The Difference Between Numerology and Astrology

numerology and astrology

Numerology and astrology are both popular psychic practices. They not only tell the individual getting the readings more about themselves, but they also predict the future.

If you’re new to the psychic lifestyle, you’re wondering which reading is right for you. Will one tell you more about your love life and the other more about how your financial situation will improve?

Here’s everything you need to know about which reading to choose depending on your needs. From love to financial success, you’re sure to find the right psychic reading for you.

Understand What Astrology Is

Astrology is the age-old practice of understanding your zodiac sign. There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and each one has different traits depending on what day and month you were born in.

Each of the 12 signs is part of one of four elements. These include:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire

Because astrology has to do with the stars, some people consider it a form of science. Others believe it is related to the arts.

Although it’s easy for people to dismiss astrology as made up, understanding what sign you are can tell you a lot about your life and the choices you make. If you don’t know what your sign is, a skilled psychic can help reveal it to you while telling you more about your life.

Knowing When to Use Astrology

Astrology is useful for anyone who wants to know anything about their future. The scope of your future can include anything, from your love life, your finances, family life, and children, or even just a generalized view of what the future holds.

If you’re having difficulty with some area of your life, or have questions about big decisions you need to make, consider getting help from someone skilled in astrology. Even if you don’t have a major decision coming your way, astrology can be useful in helping to determine more about your personality and what you want out of life.

Astrology should get used as a tool that helps you dig deeper and understand the answers to questions you find difficult. Through the help of someone skilled in astrology, you can find the information you need and use it as guidance to help you through your life.

The Limits of Astrology and Your Future

One of the issues with astrology is that not every person who uses it to predict the life of another is accurate. Astrologists that are newer or have not developed all of their gifts yet might not offer an accurate look into the future the way a seasoned professional would.

While astrology is helpful to use, it is ultimately up to you what choices you make and what you do with your future. Don’t make all your choices based on what the stars suggest-think about what you can live with and what decisions work best for you.

If you go into an astrology reading with this mindset, you’ll understand how to put it to work for you.

Learning About Numerology

Numerology is different from astrology in the fact it is mainly based on numbers. A numerology chart can tell a person what their lucky numbers are based on their birthdate.

Other people might notice certain numbers many times throughout their life, a week, or even a day, and wonder if there is an underlying meaning behind this. They might be curious what the best way is to learn about these numbers, and what signs they’re getting from the universe.

Numerology tells people a lot about themselves, what’s going on in their lives, and reveals information that an individual wants to learn in relation to their lives.

Understanding When to Have a Numerology Reading Done

Anyone who is curious about a numerology meaning should understand that numerology is based on certain numbers associated with various factors of your life. These numbers are determined by the number of letters in your name(s), your birthdate, and other factors.

Among the items unique to numerology are:

  • The fate number
  • The identity number
  • The spirit number

Many people use numerology to pick a name for their child. Numerology has both positive and negative numbers, but you should understand that these numbers are important in your life regardless of their influence on it.

Just like astrology, you can have a numerology reading done at any point in life and for just about anything, from changing careers, understanding your love life, or making a major decision, such as moving. Some folks find that they understand the meaning better in number form, and choose to focus on their messages that way.

When to Choose Between Numerology and Astrology

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between numerology or astrology. It depends on what feels right for you and your situation.

Some people choose to have both types of readings done so they can feel better informed of what’s going on. Others feel that numbers are closely tied to their life or their situation, and feel one of these readings can help them understand what they need to know.

If you believe that your question isn’t answered by a reading based on your astrology information, consider having a numerology report done. You’ll walk away with a strong understanding of what’s going on in life, and what you can do to make the most of your situation.

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Now that you know how numerology and astrology get used, you can decide what type of reading you want to get the next time you visit a psychic. Think about what’s going on in your life, and which report would help you the most.

If you’re in need of an experienced psychic to talk to, we are here to help you. Contact us, and speak to a skilled psychic who can help you make sense of your life and everything going on.

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