Wicca for Beginners: What You Need to Know

wicca for beginners

When you’re young, you’re taught to believe that magic is real. You use your imagination to create things in your mind and then use those thoughts to shape your view of the world around your. At some point, you stop believing magic is real and move on to more important things in life.

But what if magic was real? What if, with a little bit of faith, you could manifest all the best things into your life with magical thinking?

If you believe that there’s something magical in the world, Wicca might be the path for you.

There’s a lot of speculation about what Wicca is and not a lot of good, truthful information out there for folks to learn more. Keep reading this guide to Wicca for beginners to find out more!

What is Wicca?

Wicca is a belief system that is based on traditions and lifestyles that were around before Christianity dominated the globe. While pop culture likes to paint Wiccans as demon-worshipping people who wear all black and listen to heavy metal, Wicca is a very peaceful lifestyle.

Wiccans believe in witchcraft, which is a spiritual system that calls on the strength of the free will of each person and encourages its followers to learn and understand the world around them, especially nature.

Wiccans believe that all things have a divine purpose.

Wiccan is a system that believes in personal responsibility. People who practice it know that they are the cause of their success and their failure.

Many Wiccans practice spells, make potions and perform rituals. However, none of that is necessary to be a Wiccan. To consider yourself a Wiccan, you simply have to follow their main principles.

The Main Principles of Being a Wiccan

There are a few main concepts to be familiar with if you wish to become a Wiccan.

First, they try to make themselves one with nature and the natural rhythm of life. This means they like to learn about the moon and the seasons and how these things change the world around them.

They feel a deep responsibility to protect the environment. They want to live closely with nature and bring balance to the world.

They believe in a supernatural power that all people have deep within themselves. Anyone and everyone has power.

Sex is to be viewed as a symbol of life. It’s meant to be for pleasure with no guilt attached, as long as all parties are consenting.

There’s a close relationship between different planes of existence in this belief system as well. Wiccans pay attention to both the physical world and the spiritual realm.

There’s no system of hierarchy in Wicca. There are teachers, but they are no more Wiccan than the beginner is and they shouldn’t be revered.

And lastly, Wiccans don’t believe in absolute evil. There is no devil or Satan.

Above all else, Wiccans believe in one main creed: “do what thou wilt, but do no harm.”

Wiccan Holidays

Most Wiccan holidays are simply pagan holidays of the past that were adopted by Christianity to convert people to their religion.

Most Wiccans celebrate on days known as the Sabbats. There are 8 Sabbats every year.

Yule takes place in December and it is the longest night and the shortest day of the year. This usually marks the end of the year and it is a time to celebrate the fact that soon the light will be returning. Yule marks a fresh start, renewal, and hope.

Imbolc takes place in early February and it’s a Wiccan’s way to prepare for spring. This is a great time for Wiccans to organize their spaces, both physical and spiritual. This is a celebration of light and joy.

In March, Ostara takes place. This is a time when day and night are the same amounts of time. It marks the arrival of Spring, and it celebrates fertility, birth, and renewal.

In May, Beltane celebrates marriage and union. It’s a way to ask nature for a good harvest as it marks the start of the planting cycle.

Litha comes in June, it is the opposite of Yule. This is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. And while Litha celebrates the light, it also recognizes that soon dark will come. Autumn approaches, crops are planting, and things are abundant.

In August, Lughnasadh comes around. It’s a time for hoping for a good harvest. A good Lughnasadh means a good winter. However, a bad harvest means a tough winter full of hardship.

Mabon takes place in the fall, and it’s the opposite of Ostara. The day and night are the same amounts of time during Mabon and it’s a day for giving thanks to the earth for all that is provided. Mabon is a time to get out in nature and appreciate what’s left of the light for the year.

Then comes Samhain, the Witches’ New Year. The October celebration of Samhain is a time to reflect and remember ancestors. Celebrate the harvest and everything that has come through the year.

How to Become a Wiccan

There are no fancy rites or rituals that you need to endure to become a Wiccan. Many Wiccans simply find a place that they want to start and they start there.

The main thing you need to do as a Wiccan is become more in tune with nature. A good way to do that is to get out in it and learn more about the world around you.

Take a walk in your neighborhood. What trees and other plants do you see there? Go home and do some research about the plants in your region and their properties.

Keep a journal for all that you learn about the world around you. Remember the different Sabbats and try to keep their themes in mind during the year.

Wicca for Beginners: Find Your Path

Wicca for beginners can seem intimidating at first. There is a lot of new information to learn and it often comes with a whole new way of thinking. But if you let yourself open your mind, you’ll find that living a little closer to nature is good for the soul.

Also, you don’t have to give up your current religion to be a Wiccan. There are Wiccans in all walks of life and religions out there, all you have to do is respect the order of nature and do your best to hurt as few people as possible.

If you’re considering a lifestyle change but aren’t sure which direction to go, consider giving one of our psychics a call today!

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