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More people in the world believe in reincarnation than do not. That is often a difficult fact for some westerners to grasp.

Equally true is that some scientific research has shown where reincarnation is about the only explanation as to how some people, especially children, can know personal details and facts of someone else's life who has died.

Past life regression therapy continues to gain in popularity as a means of dealing with certain issues such as phobias and intense attraction to certain people and/or places.

In India and much of Asia, there is a well developed philosophy regarding reincarnation: How past lives can effect someone's current life; how relationships with people in a past life sometimes reoccur in one's current life; why we reincarnate and the mission we have; why Karma is an important concept to understand.

Indeed, there is much to explore when chatting about a past life, reincarnation, transmigration, and karma. These past life and reincarnation specialists are looking forward to answering your questions.

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