The Best Time to Visit Your Local Psychic

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According to published author and psychic Lisa Barretta, a psychic reading is only as good as you make it.

If you go into your reading with confidence and an open mind, you’ll have a better experience. The psychic will be able to work and gather information from the energy he or she receives from you.

If you’re planning to visit a local psychic, here’s what you need to know to prepare for an accurate reading and an enlightening experience.

Why Are You Getting a Psychic Reading?

First, be sure you are seeking a reading for the right reasons. What can psychics tell you? Psychics use their unique talents to answer questions and provide guidance.

They don’t provide entertainment or parlor tricks. A reputable psychic can help you find your way when you’re feeling lost in the complexities of life.


A psychic consultant can provide much-needed guidance when you’re faced with difficult life choices. While the choices are yours to make, you may find some insight during a reading.

Keep in mind that a psychic can’t choose for you. He or she merely offers a fresh perspective. You may see a new path ahead that you didn’t see before.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a significant change in life is trying something different. If you go into your visit looking for guidance rather than answers, you will be able to see the options before you.

A Glimpse

Most of us see only the present view of our current circumstance. We see choices and options. But rarely can we envision our future. During a reading, a psychic can give you a glimpse of a potential future. The image may surprise you.

These glimpses aren’t about random events. Instead, they are potential futures based on decisions you can make now.

For example, if your psychic sees you near the ocean, then you may decide that it’s time for that Bahama vacation after all.

If you walk in wanting to know your future, you will be disappointed. However, if you are curious about new possibilities, you will find the insight you’re looking for,

Prepare for Your Local Psychic Session

Once you have a positive mindset, you can prepare for your first meeting with a local psychic. While every session is unique, you can go into it with some expectations.

Here are some tips for preparing yourself to reap the most benefit from your session.

You Don’t Need a Strategy

Wanting answers to specific questions is natural. You’ll be able to ask as well as answer questions during your session. Though, you may not get direct answers to every question.

An authentic psychic doesn’t have your answers. Rather, the information passes through them from a spiritual place. As a result, you’ll get what you need. And that may not be the same as what you want.

The Psychic Is Your Guide

Simply, let the psychic do his or her job. Allow them to guide the session and lead the discussion. A talented psychic will do most of the talking. He or she asks questions.

You can ask questions of your own. Just relax and don’t try to steer the conversation.

Note the Credible Details

An authentic psychic will give you information without prompting that will prove he or she is connecting with you. It may not be what you pictured in your mind. After all, a psychic is not a mind reader. Meaning, he or she can’t see what you are thinking.

Remember, a psychic draws information from other sources. For that reason, the information you receive will be unexpected but familiar.

For example, say the psychic is describing an image of someone’s hands kneading dough at a kitchen counter. You can your grandmother used to bake bread on Sunday mornings. You may not have thought of that in years.

Is Your Session with a Psychic or a Medium?

A medium connects with one or more of your late loved ones. Psychics specialize in communication through intuition. They provide insight into your life, future, and relationships.

In this sense, a medium is indeed psychic. However, not all psychics are mediums.

Be sure you know whether your practitioner is a medium, a psychic, or both. Knowing will help you avoid unrealistic expectations. You can still enter the session with an open mind.

But, knowing you’re seeing a psychic and not a medium means you won’t be disappointed when you don’t get a message from a loved one during the session.

You Can End a Session

Understand that you can end your session at any time if it doesn’t feel right. No authentic or reputable psychic will predict a tragedy or foreshadow about your death.

Nor will he or she give you winning lotto numbers. Some fraudulent psychics even tell people that there’s a curse upon them that only he or she can remove for you.

A reputable psychic will not change fee prices with each visit or press you to buy extra merchandise. Should any of these happen, get up and leave. This final advice is not mean to scare you off.

Rather, it’s to let you know that you’re not locked into anything that makes you uncomfortable. Any professional psychic has your wellbeing in mind.

Open Your Mind to a Rewarding Experience

Taking some time to prepare for your first session with a local psychic is worth the effort. Many people walk into the experience with the wrong expectations.

They miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight into themselves, their lives, and their futures.

A final piece of advice. Before your session begins, discuss the possibility of recording the session, or at least taking notes. Readings are emotional experiences.

There can be a wealth of insight to take in during a short period. Documenting the session allows you to review it later. Taking notes during and right after can help you capture your thoughts and preserve them for the future.

If there are no local psychics in your area, you can research our Psychics Directory to find one online or by phone.

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