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Here you'll find excellent courses classes to learn how to develop psychic talents; how to properly use your psychic skills; develop your intuitive abilities; and much, much more. You can download a course, or, take an online study class ... or just explore books related to understanding and/or increasing your psychic powers and abilities. Enjoy!

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How To Discover Your Psychic Powers

One of the top selling psychic training courses on the Internet. Developed by Bradley Thompson, this course on developing ESP and other paranormal ability works from the concept humans naturally have these gifts and only need to discover them within.

The Be Psychic course includes books, audio CDs and software and comes with a money back guarantee!. You will also get to explore the possibilities of astral projection, healing, pet communication and more.

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Silva Courses

Jose Silva is one of the venerable names in ESP and psychic education. His focus was on how the average person could tap into their natural intuitive and seemingly paranormal talents as a means of personal improvement. Self-educated, Silva literally pioneered the understanding, exploration and utilization of ESP and remote viewing for personal use. And, Silva was one of the first to understand the importance of brain wave patterns, how theta and alpha wave patterns were related to meditation and mental abilities. Silva began teaching the Silva Mind Control Method in 1966 to enthusiastic students. After 50 years students continue to be enthusiastic about Silva courses.

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Psychic Ability Made Simple

Have you ever considered that being psychic is natural? Is there a way to enhance our intuition, our 'gut feelings' and make that a source of useful information. Psychic talent may be little more than tapping into our inner-awareness - a gift we all possess. Psychic Ability Made Simple by John Holland is about claiming, and practicing, what can only be called psychic abilities.

John Holland – Internationally noted psychic medium, best selling author, spiritual teacher, radio host and has appeared in a number TV specials on ESP and psychic abilities. In this 3-lesson online course with psychic John Holland you will cover the mechanics of inner awareness; different ways psychic information can be accessed; and how to put your psychic abilities to work in your daily life - also stressing ethics and using your talents safely. This is an audio download course.

Get Psychic Abilities Made Simple

More Psychic Courses By John Holland

Spirit Contact CourseConnect to the Spirit World -1
Have you manifested clairvoyant abilities? This 3 lesson course coaches you on connecting with the spirit world and psychic mediumship. Audio download course. Get started immediately.
Spirit Contact Course Connect to the Spirit World - 2
This is an advanced 3 lesson course on psychic mediumship. Covers understanding mediumship; verifying contact; and building confidence in one's abilities. Audio download.
Spirit Contact CoursePsychic Tarot Card Readings Online Course
Expert introduction to tarot card reading. Learn about connecting with your tarot cards; connecting psychic talent with tarot wisdom; building talent and confidence.

Psychic 101: Awaken Hidden Abilities

Born in England, Lisa Williams is a clairvoyant noted for communication with the spirit world. Discovered by TV entertainer Merv Griffin, Williams would be introduced to American audiences through shows such as Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Oprah, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lisa Williams has also appeared on two of her own popular TV shows.

In this two-part audio download course, Williams covers discovering your own special psychic abilities and the 'tools of the trade' - tarot cards, working with your intuition, dreams, and pendulum divination. If you have ever wondered whether you are psychic and wanted to explore your talent, this is a course you may enjoy.

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Developing Psychic Powers

Learn Psychic Powers These Internet ebooks on psychic abilities have been around on the Web for years. Although a bit 'sensationalized' , the information is straight forward about developing your psychic abilities. It is very much geared toward the novice curious about psychic talents. What makes this psychic course different is that it introduces you to wide range of paranormal and mystical phenomena (and some interesting historical insights). The course has no spiritual agenda which has kept it popular with the general public. Comes with a risk free guarantee.

Topics include: Developing Psychic Powers; Developing Clairvoyance; Telepathy; Dreams; The Spirit World; Eastern Philosophies; and more.

More About Developing Psychic Powers

Psychic Development ESP And Psychic Skills Enhanced
The Unexplained Store offers a unique, scientific approach to enhancing a persons natural psychic abilities (on any paranormal ability). Using special audio sounds and frequencies, the brain can be calmed and focused and the brain waves most commonly associated with paranormal mental powers can be fostered/ Then, you can begin to develop and control your ESP abilities. Go visit and learn more ... it is very fascinating material and a VERY unique approach to developing your paranormal abilities.

Visit Unexplained Store

Books on Developing Your Psychic Abilities ...

Become A Medium
Become A Medium

Are you fascinated by the spirit world? Wish you could communicate with loved ones on the Other Side? According to Spiritualist minister Rose Vanden Eynden, everyone possesses innate capabilities for spirit communication. Learn the principles of modern Spiritualism.
About This Book

Psychic Development
Psychic Development For Beginners

Imagine a friend gives you a ring to look at. The ring has been in her family for generations. Suddenly, your mind fills with images. Births, marriages, lovers, deathbeds, infants and the aged. You describe the images and your friend is shocked. You described her family history. How could you have known?
About This Book

Learn To Be A Psychic
Becoming Psychic

What happens when a psychic and a scientist decide to explore the possibilities of psychic phenomena? A rather interesting and personal journey ... not to mention an interesting book. This book takes a look at telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, precognition, mind/body healing, prayer, and synchronicity from a psychic's perspective, a scientist's and how such phenomena can impact anyone.
About This Book

Being Clarivoyent
Intuitive Studies:
A Complete Course in Mediumship

Gordon Smith, a noted psychic medium from Britain, has put together a guide to assist others in developing their psychic talents. Smith's book provides easy-to-follow exercises to help you sharpen your psychic talents by learning to connect with your spirit guides using the 'telepathic language of spirit'.
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