Top 10 Methods for Spiritual Readings

spiritual readings

There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t wished for a magic wand, a fairy godmother, or at least a book to help guide them through life.

Everyone wants to know ahead of time who their soulmate is or how much money they’ll make. Often, lot’s of time, effort, and money is spent searching for the right guide to help us along the way.

And in the past, maybe it was true that to find the right spiritual guidance, a journey was involved to get it. But it’s not true anymore.

Now it’s easy to find the right place and time to receive spiritual readings conveniently. Here are 10 methods to find them.

1. One On One Spiritual Readings

Many people like getting a spiritual reading in a one-on-one setting. That way, they know that the reading is only for them.

A one-on-one reading allows for each individual to ask specific questions about their own lives. It’s more personal and it creates a personal bond between the spiritualist and their client.

Clients often either have the spiritualist come to their home or visit the home or office of the spiritualist. Many people prefer to make more than one appointment to continue receiving advice rather than it being a one-time consultation.

2. Group Readings

Receiving a group spiritual reading is also highly beneficial. Often, people find that while the advice is being given to another member of the group, the information is just as timely and important for many others.

Which means that though there’s less of a chance of being selected to have a reading, everyone takes something new they can use away with them.

Group readings are also a great way to meet like-minded people and share stories.

Group spiritual readings are usually held in auditoriums, churches, or even in a tv studio. Participants are selected randomly while the medium passes along messages.

For those who are interested in learning how it all works, this is a good way to start.

3. Telephone Readings

Telephone readings are exactly like a group or one-on-one meeting except they are done via the phone.

Usually, the appointment is made by filling out a form on a webpage or by contacting the spiritual reader by phone to make the appointment.

However, phone readings differ greatly depending on who is giving the reading. Some mediums are happy to provide a free spiritual reading consultation to give an idea of how they work.

Others will book an appointment for a specific period of time at a set price.

Then there are those who provide spiritual readings that are charged by the minute. Which means, the longer the conversation, the more expensive it gets.

A genuine, professional medium is interested in getting their message across in a clear and succinct way. Those mediums who are unethical will simply drag it out in order to keep billing the client.

Some mediums prefer clients to remain silent during a telephone reading. It’s also possible the spiritual reader will ask for a photograph of the client before the reading takes place.

4. Readings Online

Receiving a spiritual reading online is another option. Usually, an online reading takes place either via Skype or another type of video link.

Most mediums who provide online readings have their client’s pay up-front when booking the session.

An online reading is very much like a telephone reading except everyone can see each other. It’s very much like an in-person reading without anyone having to travel.

For these readings, the psychic works hard to put their client at ease so they can connect with them on a personal level. The reading is, therefore, more in-depth and the experience is rewarding for everyone.

Most online readings take one or two hours long. The psychic will gently bring the session to a close when it’s time.

5. Channeling

Those who use channeling as their medium rarely refer to themselves as a psychic. Instead, channelers open up a line to another being or group of beings.

This allows them to set their consciousness aside so their guide or contact can speak through them. The most well-known channeler is Esther Hicks, who channels a group of entities known collectively as “Abraham”.

The experience of channeling is described by Esther as “receiving blocks of thought”.

Receiving a spiritual reading through channeling is done in several different ways. Clients can receive a one-on-one channeling, through part of a group or workshop, and sometimes, can even have a channeling done through writing.

6. Tarot Reading

Tarot reading spiritual guides have been using these cards to help clients make good life decisions since the 14th century.

Unfortunately, for quite a while, tarot reading became a bit of a joke thanks to its fairground fortune-telling image. However, it’s now making a comeback and is growing in popularity.

Whether using the traditional tarot cards, angel cards, or other, they are an excellent way to focus on or expose issues that are holding the client back.

Receiving a tarot reading spiritual guidance is done via phone, Skype, in-person, or even through e-mail.

7. Oracles

There are several Oracle tools which are used to provide a spiritual reading. Methods such as I-Ching, runes, and crystals are often used.

These methods are very similar in practice to tarot cards and are often delivered by the same means.

8. Spiritual Books

There are books on every subject a person can think of. Especially books on spirituality.

Books can help people achieve levels of meditation and open their minds to other possibilities.

Books are also a great way to figure out which medium works best for a person without spending a ton of money first.

9. Palm Reading

A palm reader will take a look at a client’s hand to see what the lines are saying. This is always done in person as it’s impossible to read fine lines using any other medium.

10. Astrological Chart

Astrologists believe that when and where a person was born matters. It shows them exactly why they are here and what they are supposed to accomplish.

An astrological reading can be done in person, online, over-the-phone, or even through e-mail. Most will ask for the exact time of the client’s birth, what city and state, and sometimes the exact spelling of their entire name.

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