Nancy Reagan Takes Charge With Astrology at the White House

In President Ronald Reagan and the Curse of Tippecanoe we explored three important reasons that psychics and astrologers became part of the Reagan White House. Basically, the three factors involve were the fact the Reagan’s were strong, independent thinkers and who’ political rise began in the 1960 in California during the cultural revolution; that Nancy and Ronald Reagan were a team and very committed to one another; and the historical event called the Curse of Tippecanoe or the 20-year Curse that was suppose to have claimed every U.S. President’s life while in office who was elected on a year ending in zero. This had been a consistent cycle of every twenty years, from 1840 thru 1960, all American Presidents elected in years ending in zero had died in office, most were assassinated.

This article is presented in three parts:
Part 1 President Ronald Reagan and the Curse of Tippecanoe;
Part 2 Nancy Reagan and the Power of Astrology in the White House (the page you are on now);
Part 3 The Reagan’s Secret Reveal – Psychics And Such in the White House.

Curse of Tippecanoe Unfolds
During the 1980 campaign for the U.S. Presidency the question of the ‘Twenty Year Curse’ or ‘Curse of Tippecanoe’ came up occasionally, but no one took the subject seriously. Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election and became the 40th President and was inaugurated in January, 1981. An assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life took place on Monday, March 30, and Reagan was gravely wounded. For a time, it looked like the attempt on Reagan’s life would succeed. Suddenly, all the talk of the 20 Year Curse burst back into the media. For Nancy Reagan, it was an agonizing time. She had no intention of allowing ‘Ronnie’ to become a victim of some obscure curse. Whether it was pray, psychics, astrologers or what have you, Nancy Reagan was going to do whatever she needed to do to protect her husband.

After the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life in 1981, Nancy Reagan decided this ‘curse’, or coincidence, or whatever it was, would not claim the life of her husband. Likely Nancy Reagan didn’t believe in any such ‘curse’. What she did know was that her husband and now President was obviously in mortal danger. Nancy Reagan would do whatever it took: Prayer, astrology, psychics or any means at her disposal to ensure her husband’s safety and success.

It is not as if Nancy (and Ronald) Reagan suddenly discovered astrology when they took up residence at the White House. When Ronald Reagan threw his hat into California politics he and Nancy had already formed an appreciation for astrology. The Reagan’s were already friends with noted astrologer Carroll Righter, once known as the ‘Astrologer to the Stars’ (let’s not forget that both Ronald and Nancy were both acting in Hollywood before Ronald took up politics). When Ronald ran for Governor of California the first time it was rumored that his political schedule was astrologically optimized by Carroll Righter and possibly the noted psychic astrologer Jeane Dixon. Most likely it was Nancy Reagan, working behind the scenes, who coordinated Ronald’s schedule and the stars. For example, astrologer Righter advised the Reagan’s that Ronald Reagan to arranged his swearing-in as governor on January 2, 1967 at 9 minutes past midnight to help ensure a successful term as Governor.

And, that is exactly what happened: Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his first term as Governor of California, January, 2, at 9 minutes past midnight. At the time, no one knew why Ronald Reagan insisted on this odd time. When Reagan was challenged publicly about the odd time (and insinuated that the time was influenced by astrology), Reagan claimed he was responding to outgoing Governor Brown’s late term appointment. However, historians have pointed out that this odd time for his swearing in as Governor was set 6 weeks in advance. Given that in Ronald Reagan’s first term as Governor that he succeeded in getting most of what he wanted done, it is difficult to argue with a winning formula, and astrology was rumored to again be utilize in Ronald’s bid for re-election … which he won.

In the 1970s the TV program ‘The Merv Griffin Show’ was very popular and it was on one such program that Nancy Reagan met astrologer Joan Quigley and the two became good friends. Some think that Governor Ronald Reagan running for President was Nancy’s idea. Before taking that idea to Ronald, Nancy asked Quigley to work up a chart regarding Ronald running against then President Jimmy Carter. Quigley apparent charted both Carter and Ronald Reagan, analyzed the charts side by side and told Nancy Reagan that Ronald would have little trouble beating Carter in an election for President. Ronald Reagan won his bid to unseat the incumbent President Carter by a landslide.

Nancy Reagan Takes Control With Astrology
So, it is no surprise that on March 30, 1981, the day Ronald Reagan was shot and gravely wounded in an assassination attempt that Nancy Reagan contacted astrologer Joan Quigley and asked if a chart would have revealed that Ronald was in danger that day. Joan Quigley’s response: Yes. (To a mystically inclined outside observer it would seem doubly risky to be out in public on an astrologically bad day and be a President elected in the Curse of Tippecanoe year). After that day Nancy Reagan began to secretly work with Joan Quigley and likely other astrologers to chart out Ronald Reagan’s schedule. Not just what dates he was to be safe at the White House, but also what dates Reagan should make important decisions, attend summits and conferences and even when to hold social events with important world leaders.

After 1981, Nancy Reagan gradually took complete control of President Ronald Reagan’s schedule. By 1988, with very high approval rating, President Reagan had: Instituted his ‘Reaganomics’ policy in Washington; liberated Grenada; blunted the Soviet Union’s effort to expand communism world-wide (and set in motion the eventual end of the Cold War); been re-elected President (by a landslide, again); weathered the Iran-Contra affair that had threatened to tarnish, or possibly end his Presidency in impeachment; challenged the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall (which shockingly, they did); become known as ‘The Great Communicator’ for his ability to connect not just with the American people but also work with many members of Congress; and much more. Whether one agrees with Reagan’s policies or his eventual legacy, there is no denying how effective Reagan was in getting things he wanted done accomplished while President.

Psychic Marie

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Then the wheels began to come off of Nancy Reagan’s tight control over the President’s schedule with the publication of For the Record: From Wall Street to Washington by Donald Regan, President Reagan’s former Chief of Staff. Donald Regan has served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1981 to 1985. He was then elevated to President Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff 1985 to 1987. It appeared Donald Regan had been forced to resign in 1987 as the President’s Chief of Staff ostensively for being unable to halt the damage to Reagan’s Presidency by the Iran-Contra affair. However, insiders felt another reason for Regan’s dismissal was his on going conflict with Nancy Reagan over her tight control of President Reagan’s schedule. Suddenly, all of Nancy’s efforts to protect Ronald through the use of astrology and such was being dragged out of secrecy and into the harsh light of the media. tracking

Continue on to part three of this article, The Reagan’s Secret Reveal – Psychics And Such in the White House where we look at how influential (and successful) the Reagan’s work with astrology proved to be … and how prejudice Washington proved to be about anyone taking astrology (or alternative spiritual ideas) seriously.

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