Power And Magic Of Amethyst Crystals

Much mystery, myth and power surround the Amethyst crystals. For one, scientist are still unsure precisely how the amethyst crystals form. Amethyst ranges from light to deep purple in color, the deeper it’s color the more valued it is. What is known is that amethyst quartz crystals are created from the heat of the earth, often in lava flows, and only develop inside of rocks, which become geodes. A geode is one of nature’s wonders. It looks like an ordinary rock, however, when you break it open you find it has been hallowed out and the sides of the geode are lined with the beauty of various types of crystals. Amethyst is one of the fairly common types of crystals formed, and one of the most beautiful even in it’s raw state.

Many who specialize in the mystical powers of crystal attribute to amethyst special healing powers for mind, body and spirit. Some say amethyst cleanses any negative energy that it comes in contact with and has a mysterious way of protecting those who wear or keep amethyst crystals near them. People have always been aware of the power of crystals, but for some of us, the amethyst crystal is a bit special.
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The mythology surrounding amethyst and the powers attributed to it are as old as mankind. In ancient Greek mythology there was a beautiful maiden, a virgin, called Amethyst. When an intoxicated Dionysus, the God of Wine, attempted to seduce her Amethyst resisted and cried out to the Goddess Diana to protect her and preserve Amethyst’s purity. The Goddess Diana heard her calls and transformed Amethyst into a beautiful crystal. Dionysus, suddenly shamed by his intoxicated advances wept into his wine and spilled it upon Amethyst while embracing her crystal body. The wine instantly changed the Amethyst crystal body to a deep purple.

This particular Greek myth embodies much of magic attributed to Amethyst. The word Amethyst is from ancient Greek meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and is sometimes translated as ‘sober’ or ‘of sound mind’. Amethyst is about preserving purity, protection and maintaining a sound spirit and mind. And, these attributes have only been reaffirmed by history.

It is said that Amethyst was worn to protect the pure of heart in battle and is even mentioned in the Bible. In the book of Exodus it is said the High Priest wore amethyst in his breast plate. Both Greeks and Romans adorned wine goblets with amethyst to protect against over intoxication. Example Of Raw Amethyst Crystals Amethyst has been said to help the hunter find prey for food (which later became the power to attract prosperity as long as one shared that prosperity); to help heal the wounds of worthy warrior; increase one’s purity of thought and protect against impure thoughts (and to enhance one’s spiritual insight); and to magnify or project one’s sense of modesty and humanity. Prior to and during the Renaissance amethyst was used to symbolize humility and purity. It was considered a magical stone that, if a person’s image was engraved on amethyst, would protect them from disease and evil spirits. The Greeks, Romans and later many Europeans both wore amethyst jewelry as a form of protection … possibly from negative energies?

The purported powers of amethyst even appear in the East. In Chinese traditional medicine amethyst was thought to ward off stomach pains and could me used to increase one’s mental powers. In Feng Shui the presence of amethyst is said to increase the flow of prosperity and charity. Amethyst is also associate with the crown chakra, a point at the top our heads where our material form is said to meet divinity.

At one time amethyst was as valued as precious gems like rubies and emeralds. Fortunately, with the discover that amethyst is more plentiful than first known, now there is plenty for all of us. Nature seems to continue to look after us despite the fact so many seem to neglect Her. Amethyst Crystals For Health And Protection Obtaining quality amethyst crystals or jewelry is fairly easy these days.

As you can see, amethyst has been a revered crystal for thousands of years. From ancient Greeks to Romans to Wiccans to Psychics to alternative healers; all have a healthy respect and appreciation for this humble purple crystal formed from the earth. How exactly it is formed and how it works is a mystery, but so what. Maybe it isn’t necessary to explain everything.

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