Pagan Holidays: All of the Sabbats Explained

Did you know that paganism is the fastest-growing religion in the world? It’s also one of the oldest groups of religions in the world with a deep history that’s obscured by modern reinterpretations of tradition.  Modern religion built itself on the foundation of paganism. Pagan holidays were coopted into Christian ones, pagan rituals were secularized,… [Read More]

How to Prepare For Your First Psychic Reading

Walking in to get a psychic reading for the first time can be a little daunting. You might not know what to expect, how to act when you arrive, or really anything about psychic readings.  It’s tough to get an accurate idea of psychic readings because esoteric and new age practices often get a bad… [Read More]

What Is Reiki? A Guide to the Powerful Japanese Healing Technique

Are you an adult who’s trying to get more in touch with your spirituality? Have western allopathic healing practices just not worked out for you? Are you looking to find more behind the curtain of everyday life? We can’t blame you. As we rocket into the 21st century, more and more people just aren’t satisfied with… [Read More]

Pagan vs. Wicca: What’s the Difference?

Religion and spirituality have a deep history that goes far beyond the mainstream. This is especially true of Wicca and Paganism. Both of these are age-old traditions that are often used interchangeably. Though the two have similarities, Wicca and Paganism are separate religions. The two are interconnected and woven together. But there are also key differences…. [Read More]

10 Scary Supernatural Monsters From Lore, Urban Legends, and Myths

Have you seen a ghost? If so, you’re not alone: 18% of Americans say they’ve seen one. Some supernatural phenomena are peaceful. But, hauntings and supernatural monster sightings can also disturb people. These events may be signs of spiritual shifts, or they may reflect signals put out by our psyches. Supernatural stories make sense of tragedy,… [Read More]

What Can Tarot Cards Tell You About Love and Relationships?

So you’ve set yourself up for the life of your dreams. You might have a good job, office, apartment, and prospects. But as we all know, love doesn’t follow the same logic as the rest of these things. Science can’t explain everything, and while it can provide the cause of some emotions and feelings, it can’t explain… [Read More]

6 Signs That You’re Ready for a Tarot Reading Today

While there are several theories relating to the precise origins and history of tarot, most sources suggest that people have been seeking guidance from tarot cards since the 14th century.  Like then, getting a tarot reading today offers you the chance to gain clarity and answer questions both big and small. It’s an eye-opening practice that illuminates your path with… [Read More]

7 Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading

The uncertainty of the future weighs heavy on many people’s minds. You probably have questions like when you’re going to meet your soul mate or if you’re going to get your dream job. All fair questions that may take some anxiety off your mind. For the gifted few, having a vision of the future is an… [Read More]