Recognizing Psychic Children: 10 Signs You’re Raising a Child Psychic

psychic children

From mediums and mystics to the rumored supernatural abilities of the Indigo Children, the psychic phenomenon is an integral part of human nature and culture. Its mysteries have intrigued hobbyists and lifelong researchers alike. While many things remain unclear, it’s impossible to deny that there are things going on beyond our comprehension.

Among the myriad expressions of this mysterious force is the phenomenon of psychic children. And you may be more likely to have one than you think.

Today’s children are more uninhibited and more free to access the underlying gifts that most children likely posses. With a lens unfettered by predisposition or prejudice, children are naturally in tune with their psychic traits.

But it can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Each child is difference, and as such will receive and express psychic information differently. Just like each child is unique fingerprints, they also possess a one of a kind psychic profile.

If you suspect your child may be psychically inclined, you might very well be correct. Here are ten signs that your child may be psychic. 

1. High Sensitivity

This trait is prerequisite for nearly any child psychic. This sensitivity usually expresses itself in many ways. Far from being simply emotional, this can be a sensitivity that manifests physically.

Whether it be to people, places, or events, an unusual level of sensitivity is a very good reason to look for more signs. 

2. Vivid Imagination

Most children are naturally imaginative, but the psychic child possesses a seemingly preternatural ability for creativity. Where a normal child might express an imagination that mirrors the world around them, psychic children can conjure up ideas seemingly out of thin air.

This can manifest as uncanny artistic ability or proclivity for music that defies their years. However it comes about, don’t be quick to write these things off as the working of a normal mind. There could be much more at play.

3. Keen Intellect

Unusually high intelligence is a telltale and nearly universal sign of psychic ability. A psychic child will often speak with an uncanny eloquence or understand concepts seemingly beyond other children of their age. 

While high intelligence is a sign in itself, being easily distracted only further supports it. The hyper-intelligent child’s mind wanders because of its ability to process so much. It might not be a lack of focus you’re witnessing, but a rapid and incomprehensible processing of data that you can’t even detect.

4. Frequent Intense Dreams/Nightmares

Like imagination in general, dreams are a normal part of a child’s life. On one hand, they sort out all the information they accumulate day to day, but they can also have deeper meaning.

If your child is frequently recounting their dreams in vivid detail, this could be a sign. Furthermore, if dreams begin to take on a clairvoyant nature, you can rest assured some latent ability is at play.

Dreams are a complex web of meanings and symbols. It can be hard to determine their nature, but it’s very possible your child’s dreams are more than they seem.

5. Extreme Empathy

A characteristic of some psychics is their ability to literally feel what others are feeling. Unlike just being touched or affected by another’s plight, the empath quite literally experiences it.

Children are often more caring than adults. It’s easier to practice empathy without the weight of adult life to manage. However, there are usually logical limits to this. If your child seems to be actually manifesting the physical or emotional pain of others, they could be manifesting empathic abilities. 

6. They Talk About or To Deceased Loved Ones

Imaginary friends are fairly common. Less common is when those friends are loved ones that have passed. Some children will describe vivid conversations they have with people that others can’t see.

What’s more, sometimes these conversations will be with friends or relatives the child had no previous knowledge of. If this is happening, listen closely to what they’re saying. There could be valuable information contained therein. 

7. Intuitive Knowledge About Another Culture

There are many stories of children possessing knowledge of past lives. One sign your child may retain those memories is if they speak about another culture or time period with uncanny accuracy.

Oftentimes these children may feel connected or drawn to this culture from an early age. Whether it’s feudal Japan or ancient Rome, these kids seem to have an understanding of these things on both an intellectual and emotional level.

8. Seeing Auras

Detecting auras is one of the classic and most widely known expressions of psychic ability. An aura is simply a ring of color surrounding a person. These colors may reflect different moods or aspects of a person’s character.

Psychic children will often describe seeing these auras at a young age. To them, this is a natural part of life. To most, it’s a rare gift.

9. Strong Connection To Nature and Animals

An unusual connection with non-human creatures is a strong early sign of psychic ability. In some cases, this even appears like an unexplainable ability to communicate with animals or intuitively understand their thoughts and emotions.

Walking through the woods, talking to a rabbit, nurturing an injured bird. These are all potential signs of psychic ability.

10. Uncanny Wisdom

While we already discussed unusual levels of intellect, wisdom is a slightly different thing. Though a high intelligence is almost always paired with wisdom, wisdom itself stands apart.

This wisdom often manifests in the form of insights about the nature of life and the universe. These insights are far beyond the child’s years, and often even beyond most adults ability levels. This innate connection to unseen universal wisdom is one of the strongest signs of psychic ability.

Do You Know or Have Psychic Children?

Chances are, you’ve met more than one psychic child in your life. With the increased interconnectedness of our world, children have access to information in an unprecedented way. The toppling of these invisible boundaries produces greater potential for psychic children to emerge.

If any of these things sound eerily familiar to you, you might indeed have a psychic child. While any one of these things could be a coincidence on their own, working in tandem, there’s probably much more than meets the eye.

If your interest in psychic phenomenon doesn’t end here, there’s so much more to learn. Read on to discover the truth about the psychic world.




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