Contacting Spirit Guides

When it comes to spirit guides, guardian spirit, angels, guardian angels and such there are really only 3 kinds of people: Those who have had profound ‘spiritual’ experiences where there has been contact with a spirit; those who feel there is absolutely no such thing as angels and spirits; and those who just do not know. When you examine the issue is all seems to boil down to either you have had an experience where spirit guides or angels have proven themselves real, or they have not. Given this, there really is no arguing about the reality, or spiritual reality if you prefer, of spirit guides and other spiritual beings. The cosmic joke maybe that these spiritual being choose who and when to reveal themselves and all the intellectual arguments and scientific trickery in the world will not change that. The question maybe, when spirit guides or angels work on our behalf, will we know it? The answer could be that we will only ‘know’ our spirit guides when we are open to their being real.

If you are a hardened skeptic, there is no argument or test in the world that will convince you of the reality of spiritual beings who currently silently watch over us and who can, if we allow it, work on our behalf when needed. For many clairvoyants, clairaudients and other psychic mediums born sensitive to the spirit world and/or the after life there is no choice but to believe in spirits. Psychic Gloria Can Help You Contact Your Spirit Guide Seeing, hearing, feeling spirits is and has been a part of their lives since they can remember. For many, it takes an event, call it paranormal if you must, where we directly experience a ghost, a spirit guide or the influence of what could only be explained as a guardian angel or guardian spirit that convinces us that such things can be real. For others, it is something that becomes a spiritual quest or a curiosity.

If the statement, "seeing is believing" is true, then so is the reverse: "believing is seeing". For the vast majority of people, there must be some willingness to see and experience a spirit guide before there can be such an experience. There is more than enough scientific evidence that belief often proceeds our ability to ‘see’ or experience something. ‘Believing’ in things can get us fooled, sure. That is true with almost everything in life. The point here is that absolute non-belief will liking block any chance to discover or experience one’s spirit guide. One could say that, "non-believing is not seeing". So your first lesson is simple: Do you sincerely believe that spirit guides, angels and guardian spirits exist? Simple as that sounds, it is difficult to achieve. Especially if one has never had any such type of encounter.

A report of an unwanted intrusion by a spirit guide is nearly impossible to find. Ghostly paranormal events, sure. Hauntings? Yup, that happens. But a guardian spirit imposing him or herself on a person’s life? It just doesn’t seem to happen. Most reported experts in spirits and spirit guides often say that the invitation is key to meeting one’s spirit guide or guardian spirit. This becomes your second lesson. Do you sincerely want to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel? Are you willing to make contact in some form? Again, simple as that sounds, it is an important factor that can be tough for some people to answer honestly.

In what manner do you wish your spirit guide or guardian spirit to contact you? Asking your spirit guide to appear before you and tap dance to prove he/she is real is not only unreasonable, it is rude. What seems to confuse many people is that we are dealing with spirituality, not science or entertainment. For potent clairvoyants, clairaudients and such, the visions and auditory messages are very real. Lacking that deep belief or gift, spirit contact for most of us is often more subtle. Spirits may use signs or omens to reach us. And, there is no telling what signs or omens a spirit guide may choose to reach you, which is why you need to be open minded and have a willingness to receive such signs. What you need to be ready to feel is that "Ah, ha!" experience. That deep knowing that what you are seeing, hearing or experiencing is a sign, a message, a moment orchestrated by powers beyond the ordinary. The manner you wish a spirit guide to contact you is important. Frankly, if a spirit guide did just ‘show up’ like Casper the friendly ghost, the majority of people would just be freaked-out … which is why spirit guides often move very carefully, very gently in working with the living. Scaring you would be the worse possible scenario.

A few simple and popular method for meeting one’s spirit guide is to suggest meeting them in your dreams. To me, one of the easiest and most welcome ways to work with a spirit guides is within dreams. A great way for ‘beginners’ to work with spirit guides is simply asking for guidance before falling asleep. This can produce some of the most potent and enlightening dreams. The urgency for guidance or the sincerity for answers will many times be directly related to how vivid and detailed a dream may be. As a matter of fact, it was the scientist and spiritualist Emanual Swedenborg who first discovered spirit contact when he focused on the transitional state between being awake and being asleep.

Some knowledgeable folks in the field of spirit contact working with meditation and trance states. That is great, but you may find this requires some practice. Going this direction I would offer this advice: Look for the nearly electric feeling when you ‘connect’ with someone within the meditative or trace state. It will be unmistakable. Like someone unknown walking through the front door of your home. Did you know Buddhist monks have for centuries reported spirit contact when in deep meditation? They consider it uncommon, but very real.

There are other, more esoteric methods of meeting spirit guides. For example, the noted psychic Ruth Montgomery learned to reach her spirit guides through automatic writing. Some have had success with ouija boards (although both those methods can also be use for general spirit contact). Many experts recommend the use of the psychic pendulum which is a form of dowsing. All this methods require some instruction and all can be rather intense. Do some research on each method and be sure this is an area you want to explore before trying them. Using the pendulum is usually the safest, easiest and can be very effective for ‘beginners’.

Lastly, a word to the wise: Exploring spirit contact can be a wonderful thing, but many experts caution that not everything in the spirit world has your best interests at heart. If you are wise, a pray for protection is something you will always do before seeking spirit contact of any sort. Again, we are dealing with spiritual matters here so a pure heart with nothing but good intentions would be in order. Also, there is a difference between imagined spirit contact and actual spirit contact … just so you know.

If contacting your spirit guide is something that is important to you, then I hope this humble article helps. Nothing ill can come from an honest desire to work with one’s true, blessed guardian spirit or guardian angel. I wish you nothing but goodness in this effort.

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