15 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Development

psychic development

Being psychic doesn’t come naturally. It’s a skill that takes years of practice and dedication to build. The more you invest in your psychic development, the better of a psychic you become.

But, you need to find the right outlets and activities to encourage such a talent! Be patient with yourself as you try different things and discover what works best for your abilities.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. The following is a list of fifteen ways to improve your psychic powers.

1. Accept the Power You’ve Been Given

You’re never going to learn how to develop your medium abilities if you aren’t at peace with them. Maybe you’ve always thought psychic powers and hypnosis talents were a bunch of gibberish, maybe you never thought you had them within you.

Either way, something has told you otherwise. Listen to that voice and dive into this beautiful, exciting world.

2. Learn to Meditate

The voice that guides you to your psychic powers is good, but the one that keeps the mind occupied is bad. You have to learn how to calm your thoughts, which is best done through meditation.

Start with 5, then 10, the do 15 minutes of meditation every day. Before you know it, you’ll be waking up to meditate for an hour or two without pause!

3. Identify Your Spirit Guides

Meditation opens your third eye. Your spirit guides help you use it. You have to identify who they are first, though.

Your spirit guide could be any living thing you have a deep relationship with. A guide may be a grandparent who passed away or your childhood pet or even a teacher you had growing up. Their bodies may have died, but the energy of their souls lives on and influences our lives.

4. Connect with Your Guides

Once you’ve identified your guides, make contact with them. Invite them into your life and be attentive to their behaviors. They are doing what they do to help you become more in tune with who you are and all you can be.

5. Read Books on How to Become Psychic

For a more tangible resource on how to be psychic, find books and read articles from the greats who have gone before you. The best psychics don’t necessarily give their secrets away directly.

Instead, they provide hints and habits for you to use in your own way. This allows you to discover the path to your powers rather than defining psychic development based on someone else’s experience.

6. Contact Psychics

Although you have to take on psychic development for yourself, it helps to have a community to do this alongside by. See if there are any other psychics in your area you can connect with.

Whether they are more advanced or not as skilled as you are, their presence will help you become a better psychic.

7. Find a Mentor

There’s value in having a psychic community, but there is also value in knowing you have one special person to help you with your psychic development. In other words, a mentor.

Don’t stress yourself out over finding this person. The connection between a psychic mentor and apprentice should be natural and mutual. You will both know when you’ve found each other.

8. Develop a “Quiet” State of Being

One of the things your mentor will help you tap into is your quiet state of being. To live quietly is to not disrupt. It’s to learn to observe human nature and societal norms and habits, always looking for the influence of the cosmic world.

The quieter your thoughts and actions become, the more aware of these things you can be.

9. Practice Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance takes your awareness to another level. This is the ability to see beyond the present time, into the future. It’s your stepping stone to advanced psychic development.

Practice it with visualizing small, tangible items first. Then, work with your psychic and on your own to build this ability more and more.

10. Encourage Your Clairaudience

Most beginner psychics have heard of clairvoyance before, but it is only through their discovery of how to be a psychic that they learn about clairaudience.

This is known as psychic hearing. Tuning into your clairaudience allows you to understand the world around you by making sense of noises.

It’s not like how average people hear a cop siren and know to pull over. It’s more of listening to the sounds of the wind, the tides, animals, and other background noises to understand something bigger.

11. Look for Auras

There are noises with bigger meanings, then there are people with bigger presences. Everyone you encounter has an aura. This is an energy that seems to float around their person, making them seem a bit bigger than they actually are.

If you’ve ever heard someone say another person is “glowing” or “vibrant”, they were talking about an aura – maybe without even realizing!

12. Journal Your Thoughts

Throughout all your psychic exercises, keep a journal. This will be your point of reference throughout all your training and further experiences as a psychic.

Things you write down now may be important reminders or lessons later. Or, they could be useful tools if you ever become a mentor to another beginner psychic in the future.

13. Maintain High Vibes

Whatever you decide to do with your powers, you have to maintain the skills all your training provides. This goes beyond the activities on this list. You have to take care of yourself.

Be mindful of what you eat and the people you surround yourself with. Learn to create a life as deeply focused on goodness and wellness as possible. It is then that your abilities will flow naturally.

14. Practice, Practice, Practice

Until you get to the state of living (and skill) mentioned above, you have to practice. Practice over and over, as much as you can.

Practice on people you know and on complete strangers. Each time, be mindful of the interaction and what you see when you look beyond.

15. Believe and Work Hard

To truly see the future clearly and use your abilities to their potential, you have to believe. Believe in yourself and in the power of the energy that surrounds you.

There will be times your training is harder than expected or your vision beyond is blurry. But, your abilities are there, lying underneath all the noise or distractions. Clear your mind and focus your thoughts, and what you’re training for will be much more attainable.

Making Use of Your Psychic Development

Wondering what you can do once you’ve become a psychic? It’s up to you whether you want to keep your abilities to yourself or share them with others.

Sharing may mean being a mentor to others on their journey of psychic development or a point of guidance for clients who are in need of a psychic. To help you find people you can work with and support, click here.

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