Wiccan Rituals and Beliefs: A Guide to Wicca

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Did you know that Wicca is a recognized pagan religion by the U.S. government as an official religion? Even with the observation of Wiccan holidays, in some states?

Wicca is a new reformed pagan religion. Wiccans worship nature and follow nature’s seasonal cycles. It is based on witchcraft and ritual magic performed from ancient times.

In the 1950s Gerald Gardner created the Wiccan religion as we know it today. This was as a result of the stigma put on so-called practicing witchcraft. ‘The Book of Shadows’, which was compiled by him sets out most wiccan rituals and beliefs.

Wiccans do not believe in one God only. As a result, this religion is compared to Hinduism and Buddhism and is placed in the same category.

Let us learn more about Wiccan rituals and beliefs below.

Wiccan Rituals and Beliefs: A Guide to Wicca

Understanding Wicca

Wiccans have respect for all living things. They perform magic spells but do not believe in harming living animals. It is in fact, against their laws to make any blood sacrifices.

Wiccans make offerings such as bread, fruit, wine, and flowers to their chosen Gods.

Wiccan Gods

Wiccans have two deities, being the male Horned God and the female Goddess.

The Horned God

Why you may ask a horned God?  Horns are a sign of male virility and strength.

The Horned God rules over Summerland (the place known as paradise). He is also connected to the sun, animal and plant kingdom, fertility, and in some cases wealth.

Although there is only one Horned God it takes on many personalities. These personalities have an association with the different seasons of nature.

He has many different names. Known as the sun god, sacrificial god, and the twin God, being the Oak King and the Holly King. The twin gods each rule for their respective half of the year. The Holly King for half of the year and Oak King for the other half.

The Goddess

Another name for the Goddess is the Triple goddess.  Being, young woman (virgin), Great Mother, and Wise Old Woman.
These three faceted goddesses symbolize:

  • The young woman represents the waxing of the moon. She represents bewitching nature, beginnings, growth, birth, and youth
  • Great Mother represents the full moon. She is associated with matureness, fertility, sexuality, satisfaction, and stability
  • The Wise Old Woman represents the waning of the moon. She is also known as the Crone. She is associated with rest, wisdom, death, and endings.

The Wiccan religion believes in the manifestation of their gods. This happens through physical appearances, through priests, and also dreams and psychics.

Wiccan Rituals

Wiccan magic uses the five elements being earth, water, wind, fire, and space.  It also manifests itself either through the help of the gods or through your own personal energy.

Wiccans use rituals to perform magic. There are two types of rituals. The simple ritual, which is performed by simple thoughts and chants. Formal rituals involve specific priests, sacred spaces, robes, tools, and spells.

See below some Wiccan rituals performed by the followers of the Wiccan religion:


There are a variety of symbols used in the Wiccan religion. Many of these symbols take on an adaptation from other religions.

Circles are the most common symbols used.  These are to serve as portals between the spiritual and physical worlds. They are also used as a protection tool.

Although Wiccans do not believe in the devil, the most common symbol is the pentagram. The pentagram is a five-point star that is usually enclosed by a circle. It signifies the four natural elements with the 5th point of the star being space or spirit.  A circle surrounds the star this represents eternity.

Shrines and Prayer

Wiccans will often build shrines in personal places meaningful to them. These shrines get decorated with symbols from nature representing the four elements. The addition of statues, candles or incense, or other items with special significance can also happen.

These shrines are sometimes used as altars for prayers, meditation, or ceremonial places. There is no set rule on what a shrine must contain or look like. It is a personal choice.

Priest and Priestess

A Priest and Priestess will preside in formal rituals. They will connect with the spirit of the god and goddess.

Oil circled with incense is applied to members of the coven by the Priest and Priestess. A symbolic cut through the circle on the forehead of the followers is then done. This represents the meeting of the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Priest and Priestess will then chant to the four elements. They will then call the god and goddess to be present. The coven will then join in the chant to ask for the requested healing.

Another way to draw this positive energy is through meditation.


Most Wiccans will follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is because of their belief of not bringing harm to any living animal.

Fasting before a ritual can be common.  Their belief is that depriving themselves of food and offering that food to the gods is a sacrifice.


There is no specific clothing etiquette for Wiccans.  For rituals however they may wear simple robes. Electronic gadgets are shunned in some covens. The belief is that these gadgets interfere with the energies of the rituals.

Jewellery is sometimes worn by Wiccans incorporating the symbol of a pentagram. They believe that this offers them protection and support.


Wiccan marriage ceremonies are often referred to as ‘handfastings‘. The Priest and Priestess preside over these ceremonies.   The Priestess will make a circle and walk around the couple to bless the union. All the while chanting to the elements and gods.

The couple is then placed in before an altar and their hands tied together with a cord.  This cord symbolizes their marriage and their eternal love for each other. After the ceremony, the couple receives the cord to keep.

Encapsulation of the Wiccan Religion

There is no clear-cut division between good and evil in the Wiccan religion. They rather believe in harmonizing and balancing of life.

They believe in the power of three. This is the belief that consequences will triple in actions of good or bad in your own life. ions will manifest three times over.

Wiccans believe in reincarnation as a process of one’s soul being born into new body. They believe that you right the wrongs in every consecutive life you live.

This is why so many people are following the Wiccan rituals and are choosing to convert to this way of life. Head on over to our page for more information.

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