What Is Past Life Regression and How Does It Work?

past life regression

According to a poll from the Pew Research Center, roughly 33% of Americans believe in the idea of reincarnation. The idea of reincarnation has ancient roots and has been held by a wide variety of religious traditions and cultures around the world.

If you believe that your non-physical spirit or essence has lived other lives before this one, it changes your relationship with your everyday life.

Additionally, it becomes clear that these other incarnations can actually have an impact on the current life you are experiencing on earth. How can you learn about the other lives you’ve lived? How can this information help you on your journey?

Past life regression can help you access memories from previous incarnations that can change your understanding of your current life forever. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about this incredible hypnotic technique.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a hypnosis technique where the practitioner is able to recover memories of past lives or incarnation.

In order to understand this healing technique, it could be a good idea to explore the concept of past lives. In some cultures, it is believed that our lives here on earth are not over when we die. Instead, our non-physical essence starts a new life in a different body or physical form.

This is a central tenet in Indian religions as well as most varieties of Paganism. It is also an accepted part of Wiccan faith and New Age spiritual movements.

Basically, this idea is not new. It dates back at least 3,000 years and is an idea that has held ground around the world in different cultures. You can find discussion of the idea of having past lives in the ancient traditions of Greece, India, the Celtic Druids, and more.

It is thought that you can find clues about your past lives in our bodies, our dreams, and our souls. Events like deja vu, unusual memories, fears and phobias, and more can be hints about lives that you have previously lived.

Past life regression therapy is a form of hypnosis that centers around the idea that the past lives you have lived can have an impact on your current life. During the therapy session, a professional hypnotist or therapist will help you reach a relaxed, meditative state where you can access information from past lives.

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What Does a Session Entail?

While different past life regression therapists might each do things a little differently, there will be some common element between sessions.

These sessions might take several hours. During this time, you will find that it is a very relaxing, comfortable, and safe process. It is likely that the psychic medium or therapist performing the session will tailor it to your specific and particular needs.

It is common to be asked to make a list of the things that you want to address before your session. Whether you have a specific hurt, fear, or relationship you want to explore, or maybe you just want insight into the purpose of your life, it can be good to contemplate your intentions beforehand.

It might be found during your session that there are spiritual energies that are attached to you that are creating problems. The psychic medium will be able to help clear these energies so that they stop causing issues in your life.

During a session, you will be put into a relaxed and meditative state. This is accomplished through relaxation techniques and breathwork. You will then have the potential ability to return to prior lives in order to retrieve information that can be beneficial to your current life.

What Are the Benefits of Past Life Regression?

You can learn a lot from past life regression sessions. It might help you understand what your “life themes” are, different motifs or themes that seem to pop up across different lives. It can also offer an opportunity to connect with guidance and your guides.

On top of that, it can help to reveal the identity of other souls that you have traveled with throughout your different lives. It also gives insight into the different roles that these souls have played in different incarnations.

Individuals might choose to explore their past lives to help to overcome fears, anxieties, or issues they have in their current lives. They might find that the root of their problems actually stems from a different incarnation.

Past life regression can also help to bring purpose and greater clarity to your journey in this life.

Who Benefits From This Healing Technique?

A lot of different people can benefit from past life regression therapy. It is common for people to use this form of therapy if they have anxieties, phobias, diseases, fears, or repetitive behavior patterns that they are having trouble overcoming.

This can also be a good avenue if there are people in your life that you feel truly connected with. It’s possible that you’ve known them in another lifetime, and past life regression therapy is a way for your to explore this.

It can also benefit anyone who is wondering why they’re here on earth during this incarnation. If you can’t help but wonder what your purpose is, past life regression can help you understand your journey with greater depth.

Past Life Regression: Is It Time For You to Learn About Your Previous Lives?

There is an endless ocean to explore when it comes to talking about past lives, karma, reincarnation, and transmigration. While reincarnation might not be the dominant belief in the western world, it is a widely believed concept around the world. Whether you are trying to get a grasp on your life’s purpose or trying to eliminate a particular problem, past life regression is a fascinating and incredibly valuable experience for just about anyone.

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