Haunted House?: Signs There is Paranormal Activity in Your Home

haunted house

Worried about strange things happening in your home? Do you feel like someone or something watches you in the dark, as you sleep?

Don’t feel silly. Studies show at least 45% of people believe in ghosts. Even folks who don’t often believe in other paranormal oddities or creatures that could haunt your home.

First off, if you feel like you’re living in a haunted house then you might want to check your cat’s behavior. It’s believed that cats have latent psychic abilities.

But there are a lot of definite signs for haunted houses.

Are you ready to learn the paranormal activities you need to watch out for? Read on and find out more:

1. Mysterious Sights and Sounds

What most people think is that the presence of ghosts brings harm. The truth of the matter is that a vast majority of hauntings aren’t evil. It’s often misunderstood, and some spirits might make these noises to communicate.

Often, strange scratching on the walls or seeing full-on apparitions can solidify a house’s haunted status. But it’s important to know whether it’s the real deal. After all, you might be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, inducing the hallucinations.

Remember, almost 400 people die from carbon monoxide toxicity each year. Before you say it’s ghosts, check your house for leaks first. That will help save your life from the tangible dangers of gas poisoning.

2. Ectoplasm

This substance still fascinates even the veteran paranormal experts. Historical accounts say that it’s usually present during seances through spiritual mediums. Real haunted houses experience this phenomenon on a regular basis.

A lot of experts report a strong, viscous fluid showing up dripping out of nowhere. It has this off-white color like raw egg fluid. Ectoplasm isn’t always present, but once it’s there, the house has a haunting for certain.

3. Inexplicable Movements

A stationary object will stay in place unless you’re in a drafty old house with strong winds. So, if you start seeing objects flying about your house, it means someone or something is within it besides you. It’s a common horror trope, but real life can become more sinister when it comes to real hauntings.

Mild cases will make you see books getting thrown around by unseen forces. The worst hauntings out there can get grown people thrown about like ragdolls. If this happens, your house has a haunting.

4. You Feel Watched

This isn’t a factor that you can put into statistics or a quantifiable experience. But a lot of people experiencing real hauntings often have this feeling. Most experts believe it’s due to our innate sixth sense.

If you live in a house with negative energies, you might experience cold chills even when it’s supposed to be warm. Sometimes, you might hear whispers or wake up at night because of the same feeling. It’s one of the most common contributing factors in determining whether your house has a haunting.

5. Personality Changes for Housemates

Possession makes people think of demons and other malign beings. But the truth is that a lot of types of ghosts can possess you too. If you feel that your housemates’ actions started changing, a ghost might have some sort of influence on them.

Check on whether their behavior changed in a sudden fashion. If so, it’s best to contact an expert to expel the spirits’ influence over your loved ones.

6. The House’s History

If you have suspicions on whether you’re experiencing a haunting, check the house’s history. If you’re having inexplicable experiences in certain rooms of your house, do your research. It might give an invaluable clue on how to deal with whatever’s haunting your home.

But always remember that there are some battles you can’t win. If the house was a former sacred ground desecrated by corporate greed, you might need some purification. The worst case is for you to move out and find a better place.

7. Disorientation

Hauntings can affect your physical and mental state in a lot of horrible ways. Often, haunted homeowners will get weak or start feeling angry without any reason. It’s especially the case if the spirits within the area are strong.

Most people in these haunted areas find themselves confused. If you’re in a haunted location, you start hearing or seeing things like drumming sounds. It can also make you have emotional breakdowns.

8. Unexpected Temperature Drops

Pay attention to your home temperature if you feel like you’re haunted. Movies often portray people in freezing temperatures when ghosts approach them. It’s hyperbolic since temperatures won’t drop at extreme levels within a short period of time.

But if you’re experiencing unpredictable temperature shifts, there’s a big chance of a ghost in your midst. The main reason is the fact that ghosts need the energy to manifest. When they’re there, they suck heat energy from their environment.

9. Strange Glitches in Technology

Ghosts can influence technology in a lot of different ways. In some cases, you might end up with flickering lights or televisions turning on without human intervention. These are classic indicators of a real ghostly presence.

10. Unusual Pet Behavior

Is your pet attracted to a certain region within your home? If they’re giving reactions to things you don’t see, it’s possible they’re seeing otherworldly beings. After all, these animals often pick up stimuli that you can’t detect.

Dogs have sharper senses that detect imminent natural disasters like tornadoes and tsunamis. It isn’t surprising that they can detect the presence of a supernatural being. The best way to test it for certain is to let your friends bring their pets and see if they react to something.

Learn About Haunted House Phenomena Today!

Some of these signs might have a valid scientific explanation. But if you’re suspecting paranormal activities, it’s best to watch out for these signs. Once proven, it isn’t that hard to get an expert, so you can weigh your options.

If your haunted house needs purification, it’s easier to arrange with the presence of live psychics. You can search our psychic directory to get the most suitable psychic for the task. Don’t delay since the haunting can get worse over time.

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