Medium Vs Psychic: What Do They Do, and How Are They Different?

As we move towards what many believe is the Aquarian Age, there has been an uptick in interest in all things psychic. One in three Americans has experienced what they describe as ‘a psychic moment.’ Yet you may not feel you can rely on your own psychic abilities to answer certain questions. You may prefer to hand… [Read More]

Are Online Psychics Real? A Trip Into the Unknown

Are you wondering about the integrity of online psychics? Are they even real or is it all a sham? Well, you’re in the right place. In premise, the definition of real is going to determine whether or not a psychic meets your expectations. A real psychic might deliver results that you might simply think are underwhelming,… [Read More]

What You Need to Know About Angel Numbers

You look at the clock and see that it’s 11:11 in the morning. What are the odds that such a special number would be on the clock at the exact moment you glanced at it? Is the universe trying to tell you something? If you believe in angel numbers, maybe. Whether it’s a clock showing… [Read More]

How to Prepare for an Incredible Psychic Tarot Reading

Are you unsatisfied with your current situation and need some spiritual direction or guidance? A psychic tarot reading might be just the solution to get the clarity you are searching for. However, before you undertake a tarot reading, it’s essential that you prepare yourself for the experience. This is so you can maximize your potential… [Read More]

Psychic Vs Medium: What’s The Difference And Which Should I Choose?

Have you ever thought about getting your fortune told? How about connecting with a loved one who has passed on? Do you ever find yourself curious if you’re taking the right path in life? You may want to see a psychic or medium. Psychics and mediums practice one of the most powerful arts of divination…. [Read More]

30 Questions To Ask Your During Your Phone Psychic Appointment

You’ve thought it over and you’ve finally made the decision to call and chat with a psychic on the phone. Whether you’re looking for answers about your career, financial situation, love life, health, or family issues there are many reasons to turn to a phone psychic. Starting out the phone call with what you need… [Read More]

Four Big Psychic Frauds: Why Fame Doesn’t Mean Legitimacy

From helping with relationship questions to working with police to solve crimes, true psychics make amazing contributions to the world. Unfortunately, as they say, a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. Some of the most notorious psychic frauds have swindled people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, given terrible advice, and created… [Read More]

Emailing or Calling Psychics? Choosing the Best for Your Needs

In these uncertain times, it can seem as if there is no end to the turmoil that enshrouds our lives. It would be a great solace if we were able to have the comfort of knowing what would happen next so we can be prepared for the next steps. Thankfully, there are physics around that… [Read More]