How Long Is Your Tarot Card Interpretation Good For?

tarot card interpretation

If you were given a book that outlined the rest of your life, would you read it?

That might sound like a crazy proposition, and at first, you might be thinking you’d never want to read it because you would rather experience the rest of your life than live out a script.

On the other hand, life is so uncertain, wouldn’t it be nice to browse through the pages, only to be absolutely sure that you’d obtain your dream job? Or married someone special and built a family?

That book may not exist, but there are resources that can provide you with the safety you crave amidst life’s uncertainty.

Keep reading to learn all about tarot card interpretation, how tarot readings can help you navigate your future, and how long your reading will last!

Tarot Card Interpretation

First, we can provide a basic overview of the tarot reading process. Tarot is a deck made up of 78 cards, each with its own symbolism and meaning. There are two types of cards, the minor and major arcana.

The minor arcana split into four suits and can describe daily experiences, while the major arcana represent the greater themes of your life.

The cards that are revealed in one reading might give you all the information you need to schedule an additional reading.

If your reading consists primarily of minor arcana cards, you can tune in to your present state. Think “right now” and discover the emotions or challenges taking place.

Minor arcana suggests a temporary existence, that your feelings and experiences will be brief or fleeting. It is safe to assume that these readings carry less of a lasting impression.

If you receive insight into your major arcana, it offers information on the current season of your life, and further opportunities for growth and understanding. Take the appropriate time to work through this reading before scheduling another.

Asking the Right Questions

The validity of your reading can depend on the questions you ask prior to your cards being displayed.

If you have no pressing concerns or questions, you can request a general reading. During a general reading, your reader will focus on your current state, potentially tying in your past and your future as they are affected by your daily trials and tribulations.

General readings will last a couple of months.

If you’re looking for answers or projections about a specific area in your life, you can ask an open-ended question. This might sound like “What can I expect in my romantic relationships over the next year”?.

Readings that begin with open-ended questions last longer. If you asked the previous question or one like it, I recommend waiting close to a year before seeking another reading.

If you’re unable to frame a question, consider seeking out experts, like tarot love readers.

If you request readings too frequently you risk becoming frustrated at the lack of change in projection.

Alternatively, it could indicate an unwillingness to truly reflect on the message of your initial card display.

It takes time to cultivate successful relationships and careers. Extend yourself the courtesy of seeing how your cards play out, and take notice of the changes, obstacles, and growth you experience along the way.

Keep in mind, the waiting period is important specifically for the subject you requested. If a month after your romantic reading you’re harboring concerns about your career, don’t hesitate to consult tarot!

Rapport & Clarification

Some of the best advice that I could offer about tarot interpretation is to build a strong rapport with your tarot reader.

At the beginning of the reading, ask them the time frame they’re looking at to help determine when another reading would be beneficial.

You can ALWAYS ask for clarification.

This extends during a reading, if the context or explanation of a card seems off, and outside of the reading.

For example, if you asked for insight into your career success over the upcoming year, and a couple of months after your reading you receive an offer of a promotion, consult your reader for further guidance.

The tarot experience is meant to help you, and finding a reader that you feel comfortable with is crucial to understanding your cards.


In the tarot community, there is the misconception that reading will supply a simple “yes” or “no”. Like this previous misconception is another: that all predictions of the future are rigid.

Neither misconception is true.

One rather obvious explanation is that your reader does not have all of the answers.

Tarot readers aren’t looking to dictate finality. Instead, they strive to guide you.

A proper reading should provide you with warnings and advice that you can use as resources to navigate life’s obstacles.

For example, during one session, your reader might inform you about financial instability in the future. There are two routes for dealing with this news.

The FIRST is to panic about losing money and worrying about how you’ll manage to pay your bills. Eventually, your life is being lived in fear of an unsavory outcome.

The SECOND is to use this warning constructively. If your reader senses financial instability, it might be time to reevaluate how you’re spending your money. Over the next couple of months, you could start depositing more of your paycheck into savings and start postponing that shopping spree or vacation until you feel more secure.

The best way to distinguish the first route from the second is the reminder of free will.

You have control over your life and you make your own choices.

If you are unhappy or unsettled by a reading you get to decide how to move forward.

After Your Reading

I have several recommendations for navigating tarot card interpretation, but the most important is finding the perfect fit with your reader.

Only the best readers can help you understand the full meaning of your cards and how they apply to your life.

Throughout the tarot process, they’ll help inspire confidence in decision making and remind you to see your reading for what it is: a guide rather than the end all be all.

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