5 Signs of Spiritual Attachment You Shouldn’t Ignore

spiritual attachment

Given that nearly 45% of Americans polled believe in spirits or the afterlife, there is a good chance that they have had an experience that led them to that belief. Whether they were contacted directly by a spirit or know someone who has been, people who have experienced spiritual attachment don’t soon forget.

When a spirit takes the energy to communicate with the living world, you can bet that they’ve got something important to share. If you’ve experienced a spirit, you know that it’s hard to convince others of your experience. You might even ignore the communication because of this social pressure not to believe it.

It can be bad luck or even dangerous to ignore the warnings of spirits. If you think someone might be trying to contact you, look for these 8 signs of spiritual attachment to be sure.

1. Flickering Lights and Exploding Bulbs

Movies and television tend to make a joke out of flickering bulbs that happen during a spiritual attachment. They’re often associated with fake mediums and people trying to run a scam.

Unfortunately, those cultural influences have trained us not to listen when we’re being contacted. Spirits can create powerful bursts of energy when they reach from beyond. This can be the reason why lights will flicker and even light bulbs will burst during these communications.

If you see light bulbs flickering or hear sudden bursts of energy during very emotional moments, it’s the sign you might be being contacted. Pay attention to your surroundings.

If it feels like you’re being contacted whenever the lights flicker, ask if you’re being contacted. You might be surprised by the response.

2. Hot Or Cold Spots

Our bodies create and contain powerful amounts of energy. If you feel a sudden spike in temperature one way or the other, you could be experiencing a spiritual attachment. Spirits could be waiting in one location hoping you’ll contact them.

While this could be a collective feeling, it might be just one person who feels the temperature change in a room. This has long been associated with spiritual bodies being close by.

Pay attention to your mind and your emotions when you feel this temperature change. Your brain could back up your feeling by letting you know that you are in fact being contacted from the beyond. Stay alert and trust your intuition when it comes to these things.

3. Strange Voices or Music

If you’ve heard your name being called out in an otherwise quiet room, don’t shake yourself away from that feeling. Lean into the sound and pay attention to what is around you. Someone could be reaching out to connect with you.

There are messages about your love life, your career, or your general direction that spirits could be warning you about. This could be your intuition calling out to you or it could be someone crossing through the void for a spiritual attachment.

If you hear music that connects to you in a personal way, listen closely. If you heart your favorite childhood lullaby or a song your departed loved one would sing to you, pay attention to what happens next. The song could be part of a spiritual connection that’s waiting to happen.

4. Watches or Clocks That Stop

If your otherwise functional watches or clocks suddenly stop at the same time, this is a sign you could be visiting. Often a spiritual attachment will disrupt energy or mechanical devices. If the time that they stopped corresponds to the time that a person died, they could be visiting again at that moment.

There could be energy that’s left behind in a room a loved one died in. There are stories of clocks that stop at the moment the person living there died. If you visit the home of a loved one soon after they’ve lost the physical plane, they could be hanging around on the spiritual plane.

Pay attention for the coincidence of any of the other elements of visitation or spiritual connection. If you experience two or more incidents at the same time, there could be a very powerful spiritual energy still hanging around the place where your loved one died.

5. Pay Attention To Dreams And Visions

Sometimes a daydream can mean more than people give it credit for. If you’re suddenly taken on a journey as you pass by a location important to you or a deceased loved one, they could be reaching out to you. When those feelings strike you, stop what you’re doing and try to focus on the vision.

If you have the same dream over and over, there’s no doubt there’s a message that’s coming in from somewhere or someone. When you’re visited in dreams, you might wake up and forget immediately. Try to make a ritual to write down what you saw in your dreams so that you can remember them later.

When you’re visited in a dream, it can be the energy of a spirit making a connection to your mind while you’re unconscious. Carl Jung believed that dreams have a purpose and can link to a much broader collective unconscious. If you can think deeply about the other symbols that appear when you’re being visited in your dreams, you will unlock many powerful insights.

The spirits visiting you could be bringing a message through symbols and signs. Every object in your dreams contains hidden layers of meaning.

Spiritual Attachment Is a Gift and a Responsibility

When you’re contacted by the spiritual realm, it’s because the spirits or ghosts trust your energy. You will be given a special gift but it’s your responsibility to share that message with others. Talk to other people who will believe you and trust in your connection to the spiritual realm.

If you think you could use the spiritual guidance of a psychic, check out our guide of signs that show you when to seek a spiritual advisor.

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