The Reagan’s Secret Reveal – Psychics And Such in the White House

In previous articles we looked at three factors that lead to astrologers, psychics and such becoming part of the Reagan White House. Then we took a look at how and why Nancy Reagan took control of President Reagan’s schedule. In this article we are going to look at how successful Nancy was at both protecting her President husband and advancing his agenda. Given the impressive accomplishments of President Reagan, how come nobody has thanked Nancy Reagan for being strong enough, resourceful enough, to do whatever it took to keep her husband safe and get things done? And, how smart was President Reagan to allow is wife to take control of his schedule and listen to her advice? Or did he, too, feel astrology was playing some positive, mystical role in his success from Governor of California to President of the United States.

This article is presented in three parts:
Part 1 President Ronald Reagan and the Curse of Tippecanoe;
Part 2 Nancy Reagan and the Power of Astrology in the White House;
Part 3 The Reagan’s Secret Reveal – Psychics And Such in the White House (the page you are on now).

Reagan’s former Chief of Staff Reveals Astrology at Work in the White House
In his book, Donald Regan had laid bare that Nancy Reagan used astrology to control nearly every aspect of President Reagan’s activities. He, as Chief of Staff, should have been in total control of both the President’s image but also the President’s schedule. Nancy Reagan just would not allow ANYONE, even Ronald’s choice for Chief of Staff, to but her husband into jeopardy again. Most historians agree that Donald Regan’s ‘tell all’ book was as much about Regan trying to clear his name as well as to get back at Nancy Regan for bluntly his authority.

Donald Regan’s position was clear: There was no place for soothsayers, psychics, occultism or astrology in this world, especially in the White House. One would surmise that Donald Regan considered the ‘Curse of Tippecanoe’ rubbish (despite it’s historical and mathematical reality). Donald Regan would write, "The frustration of dealing with a situation in which the schedule of the President of the United States was determined by occult prognostications was very great–far greater than any other I had known in nearly forty-five years of working life.". Regan also wrote in For the Record, "Mrs. Reagan’s dependence on the occult went back at least as far as her husband’s governorship, when she had depended on the advice of the famous Jeane Dixon. Subsequently she had lost confidence in Dixon’s powers. But the First Lady seemed to have absolute faith in the clairvoyant talents of a woman in San Francisco". Donald Regan’s utter contempt for astrology or anything ‘mystical’ was unfortunately how too many in the Washington media felt. A belief in astrology was automatically assumed to be a good reason to ridicule someone. Shouldn’t the real story have been that astrology was working for the most powerful couple in Washington? And, so what? Had every decision by Congress and White House throughout history always been perfect until the Reagan’s used astrology?

It is understandable Regan wanted to clear his name in regards to the Iran-Contra affair after serving President Reagan with distinction for 7 years. But his book became famous for his attack on Nancy Reagan and astrology. Maybe Donald Regan had a rough time towards the end of his career at the White House, but he certainly couldn’t argue that Nancy’s strict astrological scheduling wasn’t working. President Ronald Reagan was one of the most popular Presidents in history, and, his accomplishments as President far exceeded that of most previous Presidents. Whatever Nancy Reagan was doing with Presidential schedule, it was working, and it is hard to argue against success. More than that, President Ronald Reagan was still alive in office where all previous Presidents elected under the supposed ‘Curse of Tippecanoe’ or the ’20 Year Curse’ had died is office.

Another bombshell dropped in 1989 when Andrea Mitchell for NBC news reported that the CIA went was shocked when it learned the First Lady was discussing US-Soviet relations with astrologer Joan Quigley on non-secure phone lines. Only White House insiders knew that Nancy Reagan had private phone lines installed in the White House, and later at Camp David, just to talk privately with astrologer Joan Quigley and possibly other astrologers or psychics. White House officials were well aware that astrological planning was involved in most of President Reagan’s activities. For example, Joan Quigley’s charts were used in planning for: The Reykjavik Summit with Russia; the optimum time for signing an arms control treaty; even for planning the best time for the trip to Moscow. At one point the astrological planning for President Reagan’s historic visit to the Bitburg cemetery in Germany became so complicated that Michael Deaver, a former White House aide, had sought permission from Mrs. Reagan to talk personally with astrologer Joan Quigley in order to accommodate all parties involved.

Nancy Reagan and her Application of Astrology Worked – Shouldn’t We Applaud Her?
The breaking ‘scandal’ about Nancy working with an astrologer(s) didn’t much matter by 1989. Nancy Reagan had done what she had set out to do: Protect her husband and advance his agenda as he wished. Ronald Reagan’s second term as President ended on January 20, 1989. The Curse of Tippecanoe also known as the Twenty-Year Presidential Jinx, Tecumseh’s Curse, the Zero-Year Curse, the Presidential Curse, and/or the Twenty-Year Curse, (or whatever strange coincidence it was) was broken. It is surprising that, to date, no one has thanked Nancy Reagan for breaking this supposed curse that had claimed the lives of so many previous U.S. Presidents. Who cares how she did it, it worked. Not that the Zero-Year curse was done trying to claim the life of U.S. Presidents. George W. Bush, elected in 2000, survived an assassination attempt only because the hand grenade thrown on the stage where he was speaking failed to explode in May 10, 2005.

Once the media had concrete information that the Reagans, particularly Nancy, had been utilizing the assistance of known psychics and astrologers, the flood gates were open. It began with Donald Reagan’s book For The Record in which he wrote, "Mrs. Reagan’s dependence on the occult went back at least as far as her husband’s governorship, when she had depended on the advice of the famous Jeane Dixon. Subsequently she had lost confidence in Dixon’s powers. But the First Lady seemed to have absolute faith in the clairvoyant talents of a woman in San Francisco". But soon all sorts of reports, TV news interviews, magazines articles and tell-all books began to appear. Every protective of her husband, Nancy Reagan would take full responsibility for the ‘astrology affair’. She said no one was harmed by her work with an astrologer except perhaps herself.

Ronald Reagan Considered His Belief or Disbelief in Astrology a Private Matter
Ronald Reagan himself never said much about astrology. One of his few public comments regarding astrology his response was, "I’ve not tied my life by it, but I won’t answer the question the other way because I don’t know enough about it to say, is there something to it or not". Every the astute politician, Ronald Reagan was not going to give the media any reason to label him anything other than ‘conservative’. There was a reason they called Ronald Reagan ‘the Teflon President’ … nothing seems to stick to him. Noted Astrologer Carroll Righter, and long time friend of the Reagans, when ask if Ronald Reagan believed in astrology always said, "no comment". Whatever secrets Carroll Righter and Ronald Reagan shared about astrology, Righter took to his grave like a gentleman in 1988.

More Tell-All Books on the Reagans and Astrology Appear … Yet Astrology Still Considered Politically Incorrect
Astrologer Joan Quigley would publish What Would Joan Say in 1990 and write, "Not since the days of the Roman emperors — and never in the history of the United States Presidency—has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.". Her statement is likely true. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the politics of Ronald Reagan, he remains historically as one of the most influential politicians in both California and National politics.

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Given Ronald Reagan’s enormous success, given Nancy Reagan’s impressive efforts to both protect and advance her husband’s career, there is a BIG question that never seems to be asked: Why don’t more politicians tap into astrology? The answer is that somehow astrology and all other forms of divination are STILL considered to be politically incorrect. How strange is that? It sure seems we could use a lot more politicians with the courage to think ‘outside the box’ and use whatever mystical or spiritual forces available to will help America succeed in being a free, open, safe, and, yes, loving society. What is so politically incorrect with that?

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