Interpreting Clairvoyance: What Does a Psychic Vision Look Like?

psychic vision

Psychic experiences come in different forms, including visions, sounds, smells, knowing, and dreams, to name a few. Someone like Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping psychic,” would go to sleep and start talking to answer a question. Someone had to record it because he was asleep.

Someone like Sylvia Brown had a woman spirit guide help her. The guide was a 16th century Aztec Inca.

But how do you know if you have psychic vision? And what does that look like, you ask?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve put together some basics on psychic ability and, specifically, clairvoyance. Keep reading to see if you’re experiencing clairvoyance and what to do with it. Then get started with what speaks to you.

Clairvoyance Basics

Everyone has some sort of psychic ability if they listen to their intuition at all. Intuition tells you something in a way that’s doesn’t necessarily follow natural law. It’s a hunch, a gut feeling, and it comes through the senses. Think seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and knowing. It can also come through a dream, in which you experience those senses.

Most people don’t pay attention to intuition. Their rational, logical ego judges the sense and usually discredits it or seeks to prove it by other means. The gut feeling is ignored and not honed. Hence why you don’t often see the sixth sense in action or experience it yourself.

Those that are psychics have a keen sixth sense and give it a regular workout. That’s the key. If you think you have a gift in the area of intuition and “seeing” things, you need to put it to work. Think: Use it or lose it.

Psychic Vision

Clairvoyance is one way that a person with psychic ability experiences the sense. It is visual. If you have clairvoyance, you see the message. Let’s look at some signs that show clairvoyance.

Mind Movies

You might see a vision that looks like it’s a movie on a screen in front of your eyes while they are closed. Or you see the movie in your mind, behind your Third Eye. The third eye is the chakra in your forehead.

Essentially, you’re imaging the scene. You might see something that will happen in the future, is happening now, or happened in the past. You might just suddenly download a whole story. You know the story and you see it visually.

Clairvoyants often daydream. Sound like you? Well, those scenes you play out in your head are exactly like psychic visions technically speaking.

Also, if you had imaginary friends that you visualized, there’s a good chance you have the gift of clairvoyance. Spirit guides are like your adult imaginary friends.

Lights and Auras

You might see lights and images in your peripheral vision. These could be spirits.

You might see lights around people. These are auras and may come in a variety of colors. These give you a sense of the person’s energy and can tell you how the person is feeling emotionally. Auras can also tell you about a person’s character.

Clear and Directed Dreams

Do you have those dreams that are so clear and that you can manipulate and direct? Lucid dreaming is an indicator of clairvoyance.

Visual Learning

Clairvoyants often say they learn best visually. They are visual learners. The other learning styles include auditory learning (hearing the information) and kinesthetic or tactile learning (learning through doing). A tactile learner might build a Roman acropolis to learn about it. An auditory learner might learn from a teacher’s lecture or story. And a visual learner might watch a movie about it or read about it, seeing pictures and the words on the page.

A visual learner probably learns peoples’ names by seeing them written. An auditory learner would get it by hearing the name. And a tactile learner would need to say it or write it.

Are you a visual learner? Chances are your psychic gifts will show up visually.

Color and Beauty

Clairvoyants tend to appreciate beauty and have a good sense of it. They also are very in tune with colors. You sense good energy or harmony if the environment flows visually. Colors should blend for it to be harmonious. Clairvoyants often do well in visual arts.

Bring out Your Clairvoyance

Psychic visions give you information not available to the five other senses in the moment. They are your intuition and you can hone this clairvoyance by developing a regular practice. The key to your practice is meditation.


Meditation lets you clear the clutter from your mind so you can see what your intuition, wise-self, soul, spirit, or whatever you want to call it, wants to tell you. Sit quietly, clear your mind, and be aware of your body, thoughts, and spirit messages. Don’t judge or control. Just be aware.

You can focus on looking (with your eyes closed) at the back of your forehead like a movie screen. This is your Third Eye Chakra, so you are essentially seeing with your mind’s eye. You can also ask your Third Eye, or spirit guides or wise self, a question and see what appears.

Go for 10 minutes a day if you can or at least try to find moments during the day when you can clear your mind and see what appears.

Other Tricks

There are a few gemstones known to promote clairvoyance. These are aquamarine, cherry opal, emerald, and yellow labradorite. The first two give you a boost to clear your mind in meditation and the last two can bring on psychic vision during meditation. Just put them on your Third Eye during your practice.

What Do the Visions Mean?

So you’re getting intuitive messages through visuals. But what do you do with that information and what does it mean?

First off, it’s good to know that if you are clairvoyant, you’re open to visions and you’re likely going to see a lot of stuff that has no meaning to your life. You’ll also see stuff that you know immediately has a meaning and other things that you need to do some digging to understand.

Use your intuition/gut feelings to know what kind of vision it is. If you think it has meaning but you don’t know what it is, you can use meditation to find out.

Clear your mind, address your higher, wise, spirit self, and ask what the vision means. Sit and wait. If nothing happens, keep waiting and asking.

If nothing comes to you in the meditation, stay open to receive the information that you need. Most symbolism that appears in your clairvoyant visions are personal so it’s best that you interpret them yourself using your own higher self.

You and Your Psychic Vision

Now that you know something about psychic vision and clairvoyance, does it sound like you? Have you had some of these clairvoyant experiences?

If so, explore developing your psychic ability with some of the tips given to see how it can better your life. No need to become a psychic for others if you’re not into it. But honing your sixth sense is always a plus for maneuvering life. Trust your visions.

And if you’re serious, read our post on more ways to improve your psychic development.

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