Understanding Wiccans: The Top 5 Most Basic Principles of Wicca


Have you heard about Wicca? 

Many people conflate Wiccans and witches, and while there is often some crossover in people who practice these belief systems, there are several things that set Wiccans apart.

Practicing Wicca requires following certain basic principles and adhering to certain beliefs that are unique to it. 

If you’re still confused, let’s talk about it. Keep reading to learn all about common Wiccan beliefs and principles so you can determine if a Wiccan psychic is right for your next phone call

1. Do No Harm

One of the most important principles of Wicca is that Wiccans should do no harm. While many people believe in the benefits of certain “black magic” practices, Wiccans strive to do their best not to harm people, even if those people have harmed them in the past.

Instead of pushing negativity or harm onto others, they practice forgiveness and encourage self-reflection so someone may experience karma rather than revenge. 

Many Wiccans believe in “the rule of threes” which states that every harmful action will return to the perpetrator three-fold. This applies both to the target and the person practicing Wicca, so there’s no need to try to cause harm. It will only do damage to the person who tries. 

2. The Divinity of Nature

Wiccans have a heavy focus on the natural world and how valuable it is. Many Wiccans give gifts to nature to thank the world for all of its bounties. 

Wiccans honor and respect nature. They concern themselves with environmental struggles and strive to help the world as much as possible. Many Wiccans practice vegetarian or vegan diets as a result, but others are just careful to thank the animal for their offering.

Because nature is divine, Wiccans listen to the world around them when they’re trying to glean answers and information for themselves or the people who are seeking out their services. They believe that there are signs everywhere. These signs include omens (like coming across a dead bird on the road) and positive signs such as flowers blooming nearby.

3. Spirits Are All Around Us

Wiccans are in tune with the spiritual realm, even if Wiccanism doesn’t have as heavy of a focus on spirits as other belief systems. 

Keep in mind that not every Wiccan is interested in contacting spirits, so manage your expectations and find the right Wiccan for you if this is your intention. 

Wiccans often partake in activities such as seances to help their clients connect with loved ones who have gone beyond the veil. They may also use practices such as automatic writing or even meditation to listen to the spirit world. 

Wiccans also use divination tools that may connect to spirits (or the natural world, depending on that Wiccan’s beliefs). They’ll use things like tarot cards, astrology, tea leaves, and runes to try to see what’s to come. 

4. Deities Are Listening

Understanding Wicca requires that you suspend your disbelief if you struggle with the idea of deities. Deities are important to most Wiccans and they go alongside their fascination with nature. 

Wiccans often present offerings to deities and they may request help or correspondence when they’re seeking answers for themselves or for their clients.

Offerings include things like environmentally-friendly crafts, wine, food, crystals, and anything else that the Wiccan believes may please the deities in question. Different deities have different personalities, so they’ll prefer different gifts. 

You may recognize the name of some more common deities from various forms of mythology (namely Norse, Roman, and Greek mythology). 

5. Magic Is Valid

Speaking of deities, Wiccans believe that magic is real (to an extent). Wiccans are not like the mystical and cartoonish witches in popular media. You won’t see them making things levitate or turning frogs into people. 

For Wiccans, magic is spiritual and it comes from nature and their own bodies. 

Many Wiccans cast a sacred circle before practicing. Casting a circle protects the Wiccan and their client during each session. 

Wiccans use herbs, flowers, crystals, and other natural materials when they’re practicing their magic. For Wiccans, spells don’t have to be specific. Anyone can craft a spell either with relevant materials or nothing at all. Wicca is accessible to anyone who’s willing to follow the belief system and respect the divine and the natural world, so expensive ingredients are unnecessary. 

Not all Wiccans call what they do magic, but it is magic at its core and most outsiders would refer to it as such. 

6. Personal Responsibility Matters

Wiccans believe in personal responsibility. They believe that you should be ready to handle the consequences of your own actions, regardless of whether you’re operating with the spiritual world or the mundane world. 

In other words, a Wiccan won’t want to help you avoid consequences, especially if you were doing harm. 

This relates to the rule of threes and the idea of karma. Everything that you do will return to you. If you’re kind, you’ll receive kindness. If you’re cruel, you should expect cruelty. 

Wiccans respect others and their choices, but they know that these choices may have undesirable outcomes. 

Wicca: A Complicated (But Beautiful) Belief System

Wicca is unique. Wiccans aim to communicate with nature, deities, and the spiritual world to find answers and seek a path forward. They respect humans and nature alike and aim for prosperity and peace. 

Wiccans are valuable resources when you’re trying to make personal and important decisions or when you’re unsure of where to go next. 

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