Akashic Records in Modern Times

Spend enough time around ‘New Age’ thinkers and you are bound to encounter the concept of the ‘Akashic Records’, a supposed celestial collection of records that hold the history of every moment, every thought, of every human being. Some feel the Akashic records hold not just the history of every person, but also the record… [Read More]

Edgar Cayce: Shaped By Early Life Experiences

Edgar Cayce May Have Acquired His Psychic Gifts In Previous Incarnations, but, His Experiences Early in Life Certainly Shaped America’s Greatest Psychic Kentucky native Edgar Cayce was one of the most celebrated psychics who ever lived. Edgar Cayce’s Legacy is certainly one of the most impressive for a psychic in modern history. Born into an… [Read More]

The Legacy Of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, 1877 to 1945, is, and remains, the premiere psychic in American history. A devote Christian who barely got beyond a ninth grade education, Edgar Cayce would change the landscape of how Americans thought about psychics. He would lovingly be called, ‘America’s Sleeping Prophet’. His writings, predictions, readings and health advice given while in… [Read More]