How to Stay Open to Signs from the Universe

signs from the universeYou want the most out of life. Health, happiness, love, and success. Each of these things is important, and each is attainable. In fact, the universe is very excited to see you become your best self, and is prepared to help you do so.

And yet in order to attain everything you’re seeking, you need to be able to recognize signs from the universe that show you that you’re on the right path.

Fortunately, this isn’t a complicated process. The key to achieving all of your hopes and dreams is learning how to stay open and listen to the universe. After all, the universe is the source of all love and wisdom.

This article can help. Keep reading for tips on how to remain open to receive the signs for unlocking your full potential.

Pay Attention

Perhaps the most important step in becoming more open to all that the universe has in store for you is to simply pay attention. The universe is alive and colorful, and it has no desire to hide things from you.

The world has become a busy place filled with endless distractions. Thus it’s easy to develop tunnel vision rather than keeping your eyes and senses open wide to all that’s around you at any given moment.

Most people in the modern world move quickly from one task to another without slowing down to experience each moment of their day. This is an unfortunate pattern of living because it creates a tendency to bypass much of the wonder and beauty on full display before you.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and pay close attention to the miraculous gift of life that you’ve been given.

Become Attuned to the World Around You

Learn to let go of your perception of everything that happens around you so that you can witness reality in its most authentic form. Signs and guideposts are all around you, but you need to be on a frequency to see them.

The better attuned to the world you become, the more clearly your heart will see, interpret, and understand the paths you should follow and the directions you should turn.

Learn to Surrender

It’s crucial to remember that the universe has been around much longer than you. It doesn’t need to wait for your approval or to meet your expectations. It is overflowing with wisdom, thus it’s futile to resist the messages the universe sends you.

Learning to surrender to the universe is simple in theory and yet can be far from easy in practice. People are stubborn. Thus they tend to believe that they know best. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for missing out on important signs that lead to everything you are seeking.

Surrender is not just a valuable tool, it’s a way of living that few people experience because they are too busy trying to steer the universe rather than letting the universe steer them.

Messages in Dreams

Dreams are mysterious. They arrive in our sleep and tell stories than can often seem baffling and filled with chaos, hope or fear.

Many books have been writing on the subject of the interpretation of dreams. Various emotions can stir up the subconscious and create wild imagery as you sleep. When you’re in love, you might dream happy dreams filled with bliss and longing.

Some dreams are quickly forgotten while others remain active in your conscious mind long after you awaken. When you remember details from your dreams, it’s important to pay attention and take note. That’s because dreams can be used by the universe as a direct pipeline of communication with your mind.

You might awaken from a dream tossed in confusion, and yet deeper analyst can reveal a very specific message. Never take these moments for granted. Be open to the imagery and words, because they often have meaning intended to enrich your life.


The universe also uses synchronicity to teach lessons. There are plenty of moments in life that seem like simple coincidences, but don’t overlook them too quickly.

The universe is always conspiring to guide you in the right direction. Again, the key is to pay attention and remain open so that you can recognize the power of synchronicity as these amazing moments unfold before you.

Don’t Overcomplicate What You’re Looking For

Many people treat signs from the universe like complicated riddles. There’s no reason for this. The universe operates with an elegant simplicity. Once you understand this, you will begin to notice that signs are presented clearly and are eager to be discovered.

Unexpected Encounters

As you become more attuned to the frequency of the universe, you will begin experiencing unexpected encounters that are difficult to explain. In these moments, keep an open heart, because they are gifts designed to show that you are either moving in the right direction or need to change course.


It’s easy to be moved by music. Music enriches the world and speaks to your soul. There’s a reason for this. So pay close attention to the rise and fall of your emotions as you listen to various songs, both new ones and old favorites.

Music contains more than notes and lyrics. It’s a wondrous and mysterious tool the universe uses to touch your soul.

Listening From Your Gut

Never underestimate the power of listening to your gut. It’s like an antenna designed to pick up signals sent out by the universe on a constant basis.

When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. And when you feel pulled in a specific direction, listen to that prompting and learn to trust it.

Learning to Recognize Signs From the Universe

Each person is a part of the universe. It is constantly communicating with you, offering guidance and direction. The key to living your best life is to recognize when you are receiving signs from the universe.

It’s easier than you think. Just remain open to all it has to share, and you’ll be amazed at the sudden results you begin to experience.

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