Spirit Guide: 7 Signs From the Universe That You Are on the Right Path

When we’re going through a tough time or faced with a difficult decision, many of us wish we had some clear and meaningful guidance to turn to. Fortunately, the universe is always on your side and always there to guide you. All you need to do is learn how to listen to it.

While it would be nice if the universe could shoot us an email telling us whether or not to take that job or date that person, it doesn’t work like that. In order to receive its wisdom, we have to be open to the language of the universe.

If you’re in need of some signs from the universe, chances are they’re already all around you. Here are some of the things you should be paying attention to in order to receive powerful guidance.

Important Guiding Signs from the Universe

Signs from the universe come in all shapes and sizes. Here are seven of the most common types of signs from the universe and how to be aware of them in your life.

1. Synchronicities

If you’re seeing synchronicities everywhere, chances are the universe is trying to send you a message. Synchronicities are meaningful signs sent to you from the universe. If you’re not paying attention, you might be tempted to them write off as coincidences.

Synchronicities come in many forms. Some of the most common synchronicities include happening to glance at the clock at 11:11 or 2:22 or someone calling you on the phone just as you’re thinking about them. If these types of occurrences happen over and over again, it’s a sure sign the universe is on your side.

On the other hand, synchronicities can also be a sign to stop what you’re doing or change your path. Certain warning or cautionary imagery may start popping up over and over again if the universe wants to you reevaluate your path.

These signs could be something classically negative like a skull and crossbones, but they’re more likely to be negative to you personally. For example, say you were bitten by a dog as a child and have had a phobia of dogs ever since. You may start to see recurring dog imagery as a sign to be wary of dangerous situations.

2. Your Intuition

Your intuition is your inner voice and inborn guidance system. Your unconscious mind is more in tune with the universe than your conscious mind, so your intuition will generally pick up on signs before your intellectual brain does.

A strong gut feeling can tell you a lot about a situation. If you feel positive, calm, or joyful about a situation, chances are the universe is telling you to go for it. On the other hand, if you have a negative or queasy gut feeling about something, it’s probably best to change your path.

Learning to understand and trust your intuition is a powerful way to strengthen your connection with the universe. Too often, ego-driven fear can deter us from listening to our true intuition. Strive to clear your awareness by practicing meditation and mindfulness.

3. Sudden Opportunities

If you’ve been wanting something and receive a call with an offer for it seemingly out of nowhere, it’s a gift from the universe guiding you in the right direction. When you’re on the right path, opportunities and gifts will seem to suddenly manifest to support you on your journey.

Constant roadblocks and setbacks could be a sign to change your goals or approach. While persistence and dedication are important, if you’re constantly coming up short, the universe may be trying to tell you something.

4. Inspiration

The universe often shows its support through the gift of inspiration. When you’re on the right track, your creative energy will be high. You’ll be full of exciting new ideas, and you’ll have constant new insights.

When you’re on the wrong track, you’ll most likely be devoid of inspiration. You’ll feel unmotivated and stuck in your tracks.

5. People Are Drawn to You

When you’re going in the right direction, the universe will send people to help you on your way. These people can’t help but be drawn to you when you’re pursuing a meaningful goal. This cooperation will make things so much easier.

If you’re having constant disagreements with others, it might be a sign from the universe to slow down and reexamine what you’re doing. Maybe you’re looking for help from the wrong people, or maybe you’re focusing on the wrong goals.

6. Peace and Joy

When you’re on the right path, you’ll have a sense of peace and confidence. You’ll feel joyful and free. While all paths have ups and downs, when you’re on the right path for you, these positive feelings should far outweigh the negative ones.

On the wrong path, you’ll most often be fearful and irritable. You’ll likely have difficulty sleeping and be filled with a constant sense of dread and anxiety.

7. Your Call Is Answered

The guidance of the universe is always available to you, and that connection runs both ways. You can simply ask for a sign as an answer to your question.

When asking the universe for a sign, try not to be too specific. You must be open to however the sign may show itself. The answer to your question might show up in an area of life you least expect, or it might even come to you in a dream.

Tune in to the Guidance of the Universe

We receive signs from the universe every day. If you’re looking for guidance on your life path, it’s important to pay attention to these signs. You can learn to deepen your spiritual connection with the universe by practicing meditation, learning to trust your intuition, and being open to the world around you.

Are you looking for more guidance on how to navigate your life path? Consider working with a talented psychic who can help you tune in to what the universe may be telling you.

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