The Power Of Crystals

The power of crystals lies more in a crystals ability to boost powers of a healer or clairvoyant. Crystals are amplifiers and can absorb energies. Crystals are tools to be used to by a medium who has developed their strengths of channeling healing energies. A crystal is encoded by a healer an used to amplify that energy or power. The amplified power can be that of healing, meditation, protection, understanding and more. It is the fact that crystals can be used as powerful tools that lead to the misconception that crystals have a power unto themselves. With that being said, crystals do have a function of being something other than a pretty object to look at and different types of crystals can be used as tools in different ways.

For the most part, crystals are used to redistribute or awaken lost energies of the body’s chakras. The body contains seven major chakras. When a person is tired, stressed, ill, or in pain, the use of the crystal to help realign chakra energy is very beneficial. Different crystals are better conductors of certain energies than other crystals are. Crystals vibrate at their own frequencies so one crystal may be better at amplifying healing than another type.

Rose quartz, for instance, is a crystal that works better for channeling requiring nurturing. Rose quartz is considered to be a mother stone and is often the crystal of love. Crystal PowerA good meditation when you are feeling blue is to take a cleansed rose quartz crystal and meditate on the feelings of love. You will receive the energy of love into your chakra by meditating this way.

An emerald crystal helps with negativity by reversing it into a positive while a ruby crystal will aid in courage. Diamonds are a purifier and also an amplifier while topaz will help to answer an unanswered question by channeling clarity. Colors of crystals also ascribe them to different classifications of vibrating frequencies. Pink and red help one get through changing times in their lives, black will thwart negativity and golden hues channel creativity. This is just a small example of the various functions of crystals as tools.

The function of crystals in healing and mystical practices goes back many, many centuries. The Egyptians used them as charms of protection and often crystals were found in burial tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. In 1150, two medical documents were written by St. Hildegard. St. Hildegard prescribes the use of crystals for healing and documented their vibrational energies. Crystals are referred to in the bible and Buddhist recognize the use of crystals for healing. The Chinese have used crystals for thousands of years and use them to this day.

In modern times, crystals are used in acupuncture. Chinese acupuncture actually uses crystal needles. Today practitioners use colored crystals that correspond to the color of the chakras to heal a person by using psychic energies. Another current popular practice for using crystals is to wear them on necklaces as charms either by themselves or in bunches depending on the energies that need to be channeled.

A simple process to determine how a crystal may benefit you is to lay out several crystals of various colors and properties on a table in front of you. Take your time noting each crystal. If you are particularly captured by a certain crystal then pick it up. Note how it feels in your hand. Put the stone back down and repeat the process until you have picked up all of the stones. Afterwards meditate on how each stone made you feel or what images it brought to your mind. Research the traits and properties of the crystal you were most drawn to so that you can use it channel positive energies.

Your interest in crystals does not have to stop here. There are many well written books on the subject of crystals and online tips and histories can help to deepen your understanding of crystals. Using a crystal is fun and relaxing. Gaining information to understand crystals to benefit your body and mind is just a stones throw away.

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