Can You Be a Christian Psychic? What the Bible Says

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Imagine living in a time where drinking water at the wrong time of day could be the difference between living and dying. That’s the kind of thing that happened before the nature of pathogens and germs was known. Now imagine you had a vision of sanitation, pipes, running water, and filter mechanisms.

How would you explain it to someone? How would you even explain it to yourself? Toss in some rules about who shouldn’t be seeing visions and you get a sense of what it is to be a Chrisitan psychic.

The Bible, especially the Old Testament offered more than a few verses forbidding communing with spirits. In the modern world, and as a modern believer, it can be hard to rectify some of the things we have learned with what we used to know.

Fortunately, there are answers to be had for those that seek honestly. Keeping reading to learn what you need to know about a Christian psychic and whether you could become one.

Christian Psychic Hero or Heresy?

Nobody is a problem just for existing. You live in this world as the person you were meant to be. It is about how you use your gifts, not what gifts you possess.

From a certain perspective, all of the psychics have been Christian psychics. The power has to come from somewhere and, ultimately, that leads to a deity.

The breakdown, as far as the Bible is concerned, is about how those powers are used. When they are used properly, they become a part of the text and move the story of grace and forgiveness forward. When used wrong, they tend to cause issues that require correction.


What is undeniable is that the Bible, and many other ancient texts, affirm the existence of the spiritual world and your ability to tap into it to influence the natural world. Why else would it take the time to mention these issues specifically?

Particularly telling on this topic is the exchange had between Saul and Samuel in 1 Samuel 28. Saul, running from David’s armies, consults with the medium from En-Dor. She brings up Samuel who chides Saul.

Not only is the ability to speak to the spirit world right there, Samuel further confirms in verse 17 that he predicted everything befalling Saul. It is a rare twofer of confirmation of the powers at work.

Saul tells the woman she will not be harmed for her actions, despite it being cultural custom to kill witches. Samuel hears this and does not refute it. In this instance, the woman was doing God’s work much the same way Samuel had done.


Further verses in Leviticus talk about the wrong kind of medium and the wrong kind of spirits.  A person that 20:6 “turns to mediums and to spiritists, to play the harlot after them, I will also set My face against that person.”

Seeking out a spirit, luring them in with promises of some kind or for play is indicated as wrong.

The various spirits that people, even Jesus, speak to throughout the Bible are spirits that were sent. To talk to a power that comes to you is always looked at favorably.  It is the coaxing that at issue.

Leviticus again gives two other stipulations on talking to spirits. It cautions that one shouldn’t seek them out and that you should not practice at divination and soothsaying.

Practice is an interesting word, it doesn’t indicate a forbidden action but an action that should not be rehearsed. These cautions are more about not harming the spirits or forcing them to do parlor tricks.


The notion of practice, and forcing a meaning or interpretation over being open to what comes is reinforced in Isaiah.

In Isaiah 47, a dire warning is given to Babylon about their rulership. This popular verse is often used against psychic powers. Verse 13: You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, Those who prophesy by the stars, Those who predict by the new moons, Stand up and save you from what will come upon you.”

This isn’t about not using these abilities, again, it verifies their efficacy. The context of the chapter is that the rulers are not listening to the first answer and instead, going back to the well, again and again, looking for what they want to hear.

It was well known in those times that the stars could be used to chart the influence of many things. But wanting the stars to tell you something different is like trying to move them by will, it just isn’t happening.

Prophecy came to receptive people that were willing to deliver the message without messaging it for the whim of a ruler.

Even today there is a split in Christianity between figures like the leader of the LDS Church or the Pope that continue to spread prophecy with those that refuse to listen to new information.

In Who’s Name?

Many passages in the Bible report prophecy being delivered by messenger spirits. One of the reasons that mediums and the practice of divination were frowned upon was the unverifiability of the spirits themselves.

There were, and still are, many lying spirits out there. Knowing who you are contacting is key to knowing if the information is trustworthy.

Those that are sent with a message arrive unheeded. Those that are sought, those that are offered things to show up, have a vested interest to give you what you want.

Hence, the practice of calling spirits is as much about avoiding calling a greedy, lying spirit.

When you are in a receptive state to hear, the voices of truth can find you. When you are forcing the issue, you invite any voice without scruples to get itself a carrot.

Awaken Your Future

Like any other social progress, the Bible is used too often as a hammer and not as a guide. When read with an open heart and mind, it will take you to the answers before you. In this way, being a Christian psychic is like being any other psychic. It’s all about the shape and voice you give to the powers.

Whether you seek those answers through meditation, divination, tarot readings, or star charts is unimportant. The pathways change, but the truth remains, waiting for you to reach it.

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