Understanding Psychic Automatic Writing

Psychic automatic writing describes the method of writing material that does not flow directly from the conscious thoughts of the person writing it, such as when an author deliberately sits and makes up a story. Instead, the person doing the automatic writing is in a trance or trance-like state and writes so quickly, he or she does not know at all what they are putting down on the paper or on the computer.

As early as the 1800’s, psychologists have been investigating the phenomena known as automatic writing, or psychic automatic writing. The presumption about how automatic writing “works” is that when you engage in this process, you are channeling your higher self or another entity no longer focused in physical reality to receive information. You receive the information through writing with pen or paper or by typing on a typewriter, word processor or computer.

Some people believe the source of this information comes strictly from your subconscious, and never from another entity, perhaps because the material that is received is often filled with misspellings and disjointed, fragmented sentences. For this reason, it is often very hard for someone to decipher what they have written via this process, even if it was typed instead of handwritten.

Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist, theorized that the source material produced while a person was engaged in automatic writing came from the person’s subconscious. That is, the information received came from one’s higher self or super consciousness; information that was not available to one’s waking self. Jung strongly suggested that people use this method as a form of self-therapy to help them unlock long hidden memories and tap into the universal consciousness. Some psychologists and laymen believe that the information received while one is engaged in automatic writing is coming from different aspects of your personality, with at least a portion of the material coming from a different entity, or spirit guide.

Most people Automatic Writing Psychic believe that a person needs to be in an altered form of consciousness in order to practice the art of automatic writing. Others believe all you need to do is relax and allow information to flow through you without censor or judgment. In fact, people who engage in automatic writing often write so fast, they don’t have time to censor anything they are putting down on paper. If you would like to attempt this form of communication, either with your higher self or your spirit guide, it is relatively simple to do.

It is very critical that you get yourself into a relaxed and calm state. Before you begin to let yourself relax, make sure you have a pen or pencil and a tablet of paper next to you. If you prefer, seat yourself in front of your typewriter or computer before you begin the process of putting yourself into a relaxed state. Your chair should be comfortable and supportive.

Although many people believe you must be in a trance to do automatic writing, many others insist that you can simply be in a trance-like state in order to receive information this way. To begin the process, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Put your attention on your feet and consciously relax them, then your lower legs, upper legs, solar plexus, chest, arms, neck and head. Sometimes this is easier if you quickly contract the muscles in each part of your body first and just as quickly release the tension.

Pay attention to how you are feeling, particularly in your solar plexus, or gut area. If you don’t feel relaxed and comfortable, it is best to stop the attempt. You are not likely to receive any information if you are tense or afraid. Try to visualize (form a picture in your mind) of your higher self-giving you guidance in the form of automatic writing. Try to picture yourself outside of your body, looking down at yourself engaged in this practice.|To give yourself a jump start, write a question at the top of your tablet or on your computer. Keep your question uncomplicated. You could ask about something innocuous, such as information about some item you have misplaced, or you can simply write, “What do I need to know,” or “What is today’s lesson?” |Let yourself naturally begin writing. Try to write with your eyes closed. When nothing else seems to come through, end your session. Read what you have written—you may have to decipher it word for word, and then still not be sure about what it means. Keep in mind that even a misspelling may have some meaning, so think about the typo and see if you can make any connection. Even if the entire writing seems disjointed, try to pick out words or phrases that have some meaning for you. If you practice this on a regular basis, you are likely to unlock memories and discover insights about your personality and life.

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