The Power of Numerology and Repeating Numbers


Did you know that the practice of numerology is technically a science? Not an art form or belief system? For example, In ancient Greece, numerology was a central part of life, guiding business decisions, marriages and companionship.

What if there were no coincidences?

Ever have weeks or maybe even multiple weeks where the same number keeps popping up? Maybe through the total on a receipt, the time of day, a room number, license plate number or in another way?

These are known as repeating numbers, number sequences, and angel numbers.

Practitioners of numerology believe that these occurrences hold meaning. That the universe is or angels are sending messages or warning signs, exposing the life path to those who can see it.

Here’s a guide to understanding numerology and repeating numbers.

What is Numerology? Understanding The Basics

Numbers have vibrations, just like

Numerology simply places significance in number meanings.

When most people think of numerology, they think of it as something similar to astrology. As followers of numerology believe certain numbers are aligned with personality traits and can ultimately help a person decipher their “life path.”

Astrology and numerology are both psychic practices but used differently. Aside from astrology being based in stars and planets and numerology in numbers, numerology is more involved with uncovering a life path.

The main number people refer to when discussing numerology is The Life Path Number. Which is similar to an astrological sun sign (Pieces, Capricorn, etc.): It reveals insights into life’s greater purpose and meaning.

Finding a life path number is easy, simply add up all the digits of a person’s birthday, and compress the sum of that number until it’s a single digit.

For example, someone born on March 10, 1989. Would add 3+1+1+9+8+9 to get 31, then 3+1 to get a life path number of 4.

There are also numbers like destiny numbers and psychic numbers.

Repeating Numbers: Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that keep reappearing in life. They are believed to be messages from something divine, that are intended to catch attention.

It’s important to understand that celestial beings communicate this way because it’s a way people can understand, and it’s clear.

Angel numbers can be positive messages of love or warnings. Think of them as a tap on the shoulder, and a reminder to take a moment to stop, think and reflect.

When someone receives an angel sign, it will also correlate with a profound gut feeling.

Tapping into a higher vibration and getting in tune with the true meaning of numerology and life path, can be accessed through meditation. Meditation clears the noise of everyday life and creates a space within you to receive and create higher vibrations.

Breaking Down Number Sequences

Sometimes single digit numbers can reveal themselves often, but they also can be repeated in sequences.

Sequences like 444 or 555 are essentially boosted single digit messages. Wile number combinations like 562 or 431 carry a more specific message. These can be difficult for someone to attempt to casually interpret, as there are a lot of different ways of looking at the numbers.

The order of the numbers plays an important role in the messages meaning. The middle number is often seen as the “core” message, while the surrounding numbers correlate with the core meaning.

Sequence numbers that are different can also be added together, and broken down until a singular number is exposed. This number is believed to be associated with a life path number, and overall fulfilling a personal destiny.

Interpreting Numerology

It doesn’t take a professional to figure out what a life path number is, and to understand the overview of it. However, a quick Google search for life path numbers can show slightly skewed ideas about it.

To really understand a life path number, and the meaning of numerology as a whole, consulting with a professional for a numerology reading is the best route to take.

This is especially true with interpreting angel signs and number sequences. Unfortunately, it’s easy to interpret an angel number in the wrong context. Particularly number sequences that include different numbers.

When looking for a numerology practitioner, it’s important to seek a psychic with experience, who specializes in numerology — and a bit of clairvoyance doesn’t hurt.

For example, one of our psychics, Aspacia, has decades of experience practicing Wicca. She’s a clairvoyant who’s specialty if revealing “spooky accurate” predictions and insights.

She’s known to her regular clients for providing some of the best advice about family, career, love, and business. She’s not afraid to provide the raw answers.

Is Numerology Right for Me?

Numerology is ideal for people who are seeking a greater understanding of their life path, who are in the process of making important “fork in the road” decisions and are simply looking for a fresh perspective to their situation.

However, finding and then meeting with a psychic in-person can feel too off the beaten path for a lot of people. That’s why psychics by phone have become so incredibly popular.

There’s not endless Googling and reading reviews, driving across town and receiving important information in a place and in the company of unknown people.

Calling a psychic is stress-free. A person can put on the clothes they feel comfortable in, light-up scents that bring them peace and clarity, and sit in a space they feel ready to receive messages.

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