Chat And Readings
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Tarot Chat Live Tarot Chat

Live, easy to use text chat with professional tarot readers. Get a live tarot reading for love, career, ask whatever you want. Free registration ... Try it free ... Numerous tarot readers to select from.

Love Tarot Love Tarot Reading By Kay

Call Me For A Personal Tarot Love Reading Anytime A professional, talented tarot reader for 22 years. A natural clairvoyant, Kay has been using her gifts to help others with love, relationships (and often working with clients as a spiritual guide and life coach). She recommends doing a little soul searching before calling ... write down your questions ... it helps focus your reading.

Call Toll Free:
 Ext. 7102
(USA And Canada)
More About Psychic Kay

Money Readings Tarot Money Readings

Live Tarot Money Readings - Call Toll Free Are you interested in knowing if money is coming your way in the future? Maybe you want some advice or a career move or with job hunting? Visit these two money tarot readers who can answer your questions and give you some direction and insight.

Ask Questions Ask A Tarot Reader

Do you have questions about tarot readings or tarot cards? Curious about tarot readings and how tarot readings work? If you have questions about love, family, career or relationships, then a tarot reading might provide a deeper insight. A selection of professional tarot card experts will answer any and all your tarot questions.
Special 15 Minute Session For Only $10.

Go Ask A Tarot Question

Tarot Reading Tarot Readings With Taja

Visit Me For A Personal Love ReadingPsychic Taja is a talented tarot reader and clairvoyant who knew she would one day use her skills to help others. Taja's mother also was gifted and encouraged Taja to grow into her gifts. With over 30 years professional experience, Taja is ready to help. Got questions? Contact Taja.

Tarot Readings Tarot Reader Psychic Susan

With 25 years professional experience as a psychic and tarot reader, psychic Susan has the skills to help you find answers and solutions to life's difficult questions. Very compassionate and understanding. Susan also does not mind answering questions about tarot cards and interpretations.

Tarot Readings Tarot Readings With Biddy

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Biddy has been offering tarot readings since 1997 and is a member of the Tarot Guild of Australia. She now has an international client following. Lot's of fun and interesting Tarot information at Biddy's site. Drop by and say "G' day".

Tarot Psychic Astrologer Tarot Psychic Analisa

Talk To Tarot Psychic Analisa When You Want Answers People continue to comment on the accuracy and details that Analisa provide during a reading. Psychic Analisa is an adept tarot reader who often combines astrology in her detailed readings. Need answers about a lover? Career choice? Or insights into a family issue? Try Analisa.

 Ext. 8670
(USA And Canada)
Meet Psychic Analisa

Tarot Reader Tarot Readings By Corinne

Personal Tarot Card ReadingsA certified Tarot reader, Corinne offers personal readings by phone and specializes in love, relationship and career readings ... she also offers a rare (and fun) tarot baseball reading ... and you thought tarot readers had no sense of fun ... now go visit.

tarot readings Runestone Readings With Adrienne

Tarot Reading With Gifted Reader Psychic Adrienne Lynn Psychic Adrienne Lynn is a gentle and loving spirit, but her rune stone readings are off-the-hook. Whatever Adrienne Lynn sees she will share. A potent clairvoyant, Adrienne Lynn feels it is best you know the truth and then proceed from there. If the future looks favorable, Adrienne Lynn can help make in brighter. If there is trouble in paradise, Adrienne Lynn can point to a path towards the light. One thing you can count on with Adrienne Lynn: You will get answers.

Call Toll Free:
 Ext. 16123
(USA And Canada)
More About Psychic Adrienne Lynn

Tarot Medium Video Tarot Course

Great little video course on tarot cards, how to create some common tarot "spreads" and some tips on not well known tarot techniques. Good for beginners and those with basic skills who would like to learn more.

Professional Tarot Reader Tarot With Psychic Therese

Give A Call For A Personal Phone Tarot Reading Therese is one of those rare psychic tarot readers who has a foot in both worlds, the mystical and academic. She has a masters in psychology and is a 3rd generation psychic. Straight forward, honest and articulate, Therese is all about helping others. Want answers? Ask Therese.

Call Toll Free:
 Ext. 7215
(USA And Canada)
Learn More About Psychic Therese

Psychic Tarot Psychic Tarot Readings With Sammie

For A Tarot Reading That Will Give You The Truths You Are Looking For Call Me Psychic Sammie is a fourth generation psychic. She takes both her gifts and profession seriously. She is clairsentient, clairvoyant and is strongly empathic. Mastering the divinational art of tarot has been a passion of Sammie, and her clients have benefited greatly from Sammie's dedication and skill. Whatever you question, Sammie can help. Very friendly and upbeat.

Psychics Directory Tarot Card Readings

"Our top psychic tarot readers are waiting for your call. Why not call, now! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ..."

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