7 Healing Crystals You Need to Own

Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are spiritual gifts that guide us through life’s ups and downs. They strengthen and heal us.

They also safeguard our lives. These crystals can mend emotional wounds, boost mental acuity, relieve stress, and more.

The earth provides us with an array of healing crystals to replenish some of the physical or emotional deficits we may face.

But, to start, there are seven types of crystals that must be included in your advances toward greater overall health. Let’s take a look.

Amethyst: All Purpose

Amethyst healing crystals have a special power. They’re considered to be an all-purpose crystal, given their numerous qualities.

Amethyst comes in many shades of purple, from a light violet to a more vibrant hue.

These crystals relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, and mood swings. They also promote mental clarity and aid in spiritual development.

As they heal emotional and spiritual states, amethyst also boosts your immune system.

Similar to clear quartz, amethyst never ceases to amaze. It has the ability to boost the effectiveness of other crystals around it.

When placed near other healing crystals, amethyst will enhance their powers.

Blue Calcite: Brain Power

Blue calcite healing crystals are a soft shade of blue, reminiscent of a sky speckled with perfectly plump clouds.

If you have an important exam coming up, or you’re wanting to learn a new skill, place blue calcite near your study space.

These crystals will enhance your memory and brain power.

Not only does blue calcite boost your mental acuity, it also sharpens your sense of intuition. Each of these attributes will amplify your ability to communicate clearly with others.

Blue calcite crystals bring about a certain sense of stability, stimulating a greater sense of trust in yourself.

Below, we’re going to examine carnelian’s power for motivation. Keep in mind blue calcite can also be an effective ward against tendencies toward laziness.

This makes for a nice pairing of the two.

Carnelian: Motivation

Carnelian healing crystals come in shades of bright red and orange. They serve a powerful purpose that nearly everyone can benefit from.

Do you ever feel like you’re dragging your feet in spite of the many things you hope to accomplish?

If so, make sure you place carnelian in your home or office. They will help you maintain a high level of motivation, feeling inspired and confident.

Carnelian won’t just provide you with an energy boost to achieve success. It will also alleviate any addictions you may be facing.

If you want to attract prosperity, new resources, and good fortune, this fiery red/orange crystal will help you achieve all this and more.

Citrine: Prosperity

Citrine healing crystals are one of the most beautiful crystals, bright as the sun.

They carry the sun’s energies of warmth, joy, abundance, strength, and confidence. Citrine crystals invite streams of prosperity into your life.

This aids in an overall sense of self-confidence, improving many areas of your life.

Citrine is a nice match for carnelian. Pair your bright orange or red carnelian crystal with a perky yellow citrine.

If you place an amethyst healing crystal beside these two, you’ll invite levels of personal success and growth that will completely change your life forever.

Hematite: Protection

Hematite healing crystals’ reflective surface is indicative of its power. These crystals deflect and repel negative energy.

If placed in your home or office, hematite will protect you from the negative vibrations of others, as well as their harmful intentions toward you.

First, you can manifest prosperity with the powers of carnelian and citrine. Then, you can protect that state of being with hematite. It will ward off any intruding bouts of negativity.

Not only does hematite deflect, it also grounds. Hematite encourages a balanced and centered state of being, restoring a sense of equilibrium and stability to your life.

Smoky Quartz: Absorption

Smoky quartz healing crystals absorb negative energies from around you. This includes your own negative thought patterns.

If negativity is a problem you’re facing, select some hematite for protection and some smoky quartz for absorption.

This will ensure your mind stays full of positive, motivational, and successful thoughts.

Rose Quartz: Love

Rose Quartz healing crystals emit vibrations of love, harmony, and peace. They will help you open your heart in order to give and receive love.

Are you suffering from emotional pain inflicted during your childhood? Do you have more recent pangs of sadness from your current life?

Rose quartz has the power to heal every kind of emotional turmoil.

When placed in your home or office, it will help you maintain a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Since rose quartz aims its healing powers at the heart, this healing crystal can also mend physical ailments of your heart.

Programming Your Crystals

Once you’ve secured each of these crystals, you’ll want to program them. While it may sound like a rather technical term for a spiritual process, it’s quite simple.

Simply hold your crystal in your hands, stand in a ray of pure light, and speak these words aloud:

“I dedicate this crystal to the highest good. I ask that it be used in light and love.”

Are you focusing on a specific crystal to aid one particular area of your life? Perhaps your primary need is with motivation or addiction. Simply focus on that as you program your crystal and await earth’s treasures.

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