Calm Your Mind: How to Ground and Center Before Your Psychic Reading

grounding techniquesWalt Whitman was famous for saying, “Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It’s to grow in the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth.” Indeed, the straightest line to self-discovery is a connection with the earth.

Grounding techniques not only allow you to connect to the earth but also to yourself. You’ll find breathing and visualization are at the core of each technique listed below. Together, let’s walk through each one and enter into an abundance of light.

Listen to Your Breathing

You may know by now that breathing is a powerful component of meditation. The same goes for grounding. This technique will help you remain fully present in your body. Take a moment to close your eyes as you inhale. Imagine the trail of your breath. Follow it as it travels into your nose and down to your lungs.

Feel it as you exhale it back out into the world. This technique becomes more and more effective the more you make it a priority. The main idea is to observe the flow of air into and out of your body – something that doesn’t require you to exert any energy.

Try to allow your breaths to be full. That is, they won’t be shallow breaths that come from your chest. Rather, imagine your breaths are so full, they begin down in your toes, travel up to your belly, expand in your chest, and push back out again through your belly. Full, deep breaths are the name of the game.

Stand Like a Tree

This is a great technique that works well with your breathing exercises. It, too, focuses on your connection with your body. All you have to do is stand with your feet a shoulder’s width apart. Remember to keep your spine straight and your chin tucked. Then, rest your hands on your side and close your eyes.

As you do this, envision your feet sinking into the ground (without compromising your posture). Imagine your feet have roots that grow deep into the ground. In this moment, you’re literally grounding yourself into the space you’re standing on, all while listening to the gratifying, life-giving flow of breath.

If you have any anxiety about your upcoming reading, release that stress out through your roots. Push it deep into the earth where its fiery core will burn away all your anxieties. Remember your breathing and allow the earth to help you prepare.

Practice Mindful Walking

If it’s an earth connection you’re looking for, this is one of our favorite go-to’s. All you have to do is take a walk while being fully present with the environment. That means no iTunes and no phone calls.

If allowable, walk barefoot through your environment. Walking barefoot stimulates some of the joints in our feet, giving it an air of reflexology. As you walk – whether barefoot or not – notice your entire foot. Feel the movement from your heels to the balls of your feet, to your toes.

Notice the sway of the trees. Feel the breeze on your skin. Keep your breathing exercise going. Listen to every bit of birdsong. Or, if it’s a quiet and cloudy day, listen to the wind. Take note of the ethereal silence. It’s all about mindfulness here.

If it’s a sunny day, be mindful about the sun. Imagine the sunlight as a warm blanket. Feel it as it spreads over your skin. Breathe the sunlight in and let it travel all the way down to your toes. Let the warmth spread over your entire body as your cleansing breaths intermingle with the glow of the light.

Visualize the Earth

This is another grounding exercise that will connect you to the earth. You can even explore this technique while you practice your tree pose. As you stand, feel the ground beneath your feet. Then, feel the beating of your heart.

Join with the energy flowing out of your heart. Then, imagine the heart of the earth. We know this to be a hot core bursting with light. Take the two and imagine them merging. Feel the earth’s center merging with your core.

Go on to imagine a curved ray of light connecting the two, emanating energy. Be still. Be focused. And always remember your breathing. Let it intertwine with the glowing hot embers of the earth’s center.

Remain Centered, Calm, and Quiet

As you exit out of these techniques, make it a goal to remain centered, calm, and quiet. Can you feel your breath and the glowing warmth of the quiet in one area of your body more than the other? If so, place your hand on that area. Perhaps it’s your belly. Perhaps it’s your heart.

Place your hand there and keep listening to your quiet breaths. Feel your connection with the glowing warmth of the earth’s center. Then, prepare to accept the tremendous knowledge and insight that’s about to come your way.

Grounding Techniques for a Glorious Reading

There you have it. These grounding techniques will prepare you for a reading full of inner knowledge. This is an ancient practice that has sustained because of the power it imparts.

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