6 Signs That You’re Ready for a Tarot Reading Today

tarot reading today

While there are several theories relating to the precise origins and history of tarot, most sources suggest that people have been seeking guidance from tarot cards since the 14th century. 

Like then, getting a tarot reading today offers you the chance to gain clarity and answer questions both big and small. It’s an eye-opening practice that illuminates your path with insight and intuition, connecting you to both your past and future in an exciting exercise of self-help and self-love. 

But such a powerful tool is best reserved for when you’re truly ready to reap the rewards of such invaluable future guidance. 

So how do you know when it’s time for a tarot card reading? Keep reading to learn the signs!

1. You’ve Done Your Research

While it’s not a prerequisite to know the ins and outs of tarot cards before you get a reading, it’s often helpful to have some idea of how the process works.

What’s more, spending time getting familiar with the different major arcana and minor arcana cards also highlights your genuine interest in the topic. And with that, you’ll be in a better position to understand your reading as you delve deeper into the world of tarot. 

2. You Have an Open Mind

Seeking to understand tarot readings shows that you’re interested in the topic. But you need to back that up with an open mind if you want to make the most of your tarot experience. 

We understand that it’s easy for many people to be skeptical about self-help practices that don’t have the same kind of scientific backing as other self-help techniques, such as deep breathing or eating a nutritious diet. But even if you have your doubts, being able to put your skepticism aside and embrace the experience shows that you’re ready to see whether tarot resonates with you. 

3. Your Emotions Are in Check 

It’s common for people to seek the help of a tarot card reader when they want to answer questions about a traumatic life event such as a breakup, death, or a huge fight with a loved one. But getting a tarot reading when your emotions are still raw and all-consuming can make it difficult to separate yourself from the situation and see the bigger picture. 

Tarot cards can offer support and future guidance when you’re going through the deep kind of despair that these kinds of upsets bring. But rushing into a tarot reading when you’re still at your lowest point may not be the best course of action right now. 

Instead, you should give it time and wait for your emotions to subside a little before you reach for your tarot cards or decide to connect with a tarot card reader. With your emotions in check, you’ll be more receptive and are sure to find the session far more productive and inspiring. 

4. You Have a Set of Questions 

Tarot card readings often work best when you come prepared with a set of questions. But, the session will be a lot more revealing if you centralize your thoughts and think long and hard about what you want to ask. This will help you come up with questions you want answering rather than a list of general curiosities about your future. 

Throwing out a million questions about all kinds of different topics from love to finances to health will only lead to a confusing and potentially unsatisfying tarot card reading. 

That’s not to say that you won’t find out about other topics, of course. Or that the tarot card reader won’t provide the answer to questions you hadn’t even considered. But, your prepared questions can help guide the direction of the reading and add structure. 

5. You’re Ready to Hear Unexpected Answers

If your mind is made up or you already have the answer you’re looking for then it might not be the right time for a tarot card reading. Such certainty and closed-mindedness mean that you won’t be open enough to hear the alternatives that a tarot reading could provide. 

Tarot often helps us confirm what we already know. But if there’s no doubt, there’s no room for interpretation or discussion. Sometimes, a tarot card reading can bring up answers that we don’t want to hear, no matter how necessary they are. You need to be ready to hear these unexpected answers, which means being open to new ideas and concepts beyond what you already think you know. 

6. You’re Prepared to Be Forthcoming 

The more information you share with your tarot card reader, the more they’ll share with you. If you’re comfortable discussing your personal life with a tarot card reader, this is a good start. But holding back due to distrust or being purposefully mysterious as a way to “test” the reader won’t make for a good reading. 

You need to be prepared to get right to the nitty-gritty as fast as possible. Vague references to relationship confusion won’t get you the same kind of helpful, enlightening reading that you’d get by coming out and saying right up front that your partner cheated. Approach the reading as a way of getting exactly what you’re feeling off your chest. This kind of clear communication from the start arms the tarot card reader with the right tools to provide you with the kind of guidance you’re looking for. 

Get Your Tarot Reading Today

Were you nodding your head in agreement at the signs listed above? If so, what are you waiting for?!

When it’s this unanimous, there’s no doubt that getting a tarot reading today could be the best decision you ever made!

For more information or a live tarot reading, our handy directory can connect you with a professional tarot card reader in seconds. 

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