More Pagans Than Presbyterians: Why So Many People Are Converting to the Wicca Religion?

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Paganism is officially the fastest-growing religion in the United States. Paganism is an ancient religion based on nature.

Wiccan is especially becoming popular. Wicca, also known as Pagan Witchcraft, is a subset of Pagan beliefs. Wiccans believe in the Divine and have pantheistic beliefs.

Why is the Wicca religion becoming more popular?

The History of the Wicca Religion

Witchcraft has had a complicated history and many misinterpret the Wiccan religion.

Our perception of witches is one associated with evil — either the hooked-nose old woman riding in a broomstick or the evil sorceress who sold her soul to the devil for eternal youth and beauty.

However, Wiccan witches aren’t evil at all. The myth extends from the persecution of witchcraft in Europe and America. Wiccan witches aren’t in a pact with the devil — Wiccans don’t even believe in the devil.

Wicca is a neo-Pagan religion created in the 1940s and 1950s by Gerald Gardner. The nature worship idea evolved from Paganism.

Some Wiccans worship multiple gods while others believe in the Divine. The Divine is the form of the triple Goddess (Virgin, Mother, and Wise Woman). However, most Wiccans don’t believe the Divine has a gender.

First and foremost, not all Wiccan followers associate themselves as witches. The main difference is who practices magick. If you practice magick, you consider yourself a witch. But magick doesn’t entail conjuring up spells and potions.

Magick is to Wiccans what prayer is to Christians. Magick can consist of calling upon the Goddess and/or gods for protection while many Wiccans also use a “mind over matter” approach.

Wiccans believe personal energy influences outcomes, so they harness their own personal energy using magick.

Wiccans worship nature because they believe our natural world encompasses the physical world and the spiritual other world. Wiccans believe all living beings have a soul, including plants. They see all living beings as connected to one another.

Wiccans and witches are associated as females; however, all genders can be Wiccan.

You can be a solo-practicing Wiccan or be a member of a coven. Covens are a group of witches who perform magick. Witches also meet for the sabbats, which are held eight times a year and mark the change of the seasons.

How Does Wicca Differ From Paganism?

How does the Wicca religion differ from Paganism? Wicca is a specific type of Paganism.

Paganism is an umbrella term, consisting of many religions and beliefs. The different Pagan religions may also believe in different gods and goddesses.

During the rise of Christianity, Pagans were known as those who weren’t ready to give up their original religion and beliefs. In short, Pagans were those who didn’t follow Christianity.

With that being said, not all Pagans are Wiccans. There are many other beliefs under the Pagan umbrella; examples include Dianic, Asatru, and Eclectic Witchcraft.

Why Are More People Turning to Wicca?

There’s one main reason why so many people connect with the Wiccan religion — they wish to harness positive energy. And who doesn’t want to keep the positive vibes flowing?

Wiccan people are peaceful. They care for the earth and for animals. Overall, this religion aims to take energy and use it to have a positive impact on people.

This is a movement more people can relate to. Unlike other religions, Wiccans don’t have a strict set of rules or a specific lifestyle they follow. They simply believe in being happy, living a fulfilled life, and doing good for the community.

Another reason for the rise of Wicca is the equal social structure. Wicca doesn’t favor those based on gender, income level, race, ethnicity, and/or sexuality.

Everyone is welcome to practice Wicca. As long as you do good unto others and yourself, you’re welcome to the Wicca community.

Our current discussions on environmental impact also influence a renewed love of nature. For these people, Wicca helps us connect to nature and understand the importance of saving our planet.

Our modern youth is logical, in terms of scientific understanding. However, this doesn’t diminish our spiritual beliefs. Unlike other religions, Wicca provides an explanation.

There’s no omnipresent being worshipped; rather, Wiccans worship nature, which is very real.

Even though we can’t see energy, we can feel the connection we have with our loved ones, with animals, and with nature.

Wiccans translate this connection as energy and found ways to manipulate energy to bring well-being to ourselves and others.

Where Is Wicca Rising?

While Wicca is becoming popular, the whole world isn’t seeing an increase in the Wicca religion. The growth is mainly occurring in the west; specifically, America and Europe. It’s believed our societal impact has a lot to do with this growth.

Both of these regions are under serious advancements.

Technology is taking over our lives and we face serious environmental repercussions from our years of deforestation and polluting the environment. Wicca serves as an escape from all of these problems.

Wicca also believes everyone is equal, which coincides with modern thinking. Many European countries have already taken strides to improve gender, income, and racial/ethnical equality and this trend is becoming more popular in the U.S.

Wiccan beliefs are more in-line with these beliefs, as opposed to serving a hierarchy based on different social factors.

There’s also one main reason why Wicca is influential in Europe. Paganism extends back to Europe, tracing back as far as the Middle Ages. Wicca was also developed in England and the belief grew in Europe before reaching America.

However, modern consumerism and trends are misinterpreting Wicca. While influencers use social media to educate the masses on Wicca, you can find Wicca products that falsely represent the religion.

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The Wicca religion is receiving tremendous growth. While Paganism is a religion that dates back centuries, Wicca is a modern religion that encompasses positivity and harnessing energy. Wiccans also worship nature and living beings.

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