President Ronald Reagan and the Curse of Tippecanoe

To understand the presence of astrologers and psychics in the White House during President Ronald Reagan’s two terms in the White House one needs to look at a three important pieces of information. One, the origins of Ronald Reagan’s political career. Two, the nature of Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s relationship. And, third, and obscure event… [Read More]

Nancy Reagan Takes Charge With Astrology at the White House

In President Ronald Reagan and the Curse of Tippecanoe we explored three important reasons that psychics and astrologers became part of the Reagan White House. Basically, the three factors involve were the fact the Reagan’s were strong, independent thinkers and who’ political rise began in the 1960 in California during the cultural revolution; that Nancy… [Read More]

The Reagan’s Secret Reveal – Psychics And Such in the White House

In previous articles we looked at three factors that lead to astrologers, psychics and such becoming part of the Reagan White House. Then we took a look at how and why Nancy Reagan took control of President Reagan’s schedule. In this article we are going to look at how successful Nancy was at both protecting… [Read More]