The Death Tarot Card: What Does it Really Mean?

death tarot card

Death can come in many forms. It does not signal the end of life, but like autumn, can mean the end of one phase and ascension into another. It is as much the end of one aspect as a new beginning for another.

The symbolism of the death card worries many people, with its ghostly image of a skeletal knight riding a white horse. It does not have to be that way, and the card can hold many promising benefits. Below, we go through the meaning of the death tarot card and what it can hold for you.


Very often, the death card is a picture of a white knight riding atop a white horse. He will traditionally be carrying a banner, and behind him, the dead often lies on the ground. In front, he is often depicted with people begging or praising his arrival and these can often take the form of young women or clergy members.

The white horse is a symbol of purity. The skeleton is a message of the mortal remains a showing of what remains once the spirit has left the physical body. The knight’s armor shows us strength and power.

A black flag with a five-petalled rose is carried by death and is used to represent the arrival of his presence. Around him, all manner of people fall, such as nobles, peasants, and clergy. This is a reminder that death comes to everyone.

Death Tarot Card Upright

The death tarot cards can have multiple meanings depending on how they are drawn. We go through the meanings for various readings below:


When drawn upright in a love reading, the death card is a signal that something is not working. The relationship may not be working for you or your partner on an emotional level and to continue, something must change. This change must be within you, either by ending the relationship or adjusting.

For anyone not in a relationship, the death card also signals a need for change. The person must adapt their approach or goals to finding love, in new and differing ways.


Death in your career is a signal for a move to a different field. Often, this could be a new challenge or position within the same company. However, it often means that something is not working and it may be time to dive headfirst into a new sector.


A loss in financial resources is on the horizon if the death card arrives. This may mean a drop in your income or revenue for a business. However, the lessons learned can result in better fiscal understanding and management in the future.


For anyone suffering from ill health, death is not an omen of doom but a signal that the period is drawing to a close. With the lifting of this period of illness, it is up to you to embrace change and adjust your attitudes which may have become tarnished. Try different therapies and mental strategies to cope with the change.


Unfortunately, this will signify grief, loss, or heartbreak. It will bring a time when you can look upon your self and reflect. In the end, you will be reborn as a new spirit within renewed purpose and vitality.

Death Tarot Card Reversed

When the death card is drawn and reversed, it is often similar to the upright but can signal resistance from within. It shows your inability to change and adapt to a current situation:


Reversed death can mean that you have become reliant on a relationship. It often shows you are emotionally dependent, or that you have settled for comfort. It also signals that relationships need to be revived and brought back to life.

For anyone who is single, this can mean you need to let go of negative patterns in your search for love. It may be a signal to increase your confidence or self-esteem.


A reversed career is similar to the upright, in that it signals a change is needed in your work life. However, the reversed differs in that the resistance may be coming from within you. Perhaps you have become comfortable in a toxic environment and need to push the change.


For this card, you must begin to rethink your financial practices and get out of bad spending habits. If you overspend or buy frivolous items when you could be paying off debt, conduct a new strategy for management. A change is coming and if handled wrongly it could spell trouble.


Reversed death when talking about health often signals that you are resistant to a change. This could be not addressing your diet or getting enough exercise. It could also be the ignoring of an injury or affliction in the hope it will simply go away.


Like the upright, a period of grief, loss, or heartbreak will be upon you. However, the reverse card shows your reluctance to deal with the situation. You must find your faith and move forward without resistance, to find yourself somewhere much better.

Dealing With Death

Now you know the signals the death tarot card gives, begin to deal with the problems it has made you face. Like death, change is inevitable, and only you can deal with the problems head-on.

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