9 Powerful Gemstones for Protection and Spiritual Healing

gemstones for protection

For countless ages, people have been using crystals and gemstones for protection — especially spiritual and psychic protection. Ancient cultures have long recognized the spiritual powers of the earth’s mineral munificence, and protection stones have always been on the front lines of psychic defense.

Whether it’s guarding against evil spirits, psychic attack, demonic forces, soul-sucking vampires, or nasty coworkers, the right protective gem can mean the difference between a life mired in negativity, or one that’s liberated from the darkness.

So let’s take a look at nine of the best stones and crystals for protection against negativity and evil, as well as those that promote spiritual centeredness and healing.

The Best Gemstones For Protection and Psychic Well-Being

Now, there are many amulets and gems renowned in occult traditions for their protective powers. Some of these are well known and easily found. Others…not so much.

Lewis Spence, in his Encyclopædia of Occultism, lists many such stones.

For instance, anancithidus was a stone that could call up evil spirits and ghosts. Antiphates was a black stone used to defend against witchcraft, while pontica was a blue gem that could force the devil himself to answer one’s questions.

Alectorius, we are told, was a stone with the power to make a husband love his wife. Alas, no stone on earth has the power to make the opposite true.

But actually finding these ancient talismans might prove a bit of a problem. So let’s stick with the old standbys. Here’s a list of nine of the most powerful gemstones, as well as the stone meanings that define each of them:

1. Obsidian

Obsidian is volcanic glass, forged in some of the most violent geologic events on the planet. It is usually black or a dark, smoky color, but some forms of obsidian can be green, or even red or yellow.

Ancient cultures, including in the southwestern United States, quarried and shaped obsidian into sharp spearpoints and tools.

It may also be one of the strongest protection stones out there. Though technically glass, and so neither a stone nor a gem, obsidian is invested with great power.

Use obsidian — especially the black variety — to ward off negative emotional and psychological energy, as well as to stay spiritually grounded and mentally sharp.

2. Rose Quartz

Unsurprisingly, rose quartz is associated with love and the heart.

This beautiful, roseate crystal can be found on the highest mountain peaks, where it has been disgorged from—you guessed it—the planet’s fiery heart. As such, it has great power in attracting and keeping love, as well as mending heartbreak.

Rose quartz is associated with feminine energy and is useful in purifying one’s aura of toxic energies, dispelling fear, and promoting love and compassion. Also, it’s really pretty.

3. Jet

Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

Although considered a gem, jet is really a kind of fossilized and carbonized wood. So it combines a little of the best of both worlds: the vital force of life with the power of the mineral realm.

Jet is also a kind of psychic sponge, soaking up negative energies rather than reflecting them. So if you’re especially empathic, or psychically sensitive, a jet amulet will help deflect some of those more harmful and exhausting emotions.

And if you’re planning any magical work or astral journeys, jet is a must-have accessory. It’ll keep you grounded, and ward off any malefic spirits. Just be sure to cleanse your jet amulets frequently, as they tend to become surcharged with negative energy.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones and is a potent protection stone. It possesses a high vibrational energy that forms a strong protective field and can transform negative energy into positive.

Amethysts also have the unique property of being able to attract positive energies to the wearer, as well as promote calmness and spiritual serenity.

5. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline could be the all-round best crystal for protection. It acts as a kind of psychic force field, deflecting electromagnetic energies from all the technology around us, and purifying the mind and soul.

Like amethyst, black tourmaline can transmute negative energy into net positive energies that can help, rather than hinder. For all these reasons, it is a potent grounding stone that helps connect the user to Mother Earth.

Considered one of the most powerful gemstones for protection, black tourmaline is perfect for those who work in stressful and high-pressure environments.

6. Staurolite

Staurolite, also known as the “fairy cross stone,” is an iron-bearing mineral known for its characteristic, cross-shaped twinning. It is a potent protective stone and is noted for its strong defensive powers.

For you psychonauts out there, it’s always a good idea to keep staurolite on your person when shifting between different planar realms. It helps protect against the attentions of unwanted spirits, and iron has long been revered as a defense against the fay folk, and the dwellers in darkness.

So be sure to arm yourself with some staurolite if you intend to have any truck with dark and negative forces.

7. Fluorite

Fluorite really acts as a passive cloaking field. It will shield you from malign psychic energy and sorcerous attacks. And who doesn’t need that?

Use fluorite to conceal your aura, thereby deflecting and rejecting negative spiritual assaults.

8. Blue Kyanite

This is a great gem for your overall mental and spiritual health.

It’s perfect for stealing your spirit against intimidation and manipulation and conduces to mental acuity. Blue Kyanite also helps you see through BS, and purges your mind of worry and anxiety.

9. Infinite Stone

Also known as the “Healer’s Stone,” the infinite stone is a blend of serpentine and chrysotile. It works to heal and mend your aura, strengthening it for the inevitable ordeals to come.

Think of it as a spiritual battery. It gives you an instant boost of energy and psychic well-being, which is something even the most well-tended aura can use.

Use These Gemstones Today for Your Psychic Health

So that’s our roundup of some of the most powerful gemstones for protection and spiritual health. Study our list, determine your needs, and choose the best stone or crystal for you.

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