7 Things You Should Know Before Seeing a Local Psychic

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Has life left you with unanswered questions? Are you curious or worried about your future? If so, you aren’t alone.

Psychic William Stillman stated that people’s interest in psychics, mediums, and paranormal activity is the highest it’s ever been. People are looking for information they can’t uncover on their own, whether it’s confirmation from a lost loved one, insight on romance not yet discovered, or just an understanding of what the future can hold.

In this article, readers will discover tips on how to connect with a legitimate local psychic, and what to expect from an authentic encounter.

7 Tips Before Consulting a Local Psychic

Before anyone contacts and books a psychic for one or multiple sessions, there are some things he or she should know. From how to tell the real from the fake to things a client should expect (and not expect) during a session, readers will feel more confident in selecting a local psychic with these 7 helpful tips.

1. Avoid Psychics Who Claim You are Cursed

If a psychic tells his or her client there is a curse upon them or they are followed by a negative energy, don’t buy it. This is an old scam used to get people in the door.

This fear tactic is often followed by an offer to eliminate the curse or bad energy influencing the client’s life–for a price, of course. False psychics fish for money, whether it’s through additional services, extra sessions, or whatever they can do to make a pretty penny.

If you sense your psychic is more focused on your wallet than making a genuine connection with you, walk away.

2. Understand the Future is Flexible

Is a psychic making proclamations they claim are 100 percent accurate? If so, they are also fakes within the business. The truth is future events are never guaranteed.

Free will gives people the ability to change outcomes that have yet to transpire.

While a psychic may provide insight on where life’s current road may lead, the person living it ultimately determine those steps. Not fate, and not the psychic.

The only guarantee one can make is the future will remain undetermined until it actually transpires.

3. Don’t Consult a True Psychic Expecting Specific Results

A true psychic is a conduit for answers, not the provider of them. If a client has specific questions, the psychic may invite him or her to ask them.

However, neither the client nor the psychic is in charge of what information is provided. The spirits or angels consulted will determine what information needs to be disclosed, and what is relevant.

A true psychic reading is not an interview. The psychic will do most of the talking while the client listens, receiving whatever information is provided. The best advice for new clients is to enter into a reading without any expectations.

The results are often what the client needs, even if he or she doesn’t know it.

4. Know the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

While this line can sometimes be blurred, there is still a distinct difference between psychic and medium.

A psychic uses innate “senses” to pick up on information conveyed through vibrational energy. This energy may convey information about things that happened in the past or present or will happen in the future.

A medium consults directly with spirits. This could be a lost loved one, an angel, or some other dimensional being.

Every medium can be considered a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. If a client wants to communicate directly with the spirit of a deceased individual, they need to consult a medium.

5. If Something Feels Off, Walk Away

Trust your gut. While visiting a psychic can be an exciting experience, it’s important to think critically and be mindful of the psychic’s intentions.

No real psychic can predict future events such as death or even the next lottery numbers. If he or she begins asking you information about yourself, whether it’s your age, your location, or your relationship status, be wary.

Many scam artists use sociological methods to learn more about you so they can feed you information based on educated guesses.

6. Look for Concrete Evidence Between the Abstract

True psychic abilities start with a connection with the client. In order to confirm that connection, the psychic will convey some sort of information they pick up that is unique to you.

This doesn’t mean a client can request specific information. A psychic reading isn’t like opening a book about your life and cherry-picking information. Instead, it is an experience led by the information relayed through the connection made between client and psychic.

Beware of vague readings that sound more like a horoscope cut from the daily paper than actual insightful information. While one cannot predict what information will be relayed in a psychic reading, the experience should glean accurate information based on real accounts in the client’s life.

Sometimes, a real psychic cannot make a proper connection. If this happens, he or she will tell you. A true and honest psychic will never “fake” a reading for the sake of earning money.

7. Trust a True Psychic to Guide Your Session

Lastly, a client should always be open-minded during a psychic reading. He or she should allow a true psychic to guide the session instead of trying to glean specific answers.

While a session may not uncover what you anticipated, the information was conveyed as important for a reason. At the end of the day, a client is given what the paranormal realm has deemed necessary whether he or she agrees or not.

Beyond that, sometimes the information conveyed may not make sense at the time because it is meant to be understood in the future. Be patient. Trust that if the information is conveyed through a true psychic, then its purpose will be revealed.

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