Emanuel Swedenborg: Clairvoyant Scientist

So often the mystical and scientific seem at odds, like oil and water, it is as if the two cannot mix. Largely, the scientific community has no need for, and can be openly hostile towards, mystical thinkers. When it comes to something like psychics and the gift of clairvoyance or the spirit world, you will not only find the general scientific community hostile, but down right degrading towards such claims of ‘clairvoyance’ or ‘spirits’. This negative attitude of science towards the spiritual often leaves those who embrace the spiritual, mystical and metaphysical feeling just as hostile towards science and it’s ultra-rational minions.

Perhaps both groups could learn a thing or two from Emanuel Swedenborg 1688 – 1772, the clairvoyant scientist, who was proud of both his gifts: That of a brilliant scientist and a that of a clairvoyant who spoke with spirits. It is likely you have never heard of Emanuel Swedenborg. This is understandable. Neither the mystical and psychic community nor the scientific community know what to make of him. It is as neither community could fully embrace him because he literally had a foot in both worlds. It can be easy to brush off scientists and ’empirical thinkers’ as a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls who are closed minded. It is equally as easy for scientific thinkers to dismiss those kooks who look into crystal balls and talk non-sense about metaphysical possibilities and spiritual growth or God. So how could poor Emanuel ever fit in with either group? Fortunately, from all accounts, Emanuel Swedenborg himself could have cared less about the petty turf war raging around him about what was ‘real’ or even ‘sane’. He went ahead and embraced the world he lived in which was both spiritual and physical and used the tools of both science and spirituality to explore both.
Emanuel Swedenborg: Clairvoyant Scientist
Scientist place a great deal of emphasis on intelligence. In the world of science, being smart (or at least appearing smart) brings high status. The same can be said of being educated. The more educated, the more degrees and PH.Ds and so forth a scientist possesses, the higher the status. Status can also be earned by the discoveries and creations of a scientist. So how should we rate Emanuel Swedenborg? Bucket you seat belt … this will be fast review of his scientific skills and accomplishments:

Emanuel Swedenborg publish scientific papers in just about every scientific field: Algebra and calculus; geology; medicine; astronomy, economics; and technology and engineering. He wrote about muds and soil, blast furnaces, magnetism and hydrostatics. Emanuel Swedenborg founded the science of crystallography. He was the first to propose the nebular hypothesis (which is now the most widely accepted model to explain the formation and evolution of the solar system). In medical science he was the first to discover the function of ductless glands and he provided pioneering work on understanding the human brain. And, since he wasn’t too busy with anything special, he built his own telescope and microscope and mastered nine languages … as well as helping the King of Sweden with engineering a way to transport battleships 15 miles overland. Now, this is just a quick look at Emanuel’s scientific status. I will not even mention how his influenced on the great philosophers and artists such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Carl Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Willian Blake, Immanuel Kant, D.T. Suzuki and (believe it or not) Johnny Appleseed. Did I mention Emanuel also began studying psychology? Before Emanuel Swedenborg was 60 years old, he had appeared to have mastered all the natural sciences of his time. Then, he discovered his clairvoyant gifts. This discovery, late in life, was not doubt due to his being busy with other things.

It was while studying psychology and trace states that Swedenborg became aware of his own clairvoyance. Working with yoga-like breathing techniques and focusing on his own dreams and pre-dreaming state, Swedenborg began to refine his clairvoyant skills until, according to historians, it was not uncommon for him to routinely converse with spirits and angels (even when at work). The philosopher Immanuel Kant once took it upon himself to discredit Swedenborg’s mystical talents but was unable to explain how Swedenborg was able to know about and describe a fire raging in Stockholm when Swedenborg was 300 miles away in Gottenburg (while Swedenborg was with 15 other guests at dinner. Swedenborg even commented, with relief, that the fire had stopped short of his own house in Stockholm, which proved to be true). Swedenborg also passed a message on to the Queen of Sweden from her dead brother, which the Queen swore no one could have known except her brother. However, Swedenborg was never interested in promoting his ‘psychic’ talents. What he felt was his calling was to write about and illuminate the spiritual.

Over the last half of his life, Swedenborg wrote extensively on spirituality. Much of the material would be the result of his discussions about spirituality with spirit guides and angels. He learn ancient Hebrew and Greek in order to read biblical text in it’s original language. Two of his influential works were ‘Secrets of Heaven’ and ‘The True Christian Religion’. Needless to say, Swedenborg was, and remains a controversial figure. Some tried to brand him as mentally ill, others as a heretic. What is undeniable was his influence in both the scientific community and the spiritual community. His written works, both scientific and spiritual were logical, insightful and, for many, inspiring.

Near the end of his life, Swedenborg wrote a letter to John Westley (one of the founders of the Methodist Church) telling Westley that the spirits had told him that Westley wanted a personal meeting with Swedenborg. Westley wrote back that he was surprised by Swedenborg’s letter as Westley was interested in meeting with Swedenborg. Westley wrote back that he would travel to see Swedenborg in six months. Swedenborg wrote back that he would be unable to meet with Westley at that time because Swedenborg would ‘enter the spirit world on March 29th’. And, on that exact date, Swedenborg died at the age of 84.

On his death bed, a close friend said Swedenborg would be thought of as a man who wrote about spirituality just to make a name for himself. To which Swedenborg responded, “As truly as you see me before your eyes, so true is everything that I have written; and I could have said more had it been permitted. When you enter eternity you will see everything, and then you and I shall have much to talk about”. After Swedenborg’s death his works were collected by fans and followers to be preserved. Though Swedenborg never intended to start a church or religious movement, his admirers continued to meet and discuss his works in ‘reading groups’ long after Swedenborg departed.

Swedenborg was both a brilliant scientist AND clairvoyant who embraced the spiritual journey. In years since Swedenborg’s passing, the split between those who embrace the metaphysical and those who think only science defines reality has grown. I chose Swedenborg as both and example and proof that this divide between natural and supernatural is largely artificial. My personal observation is that the divide between science and metaphysical is driven by fanatics in both communities. Both communities have members too driven to be ‘right’. You and I, we have a choice, just as Swedenborg did. We can choose the best of both world since both belong to our world. Or, we can choose one with no hostility towards the other.

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