What Can Tarot Cards Tell You About Love and Relationships?

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So you’ve set yourself up for the life of your dreams. You might have a good job, office, apartment, and prospects. But as we all know, love doesn’t follow the same logic as the rest of these things. Science can’t explain everything, and while it can provide the cause of some emotions and feelings, it can’t explain the vicissitudes of love. Because of this many people have turned to more esoteric, spiritual forms of knowledge, like Tarot cards. 

It might seem unlikely, but getting a Tarot card reading could be this solution to learning about your future love and happiness. If you’re interested in psychic reading, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through all you need to know about love Tarot cards. 

The Relationship Between Love and Tarot Cards

Tarot cards, just like humans, shift meanings depending on their relationship to other cards. With 78 cards in a traditional Tarot deck and many different directions in which to play them, the possibilities are endless for connection and collaboration. 

The cards unveil stories the same way that new people can reveal new chapters of our life. They’re a tool by which psychics can refine and structure their thinking, and weave this story of the future out of the ether. 

Have you ever heard of the old dictum “structure will set you free?” Sometimes, it works like that. Once the psychics have the guidance of the Tarot cards, they’re better able to find the form that your future holds. 

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Different psychics have different Tarot spread specifically designed for love. Tarot spreads ever to the way that the cards are assembled, read, and designed. An advanced psychic will know many different spreads for many different situations. 

A good Tarot reader, like our Tarot reader Stasch, uses a lifelong history of spiritual practice to help answer your questions. Tarot for love can let you know where you and your lover should go in the future, if your relationship is going nowhere, or even if your lover is committing infidelity. 

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You might want to choose a particular Tarot reader because you enjoy the spread they choose to use. You might also like their personal interpretation of the cards. Tarot is much more about leaving your fate to the cards, it’s about opening up your life to a new level of art, beauty, and interpretation. 

Sample Spreads 

If you have a tough time visualizing the way that spreads for relationships can work, we’ll provide you with a few examples. 

Let’s take a simple three-card spread. All the three-card spread means you’re drawing three cards. However, the magic lies in the way your psychic interprets it. 

Say your psychic attributes the qualities “problem”, “cause”, and “resolution”. That means that whichever three cards are drawn and fit in that location will reveal to you those specific attributes. You might find out something about the cause of your problems that you had never considered before. 

Something slightly more advanced, like a five-card spread, might get into the destinies of each individual. There might be one card related to each individual, one card dedicated to the relationship, and one card to the challenges the individuals are facing. Your psychic will be able to read these messages like a code and let you know many things about your situation that you don’t even know yourself. 

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An ever more complicated spread is the seven-card compatibility spread. This is a spread that a reader might use if you want to know if you and someone you admire will be compatible.  

While you might not know much about this person’s backstory, your psychic can get in touch with their spiritual world. The seven cards will describe each of your wants, your similarities and differences, and your emotional, physical, and mental compatibility. 

Sample Tarot Cards

So which Tarot cards exactly might tell you something about your love life? As stated earlier, that’s largely a function of the order that they’re told in. However, there are some Tarot cards that are more cut and dry.

The Lovers

There is a Tarot card called “The Lovers”. While it’s rare that it’s drawn, its message of love, unity, and happiness usually provides reassurance to people in a relationship. However, be warned; if this card comes up in your “conflict” section, it could mean things aren’t working out. 

The Tower

The Tower is a violent card featuring shocking, scary images of a crumpling tour. The Tower represents new beginnings, the breaking of old forms, and the building of new bridges. It can be scary to think about your relationship like this, but depending on where it comes up in your reading, it could mean you and your partner need to work together to change. 

Two of Cups

Much like The Lovers, the Two of Cups is about two people working together. Nothing complicated here, just know that if you pull the Two of Cups, you’re in luck. 

The Six of Swords

The Six of Swords can be a tough card to face. In most decks, it features solemn, forlorn-looking figures rowing away from the viewer through a stream. It could mean that it’s time to bring this relationship to an end. 

Tarot Cards Can Help You in Love 

Love’s not easy to explain, so stop trying to explain it logically. You can spend your whole life looking for answers in the natural world, and unfortunately, you’re not going to find them. Instead, turn to spiritual guidance and the Tarot to learn more about your spiritual world.

Once you make use of Tarot cards, you’re far more likely to understand the romances in your life. 

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